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V-Shape Face Treatment Essentials – How Many Visits Do You Need Before You See Results?             
v shape face treatment essentials - how many visits do you need

V-Shape Face Treatment Essentials – How Many Visits Do You Need Before You See Results?             

A V-shape face treatment is a set of non-surgical techniques that involves alteration of the facial contours. It is done to achieve a slimmer face with a well-defined jawline. The non-invasive V shape face treatments include botox, high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), Radio Frequency skin tightening, V-line thread lift, and dermal fillers.

It is imperative to understand that the longevity of results and effects from the non-invasive techniques is short, so they must be undertaken multiple times to maintain a certain appearance. However, if it corresponded with the right skincare regimen and healthy practices, the results can be optimized and sustained for longer periods. Here, we’ve got you covered with some of the simplest tips and tricks to sculpt and enhance the facial features that you desire.

Why Is V-Shape Face So Popular?

The V shape face treatments are sought out because they are perceived as a beauty standard across the Asian race. It is believed to add immensely to feminine beauty. It imparts a youthful, rejuvenated, and beaming look on an individual.

 V Shape Face Treatments – How It Works, Its Benefits, And Associated Concerns?

V shape face treatment consists of several medical procedures that are as follows:

botox jaw facial slimming injection

Neurotoxin Jaw Reduction

Botox Jaw Reduction involves injecting neurotoxins through 3 to 4 tiny needles into the masseter muscle that mediates its reduction. Small multiple administrations allow a uniform distribution throughout the targeted region. The area is initially treated with cold compressions to numb it and avoid bruising. After the treatment, the masseter muscle thus relaxes gradually and eventually weakens hence the reduction in its mass. The reduction takes about one to two weeks to happen and is most perceptible in people with prominent jaw muscles. The results tend to last 4 to 6 months.

Although the pain inflicted is negligible, the downtime is minimal and is one of the safest options, yet the possible complications can include the adjacent muscles’ weakness. The affected muscles could be the risorius muscle (also known as the smile muscle). In contrast, others may present with hollow cheeks if the neurotoxins get injected higher up in the region.

thread lift for skin tightening and lifting mechanism

Thread Lift

A thread lift involves the usage of strands or threads made of polydioxanone (PDO), which makes it a dissolvable material. The threads are introduced into the skin to tighten the face and augment the V shape face alignment. The PDO-based fibers tend to stimulate the production of fibroblasts and collagen alongside. The thread lift results last for about a year or two.

In addition to the aforementioned practices, the following are some of the most vital non-surgical approaches to attain a youthful and elegant V shape face:

hifu treatment for skin tightening mechanism

Focused Ultrasound Treatments

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a cosmetic treatment for skin tightening, skin reinforcement, and facial contouring by collagen production. HIFU makes use of the ultrasonic waves using ultrasound equipment that acts as a stimulus for fibroblasts’ proliferation and collagen production. It is a pain-free, low-cost alternative to traditional facelift procedures.

The newer, modernized version of HIFU, known as HIFU Ultracel Q+ LinearFirm, is typically less painful and can be used in small and intricate areas as the eyes, temples, brows, and forehead.

The effects take about 2 to 3 months to be perceptible and last between 6 months to a year. However, the common side effects usually include swelling, numbness, redness, or very rarely tingling sensations on the skin. The majority of the people usually require only a single attempt for optimal results. However, the number of attempts is directly proportional to the laxity of skin, and sequential yearly treatments to maintain the results are necessary.

radio frequency skin tightening mechanism

Radiofrequency Therapy

Radiofrequency therapy is an energy-based bio-stimulative treatment. It involves using the devices that send energy waves down through to the dermis to heat it (up to 38 to 40 degrees). This aids in tightening the facial skin and making it firmer, particularly around the jawline and nasolabial folds, to create a V-shaped face. It induces increased synthesis of collagen and elastin alongside.

Like HIFU, radiofrequency treatment results last a year or longer if combined with good skincare, dietary, and exercise routines. The procedure’s duration ranges from 20 to 45 minutes and is free of long periods of downtime. It is recommended to repeat the treatment once everyone year to maintain the best results.

chin filler for v-line enhancement


Dermal Filler treatment in Singapore is another type of injection that contains a substance to be injected underneath the skin that mostly consists of hyaluronic acid. Since hyaluronic acid is a constituent of the cellular matrix, it adds to the volume of the face and helps structure the jawline and chin to create a more defined v-line. It also aids with the wrinkling and skin rejuvenation.

The treatment lasts 15 to 30 minutes. The longevity of the fillers ranges from 6 to 18 months, without much downtime except redness, slight swelling or bruising.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate To Receive V Shape Face Treatment?

This process yields subtle to moderate changes to the facial volume and structure; hence it is usually only recommended to those who are at an early stage of exploring cosmetic transformation. The non-invasive methods are believed to be ideal for individuals who are scared of surgeries and are looking to improve concerns such as their double chin, lax skin, and undefined v-line.

Pros And Cons Of A Non-Invasive Or Minimally Invasive Treatment

The advancement in technology and equipment has allowed us to explore smarter treatment methods that improve the possibility of achieving the perfect V shape visage. The improved medical strategies allow for minimal to no invasion into the system hence, incurring minimal or zero amount of pain.

There is no requirement for a hospital stay post-treatments. The downtime tends to be extremely short with a fast recovery. Additionally, the adverse-effects profile of each technique is generally good. The non-surgical V shape face treatment typically costs lower than surgical options, inducing the least possible amount of bleeding and scarring. Although non-invasive medical procedures’ effects may not be as drastic as surgical results, it is less likely for them to precipitate complications. If they ever do, they are believed to be nominal.


The V shape face treatment is a popular medical practice across the Asian region, Singapore, inclusively. The country has been following innovative forms of non-invasive techniques ever since its advent. Even though it has gained a lot of attention lately, it is still recommended to seek advice from an experienced doctor on the best treatment options suited to your needs.

About Dream Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery

Bespoke surgical for cosmetic or medical reasons is what Dream covers to bring out the beauty in every individual. Going beyond the aesthetics and working on physical anomalies are what we value the most in leading our patients to cherish self-improvement and confident lifestyles.

Derived from Associate Professor Vincent Yeow’s long-standing experience performing plastic surgery in Singapore, our treatment plans deliver physical remodelling in our patients’ favour. One of the notable remodellings is droopy eyelid correction. The ptosis surgery used for treatment eventually fixes drooping eyelids, improves vision and enhances appearance.

Most importantly, as a trustworthy plastic surgery and aesthetic clinic, we treasure positive and natural outcomes for each individual. We will ensure to deliver the beauty refinement of your dream without compromising your safety and privacy.


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