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Restylane Skin Booster – How Effective Is the Treatment?
restylane skin booster- how effective is the treatment

Restylane Skin Booster – How Effective Is the Treatment?

Over the years, many skin booster rejuvenation treatments have been introduced, each with its own benefits and downsides. Restylane Skin Booster has made a name for itself as one of the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments in Singapore and there have been a lot of hype on it. So, what is this hype all about? What Restylane Skin booster really are and how effective is the treatment? Let us find out!

What Is Restylane Skin Booster?

Restylane skin booster is a filler treatment that helps improve skin firmness, hydration, and luminosity with micro-injections that put a moisture retaining hyaluronic acid into the deeper layer of the skin.

How Does This Skin Booster Work?

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Generally, fillers are used to fill up any volume deficiencies in the skin while giving a lifting effect at the same time. For instance, the harder Restylane fillers can be a great option for chin sculpting. On the contrary, skin booster hyaluronic acid texture tends to be extremely soft and do not exert any mechanical effects. Instead, they rely on their biochemical properties to achieve the desired results.

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that occurs naturally in human skin. The skin gets its hydration and plumpness from hyaluronic acid to look healthy and youthful. As we age, however, the skin starts losing hyaluronic acid. That leads to a decrease in the skin’s elasticity and collagen levels and skin texture becomes rougher and drier.

This aging process of the skin can be reversed through Restylane skin booster as they reintroduce the skin with the lost hyaluronic acid. When injected into the skin, the water-loving molecules of hyaluronic acid start absorbing high amounts of water and swell up. As a result, the skin gets profound hydration from inside out. This dramatic improvement in skin hydration levels makes it look brighter, plumper, and more youthful. In addition, this skin booster can stimulate the production of collagen in the skin after injection. Each course of treatment is done in 3 sessions with the second session done one month from the first and the third session done 6 months after the second session.

Key Benefits Of Restylane Skin Booster

The Restylane Skin Booster are known to offer great improvement in skin tone and texture. They may also help improve scars from acne due to their plumping effect. Some other key benefits include:

  • Smoother and firmer skin
  • Improvement in wrinkles and fine line
  • Brighter and more luminous skin
  • Improvement to acne scars
  • Improved skin hydration

What Areas Can Restylane Skin Boosters Treat?

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Generally, the Restylane skin booster are mostly used to rejuvenate the face and neck area. However, they can also be used to treat other body areas like décolletage. The treatment is also known to produce great results when used on the back of hands for rejuvenation.

How This Treatment Is Administered?

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Micro injections are done though traditional manual injection approach. A manual injection approach is used for administering this treatment where bare hands are used to get greater control over the clinical outcome. The skin thickness differs from one area to another, and it may not be possible for any machines to replace the expertise of hands of a seasoned professional.

Laying the hyaluronic acid at the correct depth of the skin is paramount to delivering optimal results from the treatment. Manual injection method also reduces wastage of the hyaluronic acid and controlled injection pressure also reduces bruising after treatment.

Who Makes The Best Candidate For Skin Booster Treatment In Singapore?

Skin booster Singapore treatment can be beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their complexion. However, it is particularly suited for individuals with aged, dry, and dull skin that has many large pores. Individuals with such skin issues can expect to see the best results from this treatment. It can also help to improve depressed acne scars to a certain extend.

Are There Any Side Effects Or Downsides From Restylane Skin Booster?

Probably, the biggest drawback of this treatment is the cost associated with it. The Restylane Skin Boosters are administered in a course of three treatments and one can expect to pay anywhere between SGD 1500 and SGD 2500 for this. What is encouraging, however, is that one only needs to get a shot every six months after completing the initial course of 3 treatments.

Other than that, one should expect injection-related side effects like temporary swelling, pin-prick marks, and bruising. How severe these side effects will be, primarily, depends on the patient’s skin sensitivity and the injection method used. When administered accurately and precisely into the desired layer of skin, the injections result in minimal bruising. Most patients do not face any issues in resuming their work or social activities after the injection.

As they are laid on a more superficial layer of the skin, expect some bumpiness to occur on the injection site. These bumps are temporary most of the times and will subside in a day or two. If the bumps persist, a gentle massage can help to resolve them faster.

Are Restylane Skin Boosters Really Effective?

Anyone who is keen to rejuvenate their completion and skin texture should undergo skin booster treatment as they can enjoy a number of benefits for it. Only a few treatments exist that can produce such improvements to skin tone and texture. For this reason, skin boosters are here to stay and are a go to treatment for skin rejuvenation.

Generally, the treatment is recommended by aesthetic doctors to avoid more costly and riskier surgical procedures. It is observed that Restylane skin boosters have almost no risks involved and can offer pronounced benefits.

The treatment works for both men and women from a range of different age groups and that is, probably, the reason why it has quickly become popular in Singapore as well as other Asian countries. Considering great aesthetic benefits, even celebrities are choosing to go for this treatment.

The Restylane skin boosters have proven effective in many cases as they result in long-term, in-depth, hydration and redress moisture balance in the skin. They can also reduce small lines and skin irregularities effectively resulting in smoother, supple skin. They have also been proven effective against sun damage and can reduce acne scars.

Not many treatments exist today that can produce results as good as Restylane skin boosters. That is, probably, the reason why many aesthetics doctors in Singapore and all over the world advocate for the simplicity and benefits of this treatment.

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