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What To Expect From Pico Laser Treatment?
what to expect from pico laser treatment

What To Expect From Pico Laser Treatment?

Are you struggling to get rid of the dark spots and pores that steal the beauty of your face yet terrified of invasive surgical procedures? Perhaps Pico laser Singapore will pave the way to fall in love with your glowing skin again.

Pico laser is a new generation of laser technology that has set a remarkable milestone in the treatment of skin pigmentation, pores and scars, and removal of tattoos. It also fulfills your desire to have a youthful appearance by taking away the wrinkles of old age.

This technology is safer than traditional laser treatments and carries fewer side effects. Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing. This article gives you insight into Pico laser in Singapore so that you can make a move to get the perfect skin of your dream without undue fear.

pico laser treatment singapore

What Is Pico Laser Treatment?

Laser therapy uses focused concentrated pulsating light beams to treat minor facial flaws. These high energy waves targeted onto the affected spot of your skin either remove that superficial skin layer by ablation or induce collagen growth in that area.  Pico laser Singapore is a massive advancement in laser technology with more improvement to conventional methodology. It is a gentle non-ablative, non-invasive type of laser treatment with virtually no downtime.

What Skin Concerns Can It Treat?

Pico Singapore is a versatile laser equipped with six handpieces emitting four different wavelengths. Hence renders effectiveness over a broad spectrum of skin issues.


Pigmentation concerns

Your skin gets its color from the pigment called melanin which is produced by melanocytes. They are triggered excessively in response to UV rays in sunlight, hormonal changes, skin inflammation, and genetic factors. Excessive accumulation of melanin in a localized area gives rise to troublesome brown patches or dark spots in the skin.

You could say goodbye to the following pigmentation issues with Pico laser Singapore.

1.            Freckles – The tiny, flat brown spots that often appear in areas exposed to the sun.

2.            Solar Lentigo – Also known as age spots or liver spots. Darker and bigger than freckles. Emerge out with aging and exposure to UV light.

3.            Melasma – Patchy pigmentation common among females with darker skin tones, classically associated with hormonal changes of pregnancy.

4.            Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – Skin darkening after injuries like thermal burns, dermatitis, or infection. Caused by overproduction and irregular dispersion of melanin.

5.            Hori’s Nevus – The bilateral blotchy blue-gray to gray-brown macules on the cheeks, generally seen in middle-aged women of Asian descent.

6.            Tattoos – The decorative, symbolic, or pictorial designs made by inserting ink pigments into the dermal layer of skin.

Skin Rejuvenation

skin rejuvenation

Maintaining healthy, glowing, youthful skin is a challenge, with the inevitable process of aging and concurrent hormonal imbalances. But Pico Singapore can do wonders to peel the years away by stimulating collagen production and accelerating healing mechanisms of the skin. Following are few conditions where this skin rejuvenation process comes into play.

1.            Acne scars – Skin follicles clog with oil, dead skin, and bacteria resulting in acne. These blemishes heal, leaving discolored spots behind.

2.            Pores – Excess sebum secretion, reduced skin elasticity, and chronic acne bring about enlarged pores in your skin.

3.            Fine lines and wrinkles – As a natural process with aging, the skin texture becomes thinner, drier, less elastic, and more prone to damage resulting in wrinkles, creases, and lines.

Skin Redness

skin redness and acne concerns

Increased blood flow to an area of skin gives rise to flushing or blushing. It could manifest in the following modes.

1.            Inflammatory acne – Increased local blood circulation due to general inflammatory response.

2.            Post-inflammatory erythema – Red or pink spots left behind by acne breakouts.

3.            Rosacea – Chronic condition causing redness and visible blood vessels on the face commonly in fair-skinned middle-aged women.

How Does It Work?

pico laser vs traditional laser

As the name implies, Pico laser Singapore fires laser beams at pulse durations of picoseconds. It means they emit energy onto your skin at intervals of one trillionth of a second. This laser energy mechanically breaks down melanin under the targeted area, allowing the shattered pigment particles to get cleared by the body’s immune system. Unlike the nanosecond lasers, the ultra-short pulse duration and high power of Pico Singapore make it possible to smash pigments into extremely minute fragments. So pigmentation is cleared faster with fewer treatment sessions. Similarly, it can break down an array of ink pigments used in tattooing.

Pico laser Singapore also stimulates the production of collagen protein that maintains the firmness and elasticity of healthy skin. It will improve the overall skin texture and breathe new life into your aging skin.

laser skin rejuvenation process

Why Should I Choose Pico Laser Treatment?

Pico laser is a safe FDA-approved treatment with minimal side effects and little-to-no downtime. It has higher efficacy over other traditional laser options as laser beams are directed precisely to the target site. Hence treatment itself is quick and brings gratifying results in fewer treatment sessions. Since it uses ultra-short bursts and is non-thermal, collateral damage to the surrounding tissue is minimal. Pico laser is also appropriate for all skin types ranging from lightest to darkest skin tones and can be used on many body parts like the face, chest, hands, and legs.

What Should I Expect From My Pico Laser Treatment?

Getting Ready For Laser Treatment

To get the best outcome from treatment, avoid direct sun exposure for at least four weeks before the treatment and use sunscreen regularly. The doctor will brief you on the procedure before the job begins. The first move of the process is cleaning the skin by removing make-up, sunscreen, or any dirt on the surface. Medical facial cleansing will exfoliate the dead skin on the surface so that laser beams can penetrate effectively and maximize efficacy. Then a layer of numbing cream is applied to the site targeted for Pico laser therapy and left for 10-20 minutes.

numb cream application before laser treatment

Laser Treatment Experience

During your personalized Pico laser therapy doctor will gently pass the handpiece over your skin and direct laser beams to the target area. Most people get a feeling just like snapping a rubber band repeatedly over the skin. Generally, the treatment is well tolerated and will be done before you know it. At the end of the session, a soothing moisturizer cream is applied. Laser therapy can take 15-30 minutes, depending on your skin condition.

Tips For After Treatment Care

Do not forget to watch your step even after the treatment. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for the next 7-10 days. Continue to use a sunscreen of SPF30 or above while taking good care of your skin. Apply a gentle cleanser and recovery moisturizers as per the medical prescription.

post laser care

Are There Any Temporary Side Effects?

It is widely accepted that Pico laser Singapore is safer than traditional nanosecond lasers. In traditional laser methods, it is not uncommon to get a recurrence of dark spots due to stimulation of adjacent melanocytes by laser irradiation. But the incidence of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is much lower with Pico laser as it does not cause undue damage to surrounding skin tissue.

You may experience mild redness and warmth of the skin. But it will fade within a few hours. It is possible to get some darkening of the existing pigmentation before it lightens in a few days. There is no downtime as such for scabbing, flaking, and peeling. You can effortlessly get back to your everyday activities.

How Often Should You Do It?

Initial treatment can be spaced at one-month intervals till you gain the results you wish to achieve. Afterward, to maintain your skin, follow-up treatments will be scheduled once every two to three months.

How Many Sessions Do You Need?

In most cases, you need four to eight sessions to get the best outcome. However, this can vary depending on the skin tone and the type of pigmentation. If you have darker pigmentation, that might demand more treatment sessions.

How Much Does Pico Laser Treatment Cost In Singapore?

The bright side is Pico laser Singapore is available to you at a reasonable price. The cost may somewhat differ based on factors such as,

  • The type of the condition to be treated (pigmentation, tattoo, acne scars, pores)
  • The severity of the issue
  • The number of sessions needed
  • Your skin type

Generally, the cost of Pico laser treatment in Singapore ranges from $250 to $500 per session.


Pico is the new buzzword in aesthetic medicine. Since its entry into facial treatment, Pico Singapore has gained a lot of traction and popularity in beauty culture. Its effectiveness is evidenced by the safe methodology and quick results for an affordable cost. Remember Pico laser Singapore to regain your unblemished, healthy, and firm skin and keep up your gorgeous youthful appearance at all times.

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