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What You Should Know Before Having Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore
Single Eyelid

What You Should Know Before Having Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

Eyes are a critical part of the face and play a crucial role in the person’s overall beauty. Having double eyelids is among the features admired by many because of the defining look and confidence it gives to those who have it naturally.

Double eyelids make the eyes appear larger, making it an attractive feature in many countries, including Singapore. Thus, it is common for people without them to look for solutions to get double eyelids. One of the ways you can get these well-defined double eyelids is through double eyelid surgery.

As a clinic that offers double eyelid surgery, we will, through this post, share what you should know before having double eyelid surgery in Singapore.

We understand that double eyelid surgery is a lifetime commitment, and we hope to equip you with the information you will need to make a more informed decision before going for double eyelid surgery.

This article will cover:

  • What is Double Eyelid Surgery?
  • Why do I have Single Eyelids?
  • Ways you can get double eyelid surgery in Singapore
  • How to get double eyelids without surgery?
  • Double Eyelids with Surgery
  • Common Side Effects of Double Eyelids Surgery
  • Double Eyelid Surgery Recovery Time
  • Double Eyelid Surgery Singapore Price
  • Double Eyelid Surgery Procedure
  • Is Double Eyelid Surgery Permanent?
  • Is Double Eyelids Surgery Painful?
  • Double eyelid surgery gone wrong
  • Are there any risks of double eyelid surgery?
  • How to get effective Results after your double eyelid surgery
  • Factors that determine the longevity of your double eyelid surgery results

What is Double Eyelid Surgery?

Double eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure done to augment the initial composition of the eyelid to create a crease line. Typically, this procedure involves incisions or punctures made to the skin.

Double eyelid surgery in Singapore is one of the most well-known aesthetic procedures. The procedure is popular in the country and is expected because approximately 50% of East and Southeastern Asian women are born with either a minimal or absent upper eyelid, according to Oculoplastic Surgery. Many of this population go for the procedure to help them achieve double eyelids and have well defined looking eyes.

Double eyelid Singapore surgery:

  • Creates natural-looking creases to the eyelid
  • Makes the eyes appear bigger and beautiful
  • Improves the eyes’ shape
  • Requires moderate to minimal downtime
  • Amongst other advantages

Why do I have Single Eyelids?

This is one of the biggest questions that bug the minds of individuals with single eyelids.

Why do I have single eyelids?

Well, you’re not alone. A significant number of Singaporeans have similar eyelids.

A double eyelid happens when your eyelid crease is perfectly formed where the eyelid skin and the deep eyelid opening muscle is attached.

People with natural double eyelids are individuals that have the natural attachment between skin and eyelid opening muscles. The stronger the attachment, the more defined the crease line appears to be.

Ways you can get double eyelid surgery in Singapore

There are two ways you can get double eyelid surgery in Singapore – without surgery and with surgery.

How to get double eyelids without surgery?

If you don’t want to get double eyelids through surgery because you feel it’s too extreme, there are ways you get it without surgery.

The ways to get double eyelid without surgery in Singapore include:

Eyelid Tape or Glue

The eyelid tape is a narrow and clear strip that you place on your eyelids to give it a crease-like feature. The eyelid glue uses a similar strategy to make a crease.

The eyelid crease created with tape and glue causes your eyes to look wakeful, fresh, and bright, although the eyelid glue gives a more natural look than the eyelid tape.

Plexr Blepharoplasty

This is the second alternative to getting double eyelids through surgery. This non-surgical procedure lifts your eyelid and creates creases. It achieves this by tightening the skin around your eyelid area.

Note that the recovery time for plexr blepharoplasty is short, and the result typically lasts up to 2 years.

Double Eyelids with Surgery

Double eyelid surgery is one of the most sought-after procedures. This is a simple 20-30 minute procedure that helps to accentuate the eyes’ shape, making them appear bigger, more defined, and awake.

There are two kinds of double eyelid surgery that people commonly do:

Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

This is also called incisional blepharoplasty and is a type of eyelid surgery that involves cutting excess fat, muscle, and skin where the eyelid crease is going to be created. The average downtime for the incisional double eyelid surgery procedure is 2-3 weeks, and the result is a neat and permanent crease.

This technique is also used to:

  • Treat droopy upper eyelids
  • Change your eyes’ shape
  • Get rid of excess skin that affects your vision
  • Remove excess fat on the upper eyelid so it looks less bulky

Note that even though the idea of an incision seems scary, the scar subsides after 5-6 months.

Non-Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

Non-incisional double eyelid surgery, which is also called buried suture technique, is a method that leaves less scarring.

This process is somewhat similar to the incisional technique. Just like the incisional technique, the eyelid will be carefully measured and marked. Then, a series of tiny punctures are made in the skin along the line. Sutures are placed through the punctures and tightened until they form the desired crease.

The sutures remain beneath the skin, out of sight, giving you a double eyelid.

The procedure lasts 20-30 minutes and has little downtime.

One can choose between IV sedation or local anesthetic which will be administered before the doctor proceeds with the procedure.

Common Side Effects of Double Eyelids Surgery

Just like every other procedure, double eyelid surgery has side effects. After the procedure, you may experience the following side effects:

  • Light sensitivity
  • Dry eyes
  • Mild to moderate bruising
  • Pain and numbness
  • Swelling

Note that these side effects typically subside after 10- 14 days. We recommend you to visit your doctor if these side effects persist for a long time.

Double Eyelid Surgery Recovery Time

Many people ask, “How long does double eyelid surgery take to heal?”

We will address that frequently asked question in this section.

The recovery time for double eyelid surgery’s incisional method lasts for about 10 to 14 days because it takes longer for the wounds to heal. The non-incisional method, on the other hand, has a recovery time of only about 5 to 7 days because there are lesser cuts involved.

Note that the double eyelid surgery healing time might vary slightly, according to individuals.

Double Eyelid Surgery Price in Singapore

The double eyelid surgery in Singapore cost differs according to the fees charged by the clinic. This cost can be dependent on different factors including whether the double eyelid surgery price includes anesthesia and medication or not.

Approximately, the cost of incisional double eyelid surgery in Singapore starts from $5000, while the price of the non-incisional double eyelid is around $3000-$4000.

Double Eyelid Surgery Procedure

The double eyelid surgery procedure is simple and is divided into three parts.

  • Before the procedure
  • During the procedure
  • After the procedure

Pre-Surgery (Before the Procedure)

Before you proceed with your procedure, we recommend discussing with your surgeon to know the best choice for you. Depending on the clinic, you will be given an option for sedation or local anesthesia.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or show photos to explain what you want.

Surgery (During the Procedure)

For incisional procedures, your doctor will make an incision on your upper eyelid within your eyelid’s natural crease. The process involves the doctor removing or repositioning the fat or muscle on your eyelid.

The incision is closed using stitches and removed after 7-10 days.

For non-incisional procedures, a few small slits will be made across the eyelid before sutures are used to anchor knots over specific points on the eyelids. The non-incisional does not require removal of stitches after the procedure.

Post Surgery (After the Procedure)

After the surgery, you will be advised to avoid strenuous activities like exercise or lifting heavy objects. You will also be told to wear sunglasses. This will help you protect your eyes from the sun and other environmental irritants. Some clinics will also give you a cold compress eye mask to reduce soreness.

Is Double Eyelid Surgery Permanent?

The incisional method of double eyelid surgeries is permanent. This is because deep scar tissue is formed between the eyelid skin and the eyelid muscle during the procedure.

The non-incisional method, on the other hand, is semi-permanent. Factors like rubbing your eyes, eczema, or even wearing false eyelashes too often can make you lose your defined crease line over time.

Is Double Eyelids Surgery Painful?

Although the idea of having surgery on your eyes seems like a painful ordeal, you will not feel any pain if you are under anesthesia. However, you will likely wake up with your eyes feeling tight or be slightly sore.

Double eyelid surgery gone wrong

The procedure and the result can go wrong sometimes. This can depend on some number of factors including:

  • Absence of scar tissue shaping
  • The procedure isn’t meant for you

Some Possible Unsatisfactory Outcomes of Double Eyelid Surgery

Some of the outcomes of the surgery that may not be satisfactory include:

  • The scar from the operation looks more visible than anticipated
  • A double eyelid asymmetry
  • Exceedingly deep, high, or unnatural double eyelid folds
  • Unsmooth double eyelid folds or irregular skin wrinkles
  • Eye shape or eyelid proportion is not pleasing to the patient
  • Unhappy and not contented by the results of the first procedure

Note that when any of these happens, it can sometimes be corrected through revision.

Are there any risks associated with double eyelid surgery?

Just like many other medical or surgical procedures, there are risks associated with the procedure.

This is why it is essential to research well before choosing a clinic and surgeon.

Some common risks of double eyelid surgery include:

  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Difficulty closing eyes
  • Reaction to the anesthesia

Factors that determine the longevity of your double eyelid surgery results

There are lots of factors that determine how your eyelids will look and last after the procedure.

These factors include:

  • The effects of aging on your eyelid
  • Other habits that involves rubbing or tugging skin around the upper eyelids

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, if you are looking for a long-term natural-looking double eyelid, you can accomplish that through double eyelid surgery.

Conduct your research to find out the double eyelid plastic surgeon that will suit you and go with it. We hope this article on what you should know before having double eyelid surgery  helps you make the right decision.

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