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Price Of Skin Boosters In Singapore – Total Breakdown
price of skin booster in singapore

Price Of Skin Boosters In Singapore – Total Breakdown

Of all the organs of the human body, the skin is the one that takes the most toll from the environment around it. As a result, degenerative changes due to harmful factors in the environment such as free radicals become visible in the skin. Changes such as wrinkles, skin sagging, and fine lines are observed due to the loss of skin fibres such as collagen.

To overcome the degenerative changes in the skin due to harmful agents in the environment and natural degeneration of collagen due to ageing, people have for long relied on dermal fillers. Dermal fillers volumize the skin, decrease the pore size and smoothen the skin externally. However, a more recent type of skin treatment known as skin boosters has proved to be a great alternative for skin rejuvenation, providing additional options on top of regular dermal fillers. [1]

What Is Skin Booster?

Skin boosters work by boosting the production of skin fibres, collagen and elastin. The main function of the skin boosters – apart from stimulating the production of skin fibres- is to maintain optimal hydration of the skin from within. Contrary to dermal fillers, skin boosters do not augment facial features, but rather serve to boost skin quality internally.

How Does Skin Booster Work?

how does skin boosters work

The major bulk of the extracellular matrix in our bodies is composed of hyaluronic acid, a chemical substance that is necessary for the regeneration and maintenance of the extracellular matrix through the production of important proteins such as collagen and elastin. When the skin undergoes degenerative changes, these skin fibres degenerate which give a wrinkled and saggy look to the skin, making it lose.

Skin boosters are composed mainly of hyaluronic acid and serve to replenish the degraded reserves of collagen and elastin fibres in the skin when injected into the dermis. The hyaluronic acid skin boosters not only aid collagen production, but also serve to provide anti-oxidative benefits (which protects the skin from further degradation due to free radicals) and accelerates wound healing.

Types Of Skin Boosters:

Using a skin booster to overcome the signs of skin damage is very popular in Asian countries such as Singapore, where women particularly use such boosters to retain a healthy look on their skin. There are different types of skin boosters available for use in Singapore. Each type of skin booster is used for a has benefits that are unique. Let us dive right into the types of skin boosters available in Singapore.


profhilo treatment in singapore

A comparatively recent entry into the market of skin boosters is Profhilo. It is composed of BDDE-free hyaluronic acid, which is capable of hydrating the skin when injected deep into the dermis. A feature of Profhilo that sets it apart from other skin boosters is that it heals the skin wrinkles and sagging by bio-remodeling. Bio-remodeling by Profhilo is mainly targeted at remodeling the laxity of the skin. This process includes regeneration of the elastin fibres of the skin, which tighten the skin. This tightening helps remove the unwanted skin wrinkles, whilst also giving the skin its natural inner glow. This results in smooth and radiant skin.

Currently, the Profhilo skin treatment is limited to the lower face, neck, hands and knees. This is usable for both genders. The procedure involves 2 treatments with a gap of 1 month in which the serum is injected into the skin.

Restylane Vital

restylane skin booster

Restylane Vital, also known as Vital Skin Booster, has the distinction of being the first skin booster on the market. This skin booster consists of cross-linked hyaluronic acid. The procedure involves injecting the Restylane serum into the skin through a micro-puncture technique into the dermis [2]. Restylane vital relies mainly on the cross-linking of the hyaluronic acid and the extent of cross-linkage determines the longevity of the treatment. The treatment with Restylane that not only results in youthful skin but also maintains effective hydration. It can be used in many areas, such as the face, neck, and décolletage (the area between the neck and breasts).

Rejuran Healer

rejuran skin booster

Rejuran healer differs from other skin boosters on the market because it is composed of Polynucleotides (PN) instead of cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Rejuran healer revitalizes the skin by promoting the growth of fibroblasts and slows down the natural ageing process of the skin by creating an effective barrier between the skin and harmful environmental factors that degrade the natural collagen fibres in the skin. A clinical study conducted by Korean dermatologists [3] showed that Rejuran healer improves skin hydration by almost 15 per cent, which when combined with increased collagen fibre generation maintains the natural plumpness of the skin, keeping and wrinkle-free and radiant.

Juvéderm Volite

volite skin booster

Juvederm skin booster contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid that helps the skin regain its elasticity. It is injected into the central layers of the dermis to nourish the skin from its deepest layer to the external ones. Juvederm is also more potent than Restylane, as one session of this treatment is enough to maintain the skin elasticity for up to nine months.

Teosyal Redensity

teosyal redensity i skin booster

Teosyal Redensity is a skin booster that not only contains hyaluronic acid but also has sufficient amounts of vital amino acids, minerals and vitamins that help generate the skin fibres and nourish the skin from within. The treatment procedure involves micro-injection of the serum in such a way that the dermo-restructuring complex spreads itself evenly beneath the skin. Teosyal Redensity is administered through 3 injections having an interval of three weeks. It can be used over any area of skin concerned and is also suitable for use in all ages.

Cost Of Skin Boosters

The treatment cost for the administration of skin boosters starts from 500 dollars in Singapore. However, the cost of skin boosters varies widely according to their generation. The first-generation skin boosters can cost anywhere between 250 dollars and 500 dollars per milliliter if the boosters consist of pure hyaluronic acid. Newer generation skin boosters such as Teosyal Redensity are more expensive and can cost between $450 and $600 per ml in Singapore.

Rejuran Healer is a different type of skin booster and is even more expensive than newer generations of hyaluronic acid skin boosters. The average cost of a Rejuran healer is anywhere between 500 dollars to 1200 dollars per treatment.

Profhilo is the newest skin booster in the market. Each treatment cost is around $1000 – $1200 per session.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

The number of sessions needed for skin booster treatment varies according to skin type. However, in general, skin booster treatments usually require 3 sessions to produce the best possible results. The specific treatment regimens differ by individual skin booster types, however, second and third sessions are done one and six months apart respectively. The results are usually viable for around one year.


Although treatment with skin boosters to rejuvenate the skin is comparatively more recent as compared to dermal fillers, it appears to be more promising due to the longevity of the treatment and the enhancement of skin quality internally. Moreover, this technique is also free of any dangerous side effects.

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