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The Secret To A Sharper, Slimmer, Smaller V-Shaped Face
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The Secret To A Sharper, Slimmer, Smaller V-Shaped Face

One of the hallmarks of a Korean beauty is a V-Shaped face as it suggests femininity as well as youthfulness. Although not born with it, many women will go through an hour of contouring routine just to create an illusion of a V-shaped face.

Truth be told, we don’t have the luxury of time for such routines, and would rather hit the snooze button for another hour of quality sleep. In that case, can you successfully sculpt your face without going through all the trouble everyday? The answer to that is a definite Yes! Here are some treatments worth exploring.

Anti-wrinkle Injection

Did you know that excessive facial muscles can cause your jaws to look squarish or bulky? Anti-wrinkle injection also acts as a relaxant for jaw muscles and it thins the chewing muscles. By targeting bulky facial muscles that give a square, broad jawline, you can obtain visible slimming effects without any downtime. The slimming results typically last about 4 to 6 months. In one treatment, our anti-wrinkle procedures will help to create a slimmer and more feminine facial contour.

Dermal Fillers

Some women might have chins which lack definition. The ideal solution to this: dermal filler injections. This simple procedure helps to lengthen the chin and creates a sharper looking face, or volumize the frontal area for better projection. Dermal fillers involve the injection of gels made up of mainly hyaluronic acid, which can be moulded to create a desired shape. This treatment can last for at least 9 to 12 months. There is no downtime and contouring results are immediate.

With these two treatments working synergistically together, you will find yourself getting one step closer to achieving a well-defined V-line. If you are keen to know how we can customise a treatment program to achieve your V-line goals, give us a call at +65 6871 8888 or make an appointment to speak with our medical consultants.

About Dream Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery

Bespoke surgical for cosmetic or medical reasons is what Dream covers to bring out the beauty in every individual. Going beyond the aesthetics and working on physical anomalies are what we value the most in leading our patients to cherish self-improvement and confident lifestyles.

Derived from Associate Professor Vincent Yeow’s long-standing experience performing plastic surgery in Singapore, our treatment plans deliver physical remodelling in our patients’ favour. One of the notable remodellings is droopy eyelid correction. The ptosis surgery used for treatment eventually fixes drooping eyelids, improves vision and enhances appearance.

Most importantly, as a trustworthy plastic surgery and aesthetic clinic, we treasure positive and natural outcomes for each individual. We will ensure to deliver the beauty refinement of your dream without compromising your safety and privacy.