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Which Parts Of Your Body Can Fat Grafting & Fat Transfer Benefit?
which parts of your body can benefit from fat grafting

Which Parts Of Your Body Can Fat Grafting & Fat Transfer Benefit?

As we grow older, aging signs start showing on our body, especially the face. Some common problem areas include the cheeks, under the eyes, and the lips. Fortunately, fat grafting in Singapore is the solution for all these imperfections and can result in a more youthful appearance.

Fat grafting is a common procedure that injects your very own fat into the affected areas to rejuvenate and anti-age. Where many of us are often mistaken, however, is that we only consider it a procedure to fix facial imperfections that come with age.

In fact, fat grafting can be performed on different areas of the body including buttocks, arms, shoulders, breasts, and more for various reasons. It is effective for both men and women as well.

What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a surgical procedure used in cosmetic surgery for removing extra fat from one area of the patient’s body and then injecting it where required. Fat grafting can be used for filling different facial and body areas for sculpting and contouring enhancement.

The fat used in this procedure is usually extracted from the patient’s thighs or abdomen and is injected into the area where better cosmetic results are to be achieved. The body accepts the fat injected without any kind of reactions because it is extracted from the patient’s own body. The procedure is generally safe and produces long-lasting results.

How Does It Work?

fat harvesting for fat graftingFat grafting in Singapore is a three-step procedure in which the surgeon harvests fat from the patient’s body, washes and purifies the extracted fat, and then injects it using special cannulas into the desired areas where augmentation is required. Here’s a little detail of the 3-step procedure.

1.Harvest: The surgeon works with the patient for selecting an appropriate fat removal site. The fat is extracted with the help of a cannula through a small incision made into the decided area. This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.

fat purification after harvesting2.Purification and Fat Transfer: After obtaining enough fat, it is processed for preparing the extracted fat cells to be injected into the desired areas using little syringes. A centrifuge may be needed in order to spin the extracted fat for purification.

fat transfer3.Placement: In the last step, the injection site is prepared to receive a fat graft. The fat is injected into the designated area with the help of a needle or cannula through an incision. The cannula moves in and out, carefully depositing lines of fatty tissue parcels in the tissue planes. The process is repeated until the desired results are achieved.

Which Parts of the Body Can You Graft To?

Fat grafting can be performed in different parts of the body and is appropriate for both men and women. Let’s look into it in more detail.

Women Body Parts Suitable For Fat Grafting

In women, fat grafting can be done on:


Fat grafting can be done on the breasts for a modest improvement in breast size. Besides, if breast shape needs to be optimized in a breast implant surgery or any residual irregularities in the breasts after augmentation using implants have to be fixed, fat grafting to breasts might help. Fat grafting can also fill in any defects left after the lumpectomy procedure for breast cancer.


Women with facial creases, like smile lines, laugh lines, or crow’s-feet can take advantage of facial fat grafting in Singapore to fix these issues. Fat grafting can also help with acne scars as well as any sunken areas of the cheeks, lips, and face.


The procedure can be carried out on the buttocks as well for creating a more rounded, fuller buttock. It can also be helpful in treating shapelessness and sagging problems that come with age. Fat grafting can also help fix any figure imbalances as well.


Fat grafting can be performed on hands to add volume, cover any underlying tendons and vessels, and “plump up” any wrinkled areas.

Men Body Parts Suitable For Fat Grafting

Men can undergo fat grafting in the following areas:


Men can enhance their abdomen structure for achieving a perfect male figure by getting extra fat removed through fat grafting and injecting it into the individual parts of their rectus abdominis muscle. It can help enlarge their eight packs and give them a perfect shape.


The procedure can be used for removing fat from the chest muscles to better highlight them. The extracted fat is then purified and re-injected into the patient’s pectoralis major muscles.


Men with smaller biceps and triceps than what they desire can take advantage of fat grafting to enhance them.


Fat grafting can be used effectively for shoulder enhancement to achieve a perfect masculine upper body shape. The fat is injected into the deltoid muscles for accentuating them and achieving the desired size.


Just like women, fat grafting can help improve buttocks’ shape in men too, and can help achieve a more proportionate, masculine body shape. It is primarily used for age-related buttock-reshaping in men


Men can get fat grafting in their calf muscles to achieve better-defined legs that look perfectly proportionate with their top-heavy appearance of the solid torso.

When deciding on the body parts that one wants to enhance using fat grafting procedure, it is recommended that a priority list is created with all the body parts mentioned in order of preference.

Pros And Cons Of Fat Grafting

Here’s a look at some prominent pros and cons of fat grafting Singapore.


  • Uses autologous fat (extracted from the patient’s own body) reducing possibilities of any allergic reactions
  • Natural and long-lasting fat transfer results
  • Minimally-invasive method to achieve facial rejuvenation
  • Body contouring can help in several areas simultaneously
  • Helps achieve a more youthful appearance
  • Requires smaller incisions as compared to conventional augmentation using implants
  • Very low downtime


  • Preparation of fat tissue can be time-consuming
  • Higher costs compared to dermal fillers but results can last longer
  • Multiple sessions might be needed for augmentation in order to achieve the desired buttock or breast size

When To Consider Fat Transfer?

One should consider fat transfer if:

  • They have sunken or creased facial areas
  • More permanent correction is desired as compared to what could be achieved with temporary fillers
  • You’re looking to have better body contours, fill any depressions on the body, revise scars, and rejuvenate your face and hands
  • Any visible breast implants signs have to be hidden or irregularities in contour need filling during breast reconstruction
  • Fat needs to be removed from the cheekbones
  • There are lines between your lower eyelids and cheeks

Do You Make A Good Candidate For Fat Grafting?

Fat Grafting is, primarily, used for augmenting or filling in areas that lack volume. In order to be a good candidate for fat grafting, one must enjoy good overall health and should have a positive attitude. The patient should not have any kind of circulation issues, either from smoking or some medical condition. In addition, there should be appropriate donor sites to extract fat. It is also important for the patients to set realistic expectations from the procedure.

Fat Grafting & Fat Transfer Benefit Both Men And Women, And Many Parts Of The Body

Fat grafting is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedure used for effectively treating facial and other body imperfections. Fat grafting in Singapore can deliver great results when trying to achieve better body contours and a more youthful appearance.

A perfect choice for both men and women, fat grafting can be used to treat different body parts including hands, face, breasts, buttocks, arms, shoulders, calves, abdomen, and chest. For perfect results, make sure that you choose the best plastic surgeon around!

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