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Tips To Younger Looking Skin – The Cheat Sheet
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Tips To Younger Looking Skin – The Cheat Sheet

Hands up if you’d like to look a tad younger! Who wouldn’t, right? We understand you may feel that maintaining your youth is a treacherous, or even impossible task. Even if you’re discouraged by the lines on your face caused by your lifestyle and pressures in life, regaining your youth is not unachievable! We can’t deny ageing is inevitable, but we have some quick tips to help you look youthful and vibrant once again!


Sun is the top external factor causing skin ageing. It doesn’t matter what age you are, you should apply sun block every single time before heading out if you want to maintain your skin at its most youthful condition. Adding this step into your regime can shed years off your face.

But how true is this? A skin study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine discovered that those who regularly use sunscreen were less likely to have increased skin aging after 4.5 years. This includes people who are middle-aged. How nice would it be to not only take a year or two off your age, but 4.5 years? Time to slather on sunblock!



Think that having a sweet tooth doesn’t affect your skin? Think again. Did you know that wrinkles, deep lines and sagging skin are a partial by-product of the process known as glycation?

What is glycation? When we consume too many sugary or high-glycemic foods, sugars react with these proteins and fats in an abnormal way, producing harmful molecules called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). The more AGEs we have in our bodies, the more we age.

The next time you’re thinking of reaching for a soda, go for honey lemon which is rich in anti-oxidant and vitamin C! Your skin will thank you for it.

These are our top two tips to prevent skin ageing. You may say, it’s too late – perhaps you’re already suffering from the effects of ageing such as sagging skin and fine lines. If you’re at your wits end, fret not, just read on:

We have 5 special anti-ageing treatments just for you!



Treats: Wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, pigments, dehydrated and dull skin.

Suitable areas: Full face & Neck

Frequency required: Monthly or Quarterly, depending on skin condition

Do you want to revive your complexion and enjoy smooth, poreless and glowy skin once more? The Suhwa Hydralift can achieve just that! This treatment helps to restore hydration, refine skin texture and radiance and keeps wrinkles at bay! Having this special facial treatment regularly will help to maintain a youthful complexion all year round.



Treats: Sagging facial tissues, large pores, wrinkles and fine lines

Suitable areas: Face and neck

Frequency required: Once a year

Using both radio frequency and high intensity focused ultrasound, this treatment targets different layers of the skin, providing triple-layer skin rejuvenation benefits to reverse the skin sagging. Heat and ultrasound waves penetrate into the skin’s deeper layers, stimulating the natural regeneration of collagen to tighten loose skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines with little to no down time. A fuss-free treatment with beautiful results.



Treats: Sagging facial tissues , facial asymmetry, undefined v-line

Suitable areas: Mid-face

Frequency required: Once every 2-3 years

Hailed as the most popular non-surgical and low downtime facelift in Korea, the Korean MEGA V-Lift uses dissolvable facial threads to reposition facial tissues in order to achieve a youthful facial contour. This process is painless and results are immediately visible! You’ll be sashaying out of the clinic in 30 minutes, showing off your lifted, radiant, and more contoured face!



Treats: Severe skin laxity issues

Suitable areas: Entire face

Frequency required: Once every 4-5 years

Have you been facing severe skin sagging issues and want a long-lasting solution? This is one treatment you should not miss. The Anchor Mesh lift uses fine, durable sutures used in heart surgeries to position your facial tissues upwards, providing a good amount of lift for a well-rejuvenated look. What’s best? You can customize the amount of lift with this treatment.



Treats: Facial hollowness, uneven facial contours, wrinkles and lines

Suitable areas: Entire face

Frequency required: One treatment

Sunken cheeks, hollow face? You can plump up your face with a simple procedure called Facial Fat Grafting. This procedure is a straightforward and effective solution for facial rejuvenation. Fat is harvested from your own body, purified and injected into your face to replace hollowness and banish creases and shadows. This restores volume and fullness to key areas like the forehead, cheeks and nasolabial folds. Think PERMANENT, au naturale fillers. How do you like the sound of that?

When it comes to turning back the clock, there are definitely treatments that will suit your needs. If you have further questions, have a chat with our medical consultants at + 65 6871 8888 or email in to to find out more!

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Bespoke surgical for cosmetic or medical reasons is what Dream covers to bring out the beauty in every individual. Going beyond the aesthetics and working on physical anomalies are what we value the most in leading our patients to cherish self-improvement and confident lifestyles.

Derived from Associate Professor Vincent Yeow’s long-standing experience performing plastic surgery in Singapore, our treatment plans deliver physical remodelling in our patients’ favour. One of the notable remodellings is droopy eyelid correction. The ptosis surgery used for treatment eventually fixes drooping eyelids, improves vision and enhances appearance.

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