Infant Ear Correction With Earwell™

Infant Ear Correction With Earwell™ At Our Clinic In Singapore

Infant ear malformation is a birth defect and can be congenital or due to a lack of blood supply to the baby’s ear during fetal development. There are various types of ear deformities, but some can achieve good outcomes if treatment starts early.  

Types Of Ear Deformities That Can Be Treated With Earwell™

Earwell™ correction kit is recommended for the following types of conditions.

When To Start Your Infant On Earwell™ ?

A new born infant has high levels of estrogen and hyaluronic acid in its cartilage and that keeps the cartilage soft and malleable. However, during the first 6 weeks of an infant’s life, estrogen and hyaluronic acid levels will start to decrease and as a result of that, ear cartilage starts to harden and set its shape. Getting the infant started on the treatment as early as the first few days of life is crucial as the probability of good outcomes drop significantly if treatment is received only 3 to 4 weeks later and a longer molding process may be required to restore the shape of the ear. Starting treatment early helps to reverse the abnormalities and minimize the need for surgical correction procedures at a later stage.


Through early interventions, parents can make enormous differences in their child’s life. Ear deformities may cause distress to a child, as abnormalities can attract teasing and bullying from their peers. Studies have also shown that facial deformities can negatively affect a child’s emotional development, making early diagnosis and treatment beneficial for their overall wellbeing.

Treating Ear Deformities With Earwell™

At Dream, we believe every child with an ear deformity at birth should be given a chance to be treated in an effective and efficient manner.


We use the Earwell™ Infant Ear Correction System (clinically tested with a success rate of over 90%) and it can treat various ear deformities such as protruding ears, cup ear, lop ear, mixed ear deformities, Stahl’s ear, helical rim abnormalities and cryptotia.

What Is The Earwell™ Infant Ear Correction System?

The Earwell™ Infant Ear Correction System is a simple and easy to use ear molding system. It involves a clinically tested ear molding system, which can be placed on your infant’s ears without harm. Typically, a baby would wear it for around 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the severity of the child’s condition as well as the response to molding. At the end of this period, the child’s ears will be molded into its normal shape.

Will The Earwell™ Infant Ear Correction System Be Painful For My Child?

As Earwell™ is a 100% non-surgical and non-invasive solution, it does not involve any form of anesthesia or sedation. Your child will be able to undergo this safe and effective treatment, free from pain.

Will The Earwell™ Infant Ear Correction System Affect The Baby’s Hearing?

No, the ear molding device only corrects the shape of the ear and does not affect the baby’s hearing abilities.

Implant Placement

The ideal time to start molding therapy is within the first 5-7 days after birth, when estrogen levels are high. This allows the ears to be easily molded, resulting in a higher success rate compared to infants who start molding at a later date.

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