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The Price Of Thermage Treatment In Singapore (Why Is Thermage So Expensive)
the price of thermage treatment in singapore

The Price Of Thermage Treatment In Singapore (Why Is Thermage So Expensive)

It’s natural for our skin to loosen up a bit as we age. That, generally, happens due to the decrease in our body’s capacity to produce collagen over time. With treatments like Thermage, however, it is possible to revive the youthful look by stimulating collagen production. But there is a price tag associated with such treatment options and people often wonder why Thermage is so expensive. Let’s try to understand what goes into the Thermage treatment price and how exactly it can help.

What Is Thermage?

Thermage is an FDA-approved, non-invasive skin tightening treatment that helps achieve more youthful skin by delivering custom radiofrequency into the area being treated. The procedure helps stimulate the natural collagen production ability of the body to achieve firmer and tighter skin. It works with a double cryogen cooling effect which makes it more comfortable.

What Can Thermage Treat?

Thermage is an FDA-approved skin tightening solution for the face and body. This treatment helps to improve the texture of the skin while smoothening out the surface and reducing or softening down any wrinkles. It can efficiently treat fine lines and skin laxity. On the other hand, the treatment also helps improve the appearance of sagging jowls and definition of one’s jawline.

Thermage is known to sharpen the facial contours as it tightens the skin, reduces jowls, and enhances overall jawline appearance. It can also be an effective treatment option for fine lines around the eyes and upper eyelid laxity.

Here is what else Thermage can be helpful with:

  • Lifting the eyebrows for achieving a refreshed and youthful look
  • Fixing heavy hoods around the eyelids
  • Reducing wrinkles on the forehead
  • Softening nasolabial folds
  • Toning of the jawline and reducing double chin appearance
  • Body contouring, slimming, and definition (It may not be effective at breaking down stubborn deposits of fat but it helps to tone and firm the skin)
  • Cellulite reduction using advanced machines (The results are temporary and last for around 18 months)
  • Improvements of indented acne scars

According to many doctors, Thermage is especially effective for giving a more youthful look to the eyes as it can treat both the lower and upper eye area. Besides, most Thermage body treatments are targeted at the neck, arms, hands, thighs, stomach, and buttocks. Generally, it is used for tightening and toning loose skin.

What To Expect After Thermage Treatment?

Thermage treatment is expected to give visibly tighter skin and reduces wrinkles and lines. The results can be observed almost immediately and they keep improving over the next few weeks as the body rebuilds collagen naturally.

Once the treatment is over, the face might look slightly swollen and a bit flushed. Expect this swelling to subside within 2-3 days of the treatment. In most cases, the redness subsides a few hours after the treatment.

As Thermage is a non-invasive skin treatment, only a little or no downtime can be expected after the procedure.

The treatment is not particularly painful either as the radiofrequency waves do not damage the surface of the skin. The skin is also kept at comfortable temperatures during the procedure with the help of a cooling function from the Thermage tip.

Some discomfort should still be expected, however. There’s a little heating sensation when the device touches the skin and it is then followed by a cooling sensation. Generally, to make the treatment process more comfortable, the skin is prepped with numbing cream is applied before the start of the treatment. Patients who may have very low threshold can opt for local anaesthesia and request to add on an Over-The-Counter pain reliever ahead of the session if they are extremely sensitive to pain.

Why Is It So Expensive? Thermage Cost Explained

The Thermage treatment price in Singapore can range anywhere from $2800 to $4500, primarily depending on the area to be treated. This is somewhat more expensive as compared to other skin tightening treatments that can be done for only $1000 for smaller treatment areas.

The higher price tag is due to several contributing factors. Here we have the Thermage costs explained to help understand why it is so expensive.

thermage tips

1. Single-Use Material

A major contributing factor towards the cost of Thermage treatment is that it uses single-use tips that are thrown away after the treatment is completed. Each tip also comes with a fixed number of shots which is sufficient for one treatment. This helps ensure the procedure is hygienic and is performed with sterilized equipment.

2. Patented Equipment

Another major reason behind the expensive costs of Thermage in Singapore is that it’s a patented procedure and the tip provider has exclusive rights to it. As the doctors use patented tips, most of the revenue goes to the tip manufacturer and the cost goes up.

In addition, as there is just one company manufacturing the patented tips for Thermage treatment, there’s no competition to bring the price down. Besides, there is some additional equipment required as well, like cooling spray, which adds to the overall treatment costs.

3. Qualified Staff

qualified medical doctor

Another important factor that adds to the Thermage treatment price is the need for professionally trained and qualified staff. Generally, aesthetics and plastic surgery clinics with highly-trained doctors and professionals to carry out the procedure tend to charge more as they ensure the best results possible. Besides, the treatment also requires a proper understanding of the technology and how it works so that the procedure is done safely and there are no side effects.

Nevertheless, the effectiveness of the treatment makes every penny spent well worth it. Where other treatments take around 3-4 treatments to show the best results, Thermage can do it with a single treatment. This happens because the radiofrequency can penetrate deep into the dermis layer of skin and create more impactful results with a single treatment. So, the patients can save more as compared to other similar treatments where multiple sessions are required.


Thermage is one of the most effective skin tightening treatments available today and, despite its high costs, the results are worth it. There are multiple factors that contribute to the Thermage treatment prices in Singapore like patented equipment, single-use tips, and the need for qualified staff. Generally, the treatment costs can go as high as $4500 but the desired results can be achieved in a single session most of the time. So, it’s better to choose the non-invasive Thermage treatment, instead of trying other options, to get the best results in just a single session.

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