Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Shapes the form and appearance of the masculine chest.

Procedure Time
1 – 1.5 Hours
General Anaesthesia
Recovery Period
10 – 14 Days
Stitch Removal
7 Days Post-op

What is Gynecomastia – Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Gynecomastia is the medical term for the overgrowth of the mammary glands in males. It is also known as male breasts or man boobs, and it is more common in adolescence, making a man’s chest look like that of a female.


Gynecomastia is not dangerous or harmful, but it is often psychologically stressful, especially in young men. It is triggered by an increase of female hormones and a reduction of male hormones. Oestrogens stimulate the mammary glands and they develop inappropriately in a man’s body. Thus, the best way to fix it and regain confidence is through breast reduction surgery.


This issue can be very disturbing in young boys and during puberty, when it usually appears. However, male breast reduction surgery is recommended after reaching maturity. At this time, the hormone levels stabilize and allow doctors to make better decisions.

Who Is A Candidate For Gynecomastia Surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia is recommended to fix these issues:

  • An overdevelopment of fatty tissue or mammary gland tissue in the male breasts
  • Enlarged breasts that bulge forward with a protruded areola
  • Hard tissue located in the mammary glands
  • Droopy breasts typically found in obese people
  • Areola tissue that becomes larger than usual or protrudes forward

Surgical Methods for Male Breast Reduction

We have two different methods for gynecomastia surgery at Dream Singapore and they should be selected according to each patient’s needs. 

First, we have liposuction for men, which is more effective in cases of obesity. The second method is subcutaneous mastectomy, more useful when there is fibrous tissue in the breast instead of fat. There are also mixed cases in which both methods can be applied in the same patient.

1. Breast Liposuction

Breast reduction through liposuction is more appropriate when there is intense fat storage in the chest. This is a common cause of gynecomastia, and the surgical procedure is not difficult. After a small incision in the breast area, surgeons use laser and ultrasound technology to liquefy the excess fatty tissue. It is then removed from the breast. Subcutaneous mastectomy can be performed at the same time if the patient also has mammary gland overgrowth.

2. Subcutaneous Mastectomy


This type of male breast reduction surgery works better when gynecomastia is associated with an overgrowth of the mammary gland. After a small incision around the nipples, the surgeon detects and removes the excess tissue. The tissue will be removed considering the shape of the chest and adjusting the height of the breast accordingly. This is an effective method to correct protruding nipples, also known as nipple reduction.