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Non-surgical Vs. Surgical Eye Bag Removal: Which Fits Your Needs?
Non Surgical vs Surgical Eye Bag Removal

Non-surgical Vs. Surgical Eye Bag Removal: Which Fits Your Needs?

With an increasing number of the Singapore population immersed in a fast-paced work environment, where they are unable to get much sleep, under-eye bags are becoming a common problem. These eye bags not only make them look tired or have not had a proper night’s sleep but also make them look older than they really are. This is why numerous forms of surgical and non-surgical eye bag removal methods have gained popularity in Singapore.

What Causes Eye Bags?

The common causes for the formation of under-eye bags include Aging, Stress, Genetics, and Allergies.


Aging Causes Eye Bags

As individuals age, they lose the collagen in their skin, which promotes its laxity. The sagging of the skin makes the eye bag more prominent. Another change that occurs which aging is the weakening of the muscles and tissues around the eyes, which causes the fat pads to be pushed out and the under-eye area appears protruded.


Stress Causes Eye Bags

Stress and anxiety can interfere with an individual’s sleep cycle. Not getting a night’s sleep can lead to the dilation of the blood vessels under the eyes, which might result in the eye bags getting more prominent.

Moreover, when the body is under stress, more blood is diverted to the body’s essential organs, which the extremities and the face are left pale. The paleness of the face may also further accentuate the dark circles associated with eye bags.

Hereditary Eye Bags

Hereditary Eye Bags

Genetics also plays an important role in determining whether an individual will have dark circles. Individuals with these genetic tendencies have accentuated creases on their under-eyes, which makes the eye bags more evident.


Allergies Causes Eye Bags

Individuals friendly encounter allergies are also more likely to have under-eye bags. This is because when the body is in a state of an allergic reaction, certain chemicals are released in the body, which makes the blood vessels more permeable. This causes more fluid to be leaked out of the vessels and causes swelling and puffiness of the under-eye area.

Different Types of Eye Bags

Under-eye Puffiness

Under-eye Puffiness Eye Bags

The most common form of under-eye bags are characterized by puffiness beneath your eye. Individuals with under-eye puffiness have a slight swelling in their lower eyelids, making them look tired.

Under-eye Bagginess

Under-eye Bagginess Eye Bags

As the individual ages, the muscles around their eyes start to get weaker and lose their tone. This causes the skin under the eyes to stretch and become laxer. The skin sagging is accompanied by clustering of fatty pads underneath the skin, forming an under-eye pocket. This is referred to as the eye bag.

Under-eye Dark Circles

Under-eye Dark Circles Eye Bags

The under-eye may also be associated with significant darkness, which is referred to as dark circles. The dark circles appear as a purplish or blackish pigmentation on the skin under the eyes, which gives the person a bruised appearance and makes them look like they haven’t slept in days.

Why Do People Choose to Remove Eye Bags?

There are a number of reasons an individual may opt for the eye bag removal in Singapore. These include those who want to get rid of:

  • Excess fat under their eyes
  • Deep grooves under the eyes, which make their eye bags more prominent,
  • Correction of visible vessels under the eyes
  • Correction of the sunken and hollow look at particular points under their eyes
  • Recurring eye bags, which have been treated in the past

Non-Surgical Eye Bag Removal Singapore

In the past, the population of Singapore had to go under the knife to remove their eye bags due to a lack of available non-surgical options. However, as conservative approaches like dermal fillers and scarless eye bags were introduced, they quickly became the preferred option. Mild to moderate eye bags can be treated by conservative approaches, which are found to be an excellent alternative for eye bag removal surgery. However, those with more severe eye bags may not experience any improvement with non-surgical approaches and may require surgery.

The average eye bag removal Singapore cost ranges from $2000 to $7000. However, more specifically, the cost for non-surgical procedure is $2000 to $4500

The two most popular non-surgical eye bag removal treatments include dermal fillers and scarless eye bag removal procedures. Both of these conservative approaches are effective at improving the appearance of eye bags; however, the results may not be identical. Hence, it s important to consult the doctor and discuss the required outcomes so that they can recommend a procedure that may be ideal.

Dermal Filler For Eye Bag Removal

Dermal fillers for under-eye bags are a quick and effective procedure that has gained popularity over the years. The injection of these fillers not only helps improve the appearance of the eye bags by making them more even and less prominent but may also help with the under-eye darkness. The majority of the dermal fillers used for eye bags are composed of hyaluronic acid, a compound naturally found in the body. The procedure time for dermal fillers is short and may be completed within 30 minutes.

After the completion of the procedure, the individual is free to go home and return to their everyday activities. The average results of the dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid last between 9 months to a year. The low cost and low risk associated with the procedure continue to make it popular for eye bag removal in Singapore.

Scarless Eye Bag Removal Treatment

Scarless eye bag removal is conducted to remove the excess fat accumulated under the eyes in order to make the eye bags less prominent. This is done using a 600-micrometer laser, which is introduced through a minute entry point and helps remove the fat and water. The entry point is so small that it appears invisible and does not leave any scars behind. The total time for the procedure is 30 minutes, after which the individual may be free to go home. The result of the procedure is permanent, and the needle-like fine probe of the laser makes it very precise – no surrounding tissues are affected. Some individuals may experience minimum bruising and swelling; however, this is temporary and a part of the normal healing cycle.]

Eye Bag Surgery Singapore

Lower Blepharoplasty or eye bag removal surgery is recommended for cases with severe eye bags which cannot be treated with conservative options. This is mainly recommended for individuals with excess skin under their eyes, a large amount of fat tissue, or severe wrinkles.

The common types of Eye bag surgery conducted in Singapore include incisional eye bag surgery and transconjunctival eye bag surgery.

Transconjunctival Eye Bag Surgery

Transconjunctival eye bag surgery is conducted by making an incision onto the inner part of the lower eyelids, from which the excess fat tissue is extracted. This is known as the conjunctiva. The advantage of this surgery is that since the incision is made in the inner part, it leaves no visible scarring.

Incisional Eye Bag Surgery

The incisional eye bag surgery is conducted by making an incision along the lower lash line to remove excess skin and fatty tissues. This procedure results in a more even undereye area without the presence of any visible scarring.

Comparison of the Eye Bag Removal Treatment Options

Eye Bag Treatment Options


Recovery Time


Conservative Or Surgical

Dermal Fillers

$600 to $1500




Scarless Eye Bag Removal Treatment

$2000 to $4500




Transconjunctival Eye Bag Surgery

$5000 to $7000

7 to 10 days



Incisional Eye Bag Surgery

$5500 to $8000

10 days to 2 weeks



What Factors Should You Consider While Deciding On The Ideal Procedure

These are the factors that need to be considered when choosing the ideal eye bag removal procedure include:

  1. The severity of eye bags
  2. The doctor experience
  3. The treatment price Singapore

On the basis of the severity of eye bags, transconjunctival eye bag surgery may be beneficial for individuals with early signs of eye bag formation and mild puffiness. It may be ideal for younger individuals with great skin elasticity.

On the other hand, the Incisional eye bag removal surgery is aimed at individuals with moderate levels of puffiness under their eyes. Individuals with excessive skin wrinkles and laxity may particularly benefit from this.

Moreover, on the basis of cost, the less invasive procedure like dermal fillers and scar-less eye bag removal therapy may prove to be less costly as compared to the more invasive options; hence, if someone is on a tighter budget, they may first want to start with a less expensive and less invasive procedure for their under-eye bags.

The Bottom Line

While there are many options available for eye bag removal in Singapore, it is up to the patients and the surgeon to make these methods successful. The role of the surgeon is to carry out the procedure in a sterile clean environment, using precise techniques. On the other hand, the role of the patients is to follow the surgeon’s pre-operative and post-operative instructions. This helps make the procedure outcomes more successful and lowers the risk of any adverse effects or post-surgical complications.

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