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Who Is A Good Candidate For Thermage Treatment?
whi is a good candidate for thermage

Who Is A Good Candidate For Thermage Treatment?

The natural process of aging makes our skin get loose and wrinkles start appearing everywhere. There are different ways to fight these aging signs and one can get smoother and firmer skin by choosing the right treatment option. Thermage treatment in Singapore is one such cosmetic enhancement option to erase the aging signs and it is pretty safe as well.

What Is Thermage?

Thermage treatment is a FDA-approved, non-invasive cosmetic enhancement procedure that can effectively tighten and lift the skin while contouring the face and body.

How Thermage Works?

Collagen is the building block of our skin and it keeps the skin looking youthful and plumped up. As we age, the rate at which it deteriorates, however, is faster than that of new collagen production in the body. When this deterioration happens, the body starts showing signs of aging. Thermage treatment in Singapore relies on Radio Frequency waves for stimulating the production of new collagen in the body. As a result, the contours of the skin tighten up and a youthful appearance is achieved. The skin is lifted and any wrinkles are smoothened out while facial contours get better definition in the process. As the process stimulates the growth of collagen, the results of the Thermage treatment continue to get better over time.

thermage treatment in singapore

Who Is A Good Candidate For Thermage?

Thermage is a good treatment option for individuals – both men and women – who want to achieve a more youthful appearance with rejuvenated facial contours. It’s a non-invasive procedure making it the best choice for those who don’t want to go under the knife to get their youthful looks back. Ensuring relatively less downtime, pain, and discomfort, Thermage is also best suited for patients who want to continue their routine activities soon after undergoing the procedure.

Generally, an ideal candidate for Thermage treatment in Singapore is the one who is:

  • 30 to 65 years of age
  • Experiencing early symptoms such as facial laxity and sagging
  • Experiencing sagging of the brow, neck, or eyelid area
  • Facing looseness in the jowl or cheek areas
  • Not a candidate for surgical facelifts

Besides, Thermage is also a good treatment option for people who might have previously undergone facelifts. It can help them with maintaining the results of previous facelift procedures.

Benefits Of Thermage Treatment

benefits of thermage treatment

Thermage treatment Singapore can produce more subtle results compared to traditional surgical facelifts. It is, particularly, beneficial for individuals who are just starting to see the initial aging signs around their face and neck area. Here is a detailed look into some more pronounced benefits of Thermage treatment.

1.      Non-Invasive Treatment

Thermage is a non-invasive treatment option, unlike surgical facelifts, and can rejuvenate the patient’s skin without any kind of surgical incisions. The procedure doesn’t use general anesthesia and there’s no downtime involved with this procedure. Patients who undergo this treatment can get back to their routine activities almost immediately after the procedure. Being non-invasive, Thermage also alleviates the risks often linked to the most common surgical procedures.

2.      Subtle Results Compared To Surgical Procedures

With Thermage treatment Singapore, one can get more subtle results compared to what could be achieved with common surgical facelifts. So, it’s an ideal choice for individuals with mild or early aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity. Thermage can effectively soften wrinkles around the eyes and in the forehead. In addition, it can be used for sculpting or redefining facial features as it tightens excessive skin in different areas like jowls and cheeks.

3.      Improved Skin Texture

Besides reducing or eliminating wrinkles, Thermage can also be a treatment option for those who want to improve their overall skin texture to achieve firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin appearance. The procedure is used for treating the deeper skin layers and stimulates collagen production that helps the skin look and feel firmer and smoother. With improved skin texture, the treatment can also be helpful in softening and reducing acne scars, minimize pores or improve other imperfections on the skin’s surface.

4.      Maintains Results Of Previous Facelift Procedures

Thermage is also a good option for individuals who might have had a surgical procedure previously and now wish to maintain its results for a little longer. At just a fraction of the costs linked to those surgical procedures, Thermage can help achieve somewhat similar effects without any downtime and the risks often involved with surgeries.

Thermage Recovery And Results

Similar to other cosmetic surgery procedures, patients who set the most realistic expectations can expect the best possible results. Thermage doesn’t promise any dramatic changes to one’s appearance, and the results may not be as long-lasting as what could be achieved with surgical facelifts. The results of one Thermage treatment usually last for around one to two years. Repeat treatments are often preferred by some patients after six months of the initial procedure so that the results could be maintained for a little longer.

Generally, patients with more advanced aging signs, like deep or heavy lines, wrinkles or folds, and severe sagging may not be able to get the desired results with Thermage. So, it is advised that one should thoroughly discuss their expectations with the doctor during their initial consultation session. It will help them determine if Thermage could be the best treatment option for one’s personal needs and appearance goals.

flushing after thermage treatment

Once the Thermage treatment is carried out, it takes very little time for the patient’s complete recovery. The following should be expected after the procedure:

  • Reddish skin
  • Some possible bruising
  • Return to regular activities on the same day
  • Continual cosmetic improvement for the next six months or so after the treatment

Even though there are certain risks associated with any cosmetic procedure, the percentage of Thermage patients reporting negative side effects is only 0.4%. It’s important, however, that a qualified practitioner does the procedure.

How To Choose A Doctor For Your Thermage Treatment?

When choosing a doctor for Thermage treatment  in Singapore, it is advised to first understand the procedure, its benefits, and the risks involved. In light of all the information gathered, the patients should prepare a questionnaire or list down any concerns that they might want to discuss with their medical specialist. Some common factors to consider before choosing a doctor to undergo the treatment include:

1.      Education And Certifications

First, ascertain that the specialist under consideration has the necessary education and certifications in the Thermage treatment. It’s good if they have qualifications in other cosmetic treatments and they perform them regularly as well.

2.      Experience

Now, this one is a no-brainer. The cosmetic procedures should only be carried out by an experienced professional. So, when considering Thermage, one should go with a specialist who has advanced knowledge and experience in performing the procedure. That’s important in order to avoid any complications and also for achieving the best possible results.

3.      Before And After Photos

It’s a good idea to check before/after photos of the doctor’s past patients. This will give some insight into what kind of results one can expect. Ask them to show photos of patients who had the same type of skin and conditions – like sagging and fine wrinkles – and wanted to achieve similar results.

4.      Financing Options

Similar to most cosmetic procedures, medical insurance is not generally available for Thermage. So, if one wants to finance the procedure, it’s good to ask the doctor if they have any financing options available.

By choosing the most experienced doctor, who might have been carrying out the procedure regularly, one can ensure the desired results are achieved. That’s why it always pays to go that extra mile and do a bit of research to find the right healthcare provider to undergo Thermage Treatment in Singapore.


Thermage treatment Singapore is quickly a popular choice among men and women to achieve more youthful and rejuvenated looks without undergoing surgery. Remember, however, that the results don’t last forever and will fade away over time. Repeat procedures can be carried out to address that issue. Before deciding on the treatment, it is best to consult a doctor to find out if Thermage is a suitable treatment for you.

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