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The Ultimate Guide To HIKO Korean Nose Thread Lift In Singapore
the ultimate guide to hiko nose threadlift

The Ultimate Guide To HIKO Korean Nose Thread Lift In Singapore

A well-defined and straight pointy nose is what most people consider an attractive nose shape. Imagine having one. People cannot get their eyes off your face once they see you. They admire your beauty and wish to look like you.

Not everyone has a slim petite nose naturally. Many celebrities went under the knife for a nose job to achieve that permanent look. But sadly, these surgical treatments are very heavy on the pocket for people like you and me. Moreover, there are numerous complications and risks associated with it.

Nose thread lift in Singapore offers a non-surgical alternative for an absolutely perfect nose job. The minimally invasive procedure gained fame in Singapore after people saw the Asian actors and actresses with small noses in dramas and desired to have one.

Asians are usually not born with well-defined noses. It is commonly observed that Asian nose tend to be shorter with an upturned tip and has a low nose bridge. Thus, the idea of a non-surgical nose augmentation solution is considered an attractive option to many. It allows a person to have the most desirable nose shape through a minimally invasive treatment.

pdo threads

Korean Nose Thread Lift

A prominent nose bridge, projected nose tip, and sharp straight nose are what a Nose thread lift can help to achieve. It gives your nose the mechanical lift it needs. This lift is achieved through stacking sutures beneath the skin, to give the treated area the ‘volume’ it needs.

“HIKO” in Hiko thread nose lift stands for “high nose” (hi-high and ko- nose in Korean), which makes the name self-explanatory for what it does.

The material used to make thread is 100% bio-absorbable and safe for use inside the body. Doctors mostly use Polydioxanone (PDO), a 3D thread that, along with lifting the nose, also increases natural collagen production within the body and gives noticeable results immediately after the procedure.

The FDA-approved thread naturally dissolves in the body in a few months without producing any major side effects. The increased collagen content in the nose skin aids in contouring the nose and molding it to the perfect shape.

Other than PDO, physicians also prefer using Polycaprolactone (PCL), mono, or cog thread, all of which have their own benefits, and the choice of thread depends on the results the patient hopes to achieve.

Benefits Of Korean Nose Thread Lift

benefitsof hiko nose thread lift

The core benefits of getting Korean thread lifting include:

  • The results are immediately observed
  • It defines the structure of the nose without surgery
  • It makes a broad nose look narrower
  • There is no risk of broadening the nose bridge
  • It gives a crooked nose its symmetry
  • Shapes the nose forward
  • There are few medical side effects associated
  • Restore the proportion of the nose
  • Augments a flat nose bridge

The Procedure Of Hiko Nose Thread Lift

Once you book an appointment with the surgeon for the thread lifting process, he has a consultation session with you before anything. During these 30 – 60 minutes sessions, he asks what you desire from the treatment and plans out an appropriate plan to fulfill your goals. You should also update him about your past medical or surgical history during this time to avoid any complications during the procedure.

hiko nose thread lift process

As the procedure begins, the physician marks your nose with proper measurements to ensure accuracy in results. A numbing cream or solution is then applied, followed by injecting local anesthesia in the nose tip and bridge to make sure the process comfortable for you.

A small needle is then used to make entry points into your nose, through which the thread is inserted with a bigger cannula. Once the thread is in the correct position, the cannula is removed. This step is repeated a few times till the desired results are achieved.

You can observe the results instantly as Korean thread lifting typically has zero downtime associated with it. The client can continue with routine work right after the treatment.

Korean Nose Thread Lift Treats

Nose thread lift in Singapore is a treatment option for various conditions of the nose but the three most commonly treated are;

Flat Nose Bridge

As mentioned before, the nose bridge of Asians is usually lower and flatter, and it greatly impacts how their overall face looks. Though it is nowhere mentioned, a higher nose bridge definitely alleviates the appearance of a person. A nose bridge lift adds more volume and definition by improving the symmetry of the face. A nose bridge lift has to look as natural as possible, and this is made possible through Hiko thread nose lift.

raised nose bridge after hiko nose thread lift

Depending on the nose profile and the lift it needs, the doctor may use 4 – 8 threads to elevate the nose bridge. The results last for over 9 – 12 months and require repeated treatment once yearly.

Shape Of The Nose Tip

Although most people don’t pay attention to their nose tips, we cannot overlook the fact that having a pointed straight nose tip has a great impression. It changes the appearance of the face and also gives the nose a more defined and structured look.

nose tip enhancement singapore

The contoured shape of the nose can be easily obtained through nose thread lift in Singapore by using up to 2 – 4 threads, depending on the sharpness of the nose tip. These results last for 1 to 2 years, with touchups every year.

Crooked Nose

A crooked nose slightly deviates to one side of the face and does not follow the straight vertical line from the mid of the face. For the correction of the symmetry of the nose, Korean thread lifting is one of the most commonly recommended treatments. With the use of around 2 to 4 threads, the bend of the nose can be altered, and it can be straightened. While the results last for 12 to 18 months, the procedure can be repeated every 2 – 4 years to maintain the results.

crooked nose

Cost Of Korean Nose Thread Lift

The price of nose thread lift in Singapore depends on variable factors, including the clinic where it is performed, the surgeon carrying out the process, the condition that is to be treated, the type and brand of thread, and the number of threads being used.

On average, the price of 4 threads to 10 threads is $600 to $800, respectively.

Side Effects Of Korean Nose Thread Lift

The quick and hassle-free treatment does have some side effects and complications if not performed under certain guidelines by an experienced professional and in an appropriate setting.

Not keeping in mind the hygiene conditions, sterility of equipment, type of thread used, and inadequate insertion of the thread may cause;

  • Excessive pain and bruising
  • Swelling and redness
  • Disturbed symmetry of the nose
  • Protrusion of thread outside the skin
  • Nasal deviation
  • Scaring
  • An unnatural look of the nose

Why Choose A Korean Nose Thread Lift?

Korean nose thread lifting is a safer option than all other treatment options as the PDO thread has not reported any complication or reaction in its 30 years of use. Unlike filler procedures, the risk of blindness, vascular complications, and broadening of the nose can be entirely omitted.

The Results Of Korean Nose Thread Lift

The results of the Hiko thread nose lift are not permanent and last as long as the threads stay in place. As soon as the thread dissolves, the results are gone, and you may require touchups to maintain the results. However, one plus point of using threads for nose lifting is that it also stimulates natural collagen production in the skin. Thus, with every maintenance session, the tissues have increased collagen stimulation, making the results last longer.

The Final Thoughts On Korean Thread Lifting

This article provides a complete guide of Hiko thread nose lift and proves beneficial for all those who wish to get a defined nose through Korean thread lifting treatment. The safe and effective procedure is comparatively better than surgical rhinoplasty and so a preferred choice amongst Asians.

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