Ear Correction – Otoplasty

Bat Ear Correction
Procedure Time
1 – 2 Hours
Local Anaesthesia
Recovery Period

7 – 10 Days
Stitch Removal
7 Days Post-op

What is Otoplasty and how it can help?

Ear Correction Surgery or Otoplasty is a surgical procedure used to change the size, shape and position of ears. It can also help fix misshappened ears that result from birth defects or injuries. Often referred to as “Ear Pinning”, Otoplasty can make serious improvements to the appearance of the ears. It helps create a more natural ear shape and can improve an individual’s overall confidence and self-esteem.  

Who Needs Ear Correction Surgery – Otoplasty?

Common issues that can be fixed with Otoplasty
  • Extra large ears, commonly known as Macrotia
  • Ears with tips trending forward or folded down
  • Ears protruding in varying degrees  
  • Ears with abnormally large lobes  
  • Ears with abnormal appearance of the natural folds or the outer rim

When and how Otoplasty is carried out?

Some ear corrections are possible right after birth while others may have to be treated as one progress into adulthood. Local anaesthesia is used to perform surgery in adults while in kids it is usually carried out under general anaesthesia.


During the procedure, incisions can be made towards the back of the ears and inside the inner creases of the ears. The type of correction needed usually determines the incisions that have to be made. After making the incisions, the doctor removes any excess skin and cartilage. After that, the cartilage is folded into a proper position before securing it through internal stitches. Incisions are then closed with additional stitches. The scar that results from the surgery is usually behind the ear and are not obvious or easily noticed. It also fades away over time.


Proper recovery may take up to six weeks but one can return to work or school within one week of the procedure. They can start regular activity inside first few weeks of the surgery.

Find Out More About Ear Correction Surgery – Otoplasty

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that helps patients address any cosmetic ear imperfections. If you are also planning on getting ear correction surgery in Singapore, contact us at +65 6871 8888 and we will respond to all your queries with the information you need. We will help you understand how Otoplasty can help you or your child improve the imperfections.