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The Contour Thread Lift – A Great Face Lift Option For Men
thread lifting for men

The Contour Thread Lift – A Great Face Lift Option For Men

If we go a few years back, facelift surgery was the only solution to address issues that result from facial skin laxity – like drooping cheeks and jowls. There were resurfacing treatments available to give a little boost to one’s loose skin, but only a scalpel could remove it completely. While not everyone is ready to go for surgery on their face, people used to seek better alternatives to typical resurfacing options. Fortunately, Thread Lift in Singapore is the answer to their woes as it fills the void between facelift surgery and non-invasive facial rejuvenation.

While Thread lift is widely used today for facial rejuvenation in women, it is getting popular among men too. However, it’s not the same for men because of several underlying reasons. For instance, men’s skin is different from that of women and they have different expectations from a facelift procedure. So, a different treatment approach is needed to deliver desirable results. Let’s try to understand how contour thread lift works for men and what makes it a great facelift option for them.

Differences Observed In Men – Anatomy and Skin

Facelift procedures for men address many of the same issues that a typical facelift does – deep lines, loose skin, or facial scars. However, the face shape in men is different from that of women, and these differences in anatomy should be taken into consideration when evaluating a candidate for the procedure.

skin differences between men and women

For instance, the facial skin in men is more prone to bleeding compared to that of women. So, they have a higher risk of getting hematomas after the procedure. Their beard hair and hairlines should also be a factor to consider. The beard hair, for example, can affect the procedure if their upper neck skin is pulled back to achieve the lifting effect.

The fatty areas under the chin – often referred to as “jowls” –are also a major concern among men. The muscles here are thicker and stronger compared to women’s muscles under the chin. So, this should also be a consideration when deciding on a facelift procedure for men.

Common Concerns Among Men And Considerations To Make

When it comes to Thread Lift Singapore for men, there’s very little margin for error as you don’t have many options for concealing a mediocre result. Besides, in most cultures today, facial aesthetics in men are different from those desired in women. So, men often want a little different outcome from their facial rejuvenation procedures.

Men are often concerned about having a more natural appearance that doesn’t show any signs of an aesthetic procedure performed on them. When men get an unnatural or overdone appearance, people around them become more disapproving and judgmental. So, the plastic surgeons have less room for error here – both artistically and technically.

Nuances in some patients should also be taken into consideration as the facelift outcomes can be affected by their receding hairline, bald or shaved head, or even a short hairstyle.

Difference In Treatment Approach

face lift consideration for men

While female attractiveness is correlated with a wrinkleless forehead, smooth skin, arched eyebrows, and an overall inverted oval face shape, male attractiveness is perceived differently. Men are considered attractive with a heavy, rectangular face shape, a bolder and prominent jawline, less meticulously maintained skin, and a cheek profile that is a bit flatter. Men want less dramatic and more subtle changes when they seek facial rejuvenation treatments like thread lift.

The surgeons must, therefore, deliver desired results in the jawline and neck areas and practice restraint when performing the procedure on the forehead, face, and eyes.

How Popular Are Such Procedures?

Men are becoming more receptive towards cosmetic procedures today, particularly facial rejuvenation. As rejuvenation procedures like male thread lifts become more popular, an increasing number of men are starting to learn about how they can give them a more youthful appearance while still not disturbing their rugged, masculine looks.

What Thread Lift Singapore Can Do For Men?

Male thread lifts can deliver several different facial rejuvenation benefits that are tailored for men only. Here are some examples of what men should expect from a Thread Lift Singapore.

  • Correct volume loss in the face
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Address early loosening in the facial structures
  • Lift sagging eyebrows
  • Address premature loosening in the skin of the neck
  • Preserve facial features linked to masculinity
  • Create a more youthful appearance

Types Of Threads

Different types of PDO threads can be used in a thread lift procedure depending on the patients’ skin type and texture and the aesthetic goals that they want to achieve. PDO threads can be divided into three major types, including:

types of pdo threads

  • Mono Threads
  • Cog Threads
  • Screw Threads

Mono threads are used for tightening the skin and providing a little lifting effect. These smooth threads don’t have barbs, and they are usually placed in the dermis layer.

Cog threads, on the other hand, are barbed threads that are hooked onto the patient’s skin to offer support and simultaneously lift the sagging tissues. They can be adjusted to reposition the skin in a certain direction to create a lifting or sculpting effect.

Screw threads are usually one or two threads intertwined around a needle. They are meant to offer some volume restoration to any sunken sites of the patient’s skin. They help restore volume through collagen production. It also helps with improving the elasticity and texture of the skin to produce more natural aesthetic results.

How It Works?

how thread lift works for men

A contour thread lift procedure uses temporary sutures for producing a subtle, yet visible, lifting effect in the treated area. During the procedure, any loose facial skin of the patient is not removed surgically. Instead, a surgeon stitches up its portions to suspend it using PDO threads, also known as the Mechanical Lifting Effect. It pulls the skin back a little and a tightening and lifting effect is achieved on the face.

Besides creating a lifting effect, the threads inserted in the skin also fight aging by provoking a natural “healing response” of the body. Once the threads are inserted, the body naturally surges collagen production in the treatment sites. This increased collagen which is also referred to as the Biochemical Lifting Effect, helps achieve a better rejuvenation effect and a more youthful appearance.

Collagen provides support for the “growth factors” influencing the skin condition significantly. Besides promoting the healing of wounds, collagen helps keep the skin strong, supple, and voluminous. As we grow older, the collagen production in the body reduces. As a result, the skin thickness reduces by 80% by the time one reached 70 years of age. Due to this loss of strength and volume, we start getting wrinkles and development of excess skin over the course of aging. The increasing weakness of the skin means it can’t support the underlying tissues sufficiently, and they are pulled down due to gravity. When facial skin is infused with freshly produced collagen, particularly when one still has milder signs of skin laxity, it can create a tightening effect by plumping and thickening the skin. It will also ensure that the skin is strengthened enough to not get any worse from here on.

thread lift procedure for men

The thread lift Singapore can, therefore, offer a progressive and ongoing rejuvenation effect for the patient’s facial tissues. Anyone who undergoes a thread lift procedure to stimulate collagen will certainly notice their skin getting firmer and better toned over time. While the threads are still in place, the natural healing response of the body will be activated constantly as the body will strive to expel those sutures and health treated areas. This is how our body is programmed biologically to respond whenever it notices a foreign object inside its dermis. However, as the threads used during the procedure are very small in size, the patient doesn’t feel anything like this is happening. In most cases, the patients don’t feel the sutures after the surrounding skin has completely healed.


While men have different facial anatomy and different expectations from a facial rejuvenation procedure, a Thread Lift Singapore would help them achieve the desired skin tightening effect. It will help achieve a more youthful appearance without making it obvious that they have undergone any cosmetic procedure. The procedure relies on the body’s natural healing response to achieve a better facial contour and will certainly help fight the aging process.

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