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What Is Hiko Thread Lift? How Long Can Nose Thread Lift Last?
what is hiko nose threadlift and how long can it last

What Is Hiko Thread Lift? How Long Can Nose Thread Lift Last?

What Is Hiko Nose Thread Lift?

A korean nose thread lift is a non-surgical procedure that helps you achieve the straighter, higher, and more defined nose bridge you want. This method is also known as Hiko nose thread lift because it is originated in Korea. Hi in “Hiko” refers to “high” and “ko” refers to “nose” in Korean.

How Does Nose Thread Lift Method Help In Augmentation?

how does hiko nose threadlift work

This method uses absorbable threads that are made of polydioxanone (PDO), which are 100% bio-compatible with your body. After absorption, these ultra-fine biodegradable PDO threads produce collagen tissues that give a volumizing effect to your nose and also enhances your nose contour.

Nose thread lift offers a safe, effective, and minimally-invasive alternative to a traditional nose augmentation method known as rhinoplasty. This method is perfect for those who want to have their desired nose tip and nose bridge without going for nose surgery. The procedure does not require incisions, scarring, and comprehensive aftercare. This method is perfect if you are looking to enhance your nose tip, nose bridge, and crooked nose without surgery, high cost, and side effects.

Advantages Of Nose Thread Lift

The major two advantages of this procedure include:

  • PDO threads used in nose thread lift physically add volume to your nose and exert a lifting effect to your nose bridge. It gives you a more ideal and defined nose shape.
  • During the process of hydrolysis (dissolving of PDO threads), collagen is produced that helps in improving the results further.

What Is The Procedure Of Nose Thread Lift In Singapore?

hiko nose threadlift treatment

The nose thread lift is a non-invasive procedure. First, numbing cream is applied to your nose, and then a local anesthetic is inoculated into the desired area. Before injecting anesthesia doctor marks the area around your nose. After this, nose threads are inserted horizontally into your nose bridge and vertically into the nose tip with needles. Once the threads are inserted, they physically tighten and lift your nose, resulting in a higher nose.

You may experience tugging and some pressure during the nose thread lift. But most people find it tolerable and comfortable. The method is relatively painless because it uses anesthesia and is done in just 10 to 15 minutes.

What Would You Able To See After The Nose Thread Life?

Nose thread lift brings optimal results by increasing your nose bridge and tip projections in a single session.

benefits of hiko nose thread lift

Generally, you will observe these results on your nose appearance immediately after the treatment:

  • More definition to your nose bridge while still having a natural appearance
  • The sharper and lifted nose tip
  • An overall slimmer nose that looks graceful
  • Straighter nose

How Long Can Nose Thread Lift Last?

Usually, results last between 9 months to 1 year. The threads dissolve naturally over 6 to 8 months and are removed from your body. Even after the dissolving of threads, you may notice your nose remains sharper and more enhanced due to the formation of collagen by the threads.

What Happens Post-Procedure?

If you are considering non-surgical nose augmentation, you may want to know what to expect from your nose thread lift procedure before diving in to the treatment. Most people experience no downtime after treatment. Mild bruising and swelling can occur and it that happens, it generally subsides over the next three to seven days after the treatment. Minority of the patients may experience mild headache and that can be managed with over-the-counter pain killers. Generally, avoid applying any topical products or make up over the nose tip, other than the antibiotic cream prescribed for the first 2 days after treatment to prevent infection.

Is It Safe?

pdo threads for nose threadlift

Yes, the nose thread lift is one of the safest nose lifting treatment in Singapore. The treatment uses absorbable threads that are made of polydioxanone to lift your nose. These threads are surgically applied and completely safe because they are 100% bio-compatible with your body.

Who Is Suitable For Hiko Nose Thread Lift Treatment?

The Hiko nose thread lift treatment is suitable for all those who want to improve their nose appearance without surgery. It is more effective and safer than alternative methods known as nose fillers while help in achieving the same natural-looking more defined and projected nose.

Nose Thread Lift VS Nose Fillers

In general, a nose thread lift may last longer as compared to nose fillers. Nose thread lift does not cause serious complications as done by nose fillers. It is better and safer in achieving desired nose bridge. However, desired results can also be achieved by nose fillers, if it is done correctly. In some cases, both treatments are combined to get more long-lasting and dramatic results.

The common differences between nose thread lift and nose fillers are:

comparison of hiko nose threadlift and fillers

Overall, the advantages of both nose fillers and nose thread lift are the same. Both have:

  • Lower cost as compared to traditional nose augmentation procedure known as rhinoplasty
  • Minimal downtime

The additional advantage of nose fillers is that they are reversible. If you are not happy with the treatment outcomes, hyalase enzyme is used to dissolve the filler.

The Possible Disadvantages Of Nose Thread Lift?

  • Nose thread lift is not a permanent treatment. It demands regular thread insertion to sustain the results
  • If the PDO threads are not placed carefully, it can deviate your nose bridge

What Is The Cost Of Nose Thread Lift In Singapore?

The cost of nose thread lift treatment in Singapore ranges from $600 to $900. The cost of the treatment depends on the type of thread used, the experience of your doctor, and the complexity of the work performed.


Nose thread lift is an emerging non-surgical procedure that used absorbable ultra-fine biodegradable thread to mechanically lift your nose. This method is perfect if you are looking to enhance your nose tip, nose bridge, and crooked nose without surgery, high cost, and risky side effects. The price of nose thread lift treatment in Singapore ranges from $600 to $900. It is better than nose fillers and rhinoplasty because it includes no vascular complications and broadening of the nose.

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