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Reasons Why V-Shaped Faces Are So Popular With Women
reasons wny v shape faces are so popular with women

Reasons Why V-Shaped Faces Are So Popular With Women

V-line is more commonly known as V-shape and it is defined as an oval face with a sharp chin that is flanked by a prominent jawline. A V-shaped face in Singapore like the rest of the world is a sign of youth and femininity. This shape of the face makes other facial features look prominent.

There’s an increased demand for V-shape face in Asia; especially in Singapore. It has also been noted that a V-shape face can make the neckline of any dress and any hair-do look beautiful. Youthful looks are a characteristic of this face shape from almost every angle.

As appealing as a V-shaped face is, not many people are blessed with this face shape. The rarity makes it even more unique and sought after. Generally, face shapes become round when water is retained in the face cells by the body. The extra round effect is also contributed to the shape of the face when fat is stored in cheek cells and beneath the chin. This appearance is commonly known as a double chin, which is not desirable. As we age, our body also loses collagen which makes the skin sagging in appearance. These are some of the reasons that people seek V-shape face treatment in Singapore.

Why V-Shaped Face Wins The Hearts?

A Heart-shaped or V-shaped face is most appealing to the human eyes and it wins hearts in most cultures. This attraction to the V-shaped face is also scientifically proven [1]. In the last few years, this face type has become more desirable due to its popularity in the K-pop culture as well.

Today, most of the celebrity stars and K-pop icons that appear on the screen have the perfect V-shaped face. This face has defined a hallmark of natural beauty in Asia. Its characteristics includes a very prominent V-line along the jaw supported by very sharp facial features and filled-up lips. These features along with perfect skin make the K-pop icons and Asian celebrities have the faces that are most desirable in Singapore as well.

A study regarding the most desirable face shapes was published in The Telegraph [2], which reported that the face of Natalie Portman which is oval and V-shaped was the most desirable face in the world. In this study, it was also noted that appeal towards a certain face shape was a choice of every individual which is conditioned as a person grows. But generally, it was found that men were more attracted towards heart-shaped faces in women as it depicted youth and femininity.

An overview of the facial proportions that are most desirable in cultures across the globe highlights some fascinating ratios in which a face has to be triangular. These triangular proportions are known as V-shape face Singapore which means that the upper part of the face is broader while the lower part of the face is slim.

The Popularity Of V-Shape Face

K-pop culture has taken the world by storm and people are in love with their beloved K-pop celebrities all over the world. In Asia, Korea has become the idol of other countries of the continent for new trends in fashion and beauty.

Before K-pop, people used to idolize western culture and western celebrities to define beauty and fashion trends. K-pop has given people in Singapore just like other Asian countries a new standard of beauty that is more culturally aligned to the expectations and the results that can be attained.

The V-shape face is among the features that make Korean celebrities and K-pop icons desirable. They have a sharp V-line tracing along the jaws and their features are prominent with spotless skin. The overall look imparted by this face shape gives is a youthful one. The appeal of this shape is not limited to Korea as it has taken other counties by a storm including the desire of V-shape to face Singapore. The desire for a V-shaped face has also influenced the beauty products and their marketing as most of the masks and serums now available in Asian markets claim to provide sharper and youthful looks synonymous with trends of facial shape.

Getting The V-Shaped Face

In the modern-day, having an attractive face is inevitable; even for being an active social media user. Therefore, the facial shape is one of the features that everyone wants to present in the best way possible. Makeup products offer a cosmetic solution to fulfil this desire by using cosmetics and eyelash extensions etc. to make the face look slimmer while having prominent features. The other available option which is permanent in its results is surgery. However, not many people are comfortable with invasive surgeries.

Cosmetic surgeries for facial features have their downside as well. For instance, apprehensions can be in the form of cost of treatment, time consumed by the surgery (as it is done in stages), risks related to the surgery, and general trauma related to plastic surgery. Therefore, people are more inclined to consider V-shape face procedures to achieve the results without the complicated downsides that accompany a surgical treatment.

Treatments For V-Shape Face

If you have not inherited a face shape that is as pleasing as a V-shape face, there’s no need to worry about it. You can have the option of temporary (cosmetic) changes to the face shape or you can attain permanent results by following V-shape face Singapore treatments which are non-invasive or minimally invasive:

thermage face treatment in singapore

1.      Thermage

Thermage technique is a V-shape treatment that uses deep heating phenomenon with the help of radio-frequency technology. The deep heating action is transmitted to the deep layers of skin with the help of radio-frequency waves to stimulate collagen formation. Collagen is naturally present in the body to help the skin look younger.

The results of this treatment are immediately visible and skin continues to become more refined after three to four months as the volume of collagen produced by the skin cells increases over time. The increased volume of collagen removes wrinkles from the skin, refines the texture of the skin, and lifts the overall shape of the face.

Neocollagenesis or synthesis of collagen is a slow process. Once skin cells are stimulated, the results continue to appear for as long as a year after the treatment.

hifu treatment in singapore

2.      HIFU

High Intensive Focused Ultrasound or HIFU is a non-invasive alternative to the surgical options available for facial lifting and skin tightening. It uses intense ultrasound waves to penetrate the three layers of skin i.e., superficial muscular aponeurotic system – SMAS – superficial dermis, and mid- dermis. This treatment method is more effective as compared to other treatment options which target only one layer of the skin to attain a V-shape.

The ultrasound waves used in HIFU reach the deepest layers of the skin including SMAS and cause minor injuries to the skin tissue. As a result of this injury, the body naturally recovers from it while stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, resulting in tightness of the skin and giving a defined jaw-line.

thead lift treatment in singapore

3.      Thread Lift

Thread Lift is the latest non-surgical V-shape treatment that provides the instant result of skin tightening and lifting. This treatment is a minor version of a facelift as the threads used in this procedure are thinner and the technique is non-invasive as compared to facelift surgery. Collagens stimulating thin threads are placed under the skin which promotes the growth of collagen and repositions the extra skin cells.

The tightening and repositioning effect produces the perfect V-shaped face. The threads themselves are absorbable into the skin as they are absorbed in four to twelve months. The results of this treatment may last for up to two years. Thread Lift is known for being a safer technique that can be conducted in the least amount of time.

jaw botox slimming in singapore

4.      Botox

Botox is a naturally occurring toxin that can disrupt signals coming from the nerve cells to other cells of the body i.e., skin cells. When this signal is blocked by injecting Botox, the particular muscle becomes less stiff as it has no nerve signal for contraction. Target cells for Botox treatment are specifically wrinkled and contracted skin around the facial features gives an impression of rapid aging in even young individuals.

In cosmetic settings, Botox injections are administered to highlight facial lines by reducing wrinkles and skin contractions from the face. It is also used to reduce jaw, correct pointed chin, and tighten the skin to bring an overall younger look to the face.

chin filler augmentation injection in singapore

5.      Fillers

Chin is the defining feature of a V-shape face. An ideal V-shape face has a very sharp and well-defined chin. Natural chin shape can be corrected with the use of chin fillers commonly used all around the world. These chin fillers have Hyaluronic acid in them which interacts with the skin tissue around the chin region and brings it forward. Chin fillers effectively take care of the defects in the chin, thereby ensuring a perfect V-shape face.


V-shape face if not inherited naturally can be achieved with techniques. The procedures are minimally invasive or non-invasive and you can get facial contouring benefits with lesser risk as compared to surgical options. However, before getting the any treatment done, it is important to understand which of the treatments will bring you closest to your aesthetic goals by getting a personalized assessment from an experienced medical doctor.

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