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The Ultimate Guide To Face Slimming Treatments Available In Singapore
ultimate guide to facial slimming treatments in singapore

The Ultimate Guide To Face Slimming Treatments Available In Singapore

Undoubtedly, the most famous face in Asia is the V-shaped face. The V-line also has a slender, oval face that ends in a sharp chin and is well-defined. It can help to give you a more youthful and feminine look as well as clarify your facial features.

The hallmark of Korean beauty is a slim lower face that ends with a gently pointed chin. Also commonly referred to as the V-shaped face, this has become the preferred face shape of many women.

The main attraction is that it makes them look pleasant and younger. The attention and demand for this look extend beyond the Korean population and other parts of Asia. It is so popular that products like face masks and serums seem to promise all the V shape’s final results over time!

What Makes A V-Shaped Face Attractive?

A heart-shaped face usually refers to a moderately broad forehead and chin. The chin will be slightly smaller, the jaw will be relatively narrow, and the cheekbones will ideally be as comprehensive as your eyebrows. Beyond clean and smooth skin, a beautiful face shape is one of the essential sought-after features. Although all facial features are beautiful in their way, science has found a specific shape that is known to be the most beautiful shape universally that you can have.

Face Shape And Femininity

Several facial features enhance femininity, one of which is that a feminine face is characterized by a heart shape or an inverted triangle. This means that the lower face is smaller than the upper, and the jaw is tapered. This is in contrast to the square jaw that features a masculine face. Some women have more squarish jaws due to the genetic structure of the facial bones, while others are due to the muscle’s size called the masseter.

The masseter is one of our facial muscles that powers our jaws and allows us to chew food. It is located on the lower side of the face around where your ear lobes are. To identify the muscle, you can feel the contraction of this muscle when you clench your teeth. For some women, teeth grinding during sleep, chewing excessively, or hereditary and racial factors can increase the muscle’s size, giving the jaws a more squarish and bulkier look.

Hereditary Traits

Facial shape, bone structure, and size phenotypes are highly hereditary. They are also highly genetically interrelated. Hence, if a parent has angular jaws or facial shape, you may find another family member taking after the same shape.

Characteristics Of A V-Shaped Face

v shape face

  • Moderately wide cheek area
  • The jawline is narrower than the cheekbone
  • Sharp chin
  • Contoured, sculpted, tight, and defined looking jawline
  • Facial proportions following the size ratio of ⅓, such as for hairline to eyebrows, eyebrows to the nose’s base, and the nose to the chin.

It is the face shape that wins hearts. Of course, we also know of beautiful people with square faces, round faces, etc. But the shape of the heart, commonly known as the V-shaped face, has been proven scientifically to be the most attractive shape of the face.

Non-Surgical Treatments That Help With Facial Slimming

Although most people focus on thinning their bodies, others may want a slimmer face. Unfortunately, exercise alone is not enough to improve facial features. For most people, surgery is out of the question. The positive news is that you don’t have to go under the knife to get a younger and slim face as well. There are now many safe slimming techniques and procedures designed to make a sharp and slim face without any surgery. Some of the popular treatments are given below.


area for jaw botox

Botox can be used to slim and contour the face. If you have a face shape that looks wider around the jaws, your squarish-looking frame may be due to the large master muscles. The jaw muscles’ size can be reduced with a simple Botox injection administered on each side of the jaw. This V-shape face contouring procedure is a non-surgical square jaw reduction procedure or Botox square jaw reduction procedure in Singapore.

The masseter has two large muscles on each side of your jaw angle and is meant to help you chew. Botox injection works by relaxing the muscles effectively, causing them to shrink, thus reducing a square jaw’s appearance.

Botox usually takes 2 to 5 days to start working, with full results observed after a week or two. This treatment results generally last between 3 to 6 months, so you’ll need to repeat the treatment subsequently to keep it in shape.

Dermal Fillers

chin filler injection

Dermal fillers use something called hyaluronic acid to add building volume beneath the skin’s surface. Specific volume placements in areas like the chin can change the shape and contour of the face, effectively transforming a more squarish chin to a more feminine V-shaped face. Usually, after each treatment, you will see results immediately, and the final results take around two weeks to settle ultimately.

Hyaluronic acid, a substance which is present in our body, and it is broken down naturally over time. these are made from hyaluronic acid. Hence, V-shape facial contouring results are not permanent, and patients may need to maintain the results with subsequent visits to the doctor’s office.

Some patients also experience mild swelling or bruising at the injection site after the procedure. However, the discomfort and visible symptoms subside a few days after the treatment.

Radiofrequency Treatment

rf skin lifting and tightening

Radiofrequency (RF) therapy, also called radiofrequency skin tightening, is a non-invasive way to firm and lift the skin. This procedure involves the use of energy waves to warm the deeper layers of your skin.

Other types of radiofrequency therapy usually require several sessions to see results. Whether you get one treatment or several, the results are still a bit noticeable, and it usually takes four months to take effect.

When radiofrequency is applied to the lower half of the face, the heat speeds up collagen production and makes the skin more ‘compact.’ This tightening and lifting action make the lower half of the face appear more V-shaped.


hifu skin tihgtening

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a relatively common aesthetic treatment for skin tightening and is a popular option for those considering a non-surgical alternative to facelifts. It uses ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production, which in turn strengthens the skin. After your HIFU treatment, your skin will look a little lighter, and the lower face area will appear more sculpted. The best results will come after 2-3 months. After initial treatment, your body will continue to regenerate collagen for the next six months.

Thread Lifts


Face thread lift also commonly referred to as PDO thread lift or barbed suture lift is a aesthetic treatment that helps to lift, contour and improve the shape of the face. The treatment uses medical grade sutures which are dissolvable over time. These sutures have got little barbs on the surface which helps it to grip onto the underlying tissues and muscles. The grip combines with upward pulling motion helps to reposition the soft tissues upwards or in a particular direction to create a lifting effect, which results in a more defined looking v-line.

When the sutures are inserted beneath the skin, it triggers your body’s natural healing response and encourages collagen reproduction. The collagen renewal helps to firm the skin and will eventually fill in the gaps where the sutures are when they dissolve.

Patients will see full results after three weeks of the procedure. During these three weeks, the skin condition has been restored, and collagen has flooded the area due to the body’s natural injury.

Treatment Cost Comparison

Depending on the type of procedure, the cost of V-shaped face treatment will vary. Also, different clinics may charge differently.

v shape face treatment cost

Side Effects

The weakness of the smile muscle may occur, and there become Hollow Cheeks.

In general, non-invasive treatments are safe with minimal time. There may be some side effects from heat devices, including mild headaches or post-swelling treatment. However, those problems will diminish rapidly. Injectable tablets, wounds, and mild swelling may appear later but will resolve in 2-3 days.


V-shaped, a face that wins heart, is a slender, oval face that ends in a sharp chin and is well-defined. It is the most attractive face as well. Several facial features enhance femininity, one of which is that a feminine face is characterized by a heart shape or an inverted triangle. The treatments used to slim the face are Botox, Dermal fillers, radiofrequency treatment, HIFU, and thread-lifts. Its cost varies depending on the type of procedure. Also, different clinics may charge differently. In its side effects includes mild headaches or post-swelling treatment.

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