Forehead Lifting

Procedure Time
2 – 4 Hours
General Anaesthesia
Recovery Period
10 – 14 Days
Stitch Removal
7 Days Post-op

What Is Forehead Lift?

Forehead lift is a surgical procedure that is used for elevating a drooping eyebrow which may be obstructing an individual’s vision. It can also be used for removing deep “worry” lines running across one’s forehead.

Forehead drooping happens due to aging and can affect an individual’s eyelid opening and the eyebrows. In such a situation, forehead lift surgery becomes inevitable.

Forehead lift at Dream Singapore can be effectively used for removing any forehead lines and wrinkles. It can also pull any sagging skin back into its place. This skin repositioning is also helpful in correcting droopy eyelids and can brighten up one’s facial expression. The patient starts looking more awake and younger after having the procedure.


Who Needs Forehead Lift?

Forehead lift surgery is recommended to individuals:

  • With lots of wrinkles on the forehead along with sagging eyelids and eyebrows.
  • With angry or depressed facial expression due to their sagging and droopy eyebrows.
  • Who wish to remove their forehead wrinkles and deep glabellar frown lines.
  • Who have a prominent forehead and wish to reshape it while removing forehead wrinkles all at once. 

Surgical Methods Used For Forehead Lift

Forehead lift surgery can be carried out in three possible ways and they are described below:
1. Hairline incision
  • The incision is hidden along the patient’s hairline and is a more versatile method when it comes to shaping or enhancing the forehead area. Within a month of the surgical procedure, soft hair starts growing around the sites of the incision and can hide away any surgical scars. Once hidden behind the hairline, the scars around the temporal region are hardly visible.
  • For individuals with broad forehead and M-shape hair loss, the hairline is lowered with the growth of fine hair. As a result, their forehead becomes narrower and it also helps to improve the presence of hair-loss issues.
  • Surgery procedure: The surgeon smooth wrinkles by removing any sagging skin on the patient’s forehead. To treat the droopy eyes, the muscles on the forehead are tightened which also results in a lifting effect on the brows.
2. Outer hairline (Temporal region) minimal incision
  • This surgical procedure is recommended for individuals in the primary phase of forehead sagging or eyebrows drooping. This procedure leaves surgical scars largely invisible due to 4cm mini-openings created behind or just at the hairline of temporal region. The surgery results in bright and clear eyes, and the eyebrows get into an ideal position. The wrinkles are also removed effectively as a result.
  • If there is heavy drooping of the muscles that lead to crow’s feet, an extra step to tighten the muscles can be added to lessen wrinkles and enhance the rejuvenation results.
3. Coronal incision
  • In this procedure, the incisions are made 5-6mm behind the natural hairline of the patient. It can effectively improve wrinkles while lifting droopy eyebrows using a similar procedure as in the hairline incision method.
  • This method is more appropriate for reconstructive surgery that is done after cheekbone operation.
  • It works best for individuals who intend to have a broader look to their forehead.
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