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Stretch Marks: Why They Appear And How To Get Rid Of Them With Sylfirm X
stretch marks - why they appear and how to get rid of them

Stretch Marks: Why They Appear And How To Get Rid Of Them With Sylfirm X

Do you have white indented streaks or lines on your thighs, abdomen, breasts, or buttock region? Most likely, they are stretch marks. Do you want to get rid of them? Sylfirm X treatment might be the solution to your problem.

Stretch marks are very common. According to an estimate, around 50% to 90% of women have these marks but men can get them, too. It also commonly develops in teenagers during their puberty. So, anyone can get them.

Although stretch marks do not cause any harm, they significantly affect the aesthetic appearance of your body. Innovations in cosmetic surgery have now made the removal of these stretch marks possible. Sylfirm X treatment is one of these recent advancements that effectively remove stretch marks. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is based on the radiofrequency-emitting micro-needling system.

In this article, we shall discuss stretch marks, why they appear, and how they can be treated with the help of Sylfirm X. You will find everything you need to know about Sylfirm X treatment in Singapore in the following discussion.

What Are Stretch Marks And Why They Appear?

formation of stretch marks

A stretch mark is a kind of scar which is formed in the dermal layer of skin in response to abrupt stretching or shrinking of the skin’s connective tissue beyond its range of flexibility. These rapid alterations cause the rupturing of structural proteins, i.e. collagen and elastin, which provide support to the skin. The remaining collagen becomes weak while its normal production also gets disrupted. As a result, when healing occurs, streaks of lighter-colored skin are formed which appear as stretch marks.

How Stretch Marks Look Or Feel Like?

Initially, stretch marks appear to be red, pink, purple, reddish-brown, or dark brown. The color of stretch marks depends upon the color of your skin. They may be slightly raised on the surface in the beginning. You may feel mild itching also.

maturity of stretch marks

Later, their color lightens and they begin to sink beneath the skin. So, when you touch these matured scars, you feel narrow lines of depression under the skin.

Causes Of Stretch Marks

These stretch marks are commonly formed in the following conditions;

  • Pregnancy
  • The rapid growth of the body occurring at puberty
  • Sudden gain or loss of weight
  • Bodybuilding or resistant exercises that cause abrupt muscle growth

Genetics also has something to do with stretch marks because not everyone develops these scars. Other conditions like stress and diseases like Cushing’s syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Marfan’s syndrome, and adrenal gland disorders which increase the levels of cortisone hormone in your body also can lead to the production of stretch marks on your skin.

Moreover, people who take corticosteroid medications or apply steroid lotions or creams on their skin also develop these types of scar marks on their bodies.

Sites Where Stretch Marks Are Formed

areas which stretch marks can develop

Following are the most common sites where stretch marks are formed;

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Breasts
  • Buttocks
  • Upper arms
  • Back

What Is Sylfirm X?

sylfirm x micro needle

Sylfirm X is the latest type of ultra-fine micro-needle system with a dual wave cutting edge technology. It emits repeated radiofrequency pulses in 8 different continuous and pulse wave modes across 3 different depths of the skin. This property enables Sylfirm X to specifically target the abnormal tissues and blood vessels of the vascular lesions, pigmentations, and scar marks. Besides, it also causes skin rejuvenation and restores its health.

Sylfirm X works at a depth of up to 400 microns beneath the skin; therefore, better stimulates the production of collagen and elastin while remodeling the superficial layers of the skin.

How Does Sylfirm X Help In Treating The Stretch Marks?

how does sylfirm x work

Sylfirm X micro-needles penetrate deeply into the dermis by creating small punctures in the superficial layers of the skin. So, Sylfirm X works in the same layer of skin where stretch marks are present.

The traumatic injury caused by the insertion of micro-needles and the emission of radiofrequency energy imparts the following effects on the skin;

  • Scar reduction: The radiofrequency energy breaks down the fibrous bands of scar tissue and softens it. The immune cells, activated by the piercing of the skin and the energy-emitting micro-needles, cause natural disinfection of the wound, clear away the debris, and replace the scar with new and healthy tissue.
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production: As mentioned earlier, stretch marks are formed by the damage and disruption of collagen and elastin proteins. Sylfirm X induces the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin and this overproduction, in turn, helps in the repair of the damaged connective tissues of the dermis responsible for causing stretch marks.
  • Increase skin tone: Besides the collagen production in the deeper layers, the wounds in the superficial layers of the skin start to heal by the production of new cells, blood vessels, and temporary collagen and elastin. Later, it is replaced by even stronger collagen and elastin proteins. These structural proteins then contract the skin and increase its tone.
  • Skin rejuvenation: The increase in skin tone and production of new skin cells, as a result of Sylfirm X treatment, remove all the signs of aging like scars, lines, and wrinkles. This gives the skin a healthier and youthful appearance.

What Is The Procedure For Sylfirm X Treatment?

sylfirm x treatment

Sylfirm X treatment for stretch marks is done in the following steps;

  • Position: You will be asked to sit or lie down in a suitable position to achieve maximum exposure and access to the area where stretch marks are present.
  • Disinfection: The area being treated will be cleaned with the help of a disinfectant. It will minimize the risks of infection.
  • Anesthesia: Topical anesthetic cream will be applied over the targeted area for 20 to 30 minutes before the treatment. This will reduce the pain and discomfort associated with the insertion of the micro-needles, and makes it comfortable and tolerable for the patient.
  • Creation Of Micro-wounds: Micro-needles of the Sylfirm X device is then gently inserted into the area of skin where stretch marks are present. You may feel slight discomfort but it is completely tolerable.
  • Transmission Of Radiofrequency Energy: Radiofrequency waves are then emitted from the tips of micro-needles. The robotic system of Sylfirm X ensures the customized delivery of the specific amount and wavelength of radiofrequency energy in the targeted area of the skin.
  • Cooling And Hydration: Needles will be taken out of your skin. A cooling and moisturizing gel may be applied over your skin and you will be asked to sit for few minutes.
  • Post-operative Care Instructions: At the end of the whole procedure, your doctor or nurse will give you instructions regarding the aftercare of the treatment area. After that, you will be good to go.

What To Expect After The Treatment?

lightening stretch marks with sylfirm x treatment

You can expect the following things after the treatment;

  • Your stretch marks will become lighter
  • Lines and wrinkles, if present, will become less obvious
  • Your skin will look younger
  • Temporary mild redness and itching is commonly observed

How Many Sessions Do I Need For Good Results?

Generally, 3 to 6 sessions are required to achieve the optimum results. Ideally, sessions should be done at the interval of one month. The number of sessions depends upon the number and the severity of the stretch marks.

How Much Time Does It Take For A Session To Complete?

On average, one session takes about 40 to 60 minutes to complete. You can easily undergo Sylfirm X treatment in your office time during the lunch break, and get back to your work soon after the procedure.

How Long Do The Results Last?

If you have undergone all the required number of treatment sessions, and have taken proper aftercare of the treatment area, maximum improvements will be achieved and will last for a long time.

What Is The Downtime And Recovery Period?

Sylfirm X treatment has almost negligible downtime. You can return to your routine activities shortly after getting the treatment.

Slight redness, flushing, and tingling in the treatment region, like that of mild sunburn, is common. However, it is temporary and relieves within 2 to 3 days.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Except for the temporary redness and inflammation, there are virtually no side effects of Sylfirm X treatment. Unlike lasers and other energy-based treatments, Sylfirm X micro-needling treatment has minimal risks of scarring and discoloration.

Rare side effects may include;

  • Swelling
  • Blistering
  • Wound infection
  • Unwanted pigmentation
  • Scarring

How Much Is The Cost Of Sylfirm X Treatment In Singapore?

The average Sylfirm X treatment cost Singapore for stretch marks removal ranges from $800 to $1000 per session.

The following factors determine the total cost of the treatment;

  • The severity of the stretch marks
  • Size and number of the stretch marks
  • The area where stretch marks are present
  • Total number of treatment sessions required
  • Skills and experience of the doctor

Is Sylfirm X Treatment Suitable For My Skin?

Unlike lasers which act superficially on the skin and are only suitable for certain skin types, Sylfirm X works in the deeper layers, and therefore, is suitable for all types and colors of skin.

Bottom Line

Stretch marks commonly develop due to sudden stretching or shrinkage of the skin. They can significantly affect the appearance of the body. Sylfirm X is the latest form of RP (repeated ultra-short pulse) micro-needle system. Its improved technology helps in the removal of stretch marks and also promotes skin rejuvenation. It is suitable for all skin types and has negligible downtime and recovery period. The risks of side effects are also minimal.

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