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Liposuction Singapore Price: What Can I Expect To Pay?
liposuction singapore

Liposuction Singapore Price: What Can I Expect To Pay?

Are you someone who has been dieting and working out continuously with no hope of getting rid of that last bit of belly fat? Does it seem like you will not be able to get those perfect curves and contours no matter what you do? Do you ever wonder how celebrities and models manage to do it when you have failed even with this much effort? Maybe you need a different approach! Liposuction will help you to get rid of that last bit of fat and get in shape. Then again, you might begin to wonder about the liposuction prices in Singapore. The answer, however, is not that simple. While the average cost of treatment for one area is between $4000 to $5500, there are several factors that determine the price, and going to the cheapest doctor may not get you the outcome you’ve been looking for. In this article, we break down the different factors that may affect the price of liposuction.

What Is Liposuction?

permanent fat removal from liposuction

Liposuction, lipoplasty, liposculpture suction, lipectomy, and lipo: they all stand for one thing. It is a cosmetic surgery carried out to bring out the curves of your body by removing excess fat deposited beneath your skin. Despite the general misconception that one can loose weight after the procedure, it is not a form of weight reduction surgery. This does not mean it cannot be performed on obese people, but rather that they will still have to resort to the traditional means of exercise and food control to get the desired outcome. It removes fat from “difficult to remove areas,” and the effects are generally long-lasting unless, of course, you decide to go on a feeding frenzy afterward. Besides altering body shape, it is also used in the treatment of medical conditions like lymphoedema and lipedema.

What Factors Will Determine The Price?

When deciding whether the liposuction price in Singapore is reasonable, and that you are not paying extensively for unwanted services requires a deeper understanding on the charges involved. For that, you should have an idea of the factors that determine the price of the surgery, which is why we plan to discuss these factors one at a time.

How Long The Surgery Is Going To Take And How Complicated It Is

The surgery will be more complicated and time-consuming if the amount of fat that needs to be removed is high and when more areas are involved. The surgeon will have to spend more time on you in the operating theatre, and he will charge you accordingly. On average, each area will take 1-2 hours and the fee may range from $3500 to $6000. An obese person will usually have to spend more than an average-built person as they will obviously have more fat. So before you compare with how much it cost your friend, it’s better to think whether his or her procedure was nearly as complicated or as long as yours.

liposuction surgery

The Surgeon’s Experience

A more experienced surgeon will be able to give you a better result than someone new to the field. Hence most people will prefer to approach an experienced practitioner. On the other hand, they will be incentivized to charge a higher rate for the same procedure. The surgeon’s expertise and price must be weighed against one another to decide whether it is worth it.

The Surgical Technique

In the past, “dry liposuction” was performed where the fat was suctioned out through a tube. But this process leaves a high chance of unwanted bruising and bleeding. Hence the current practice is to mobilize the fat cells using some method before the actual suctioning is done. There are several techniques in practice, including tumescent liposuction, ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL), and laser-assisted liposuction (LAL).

tumescent liposuction

In the first method, a large amount of normal saline containing a local anesthetic and vasoconstrictor is injected locally into the subcutaneous tissue to loosen up the fat, provide pain relief and reduce the risk of bleeding.

ultrasound assisted liposuction

In UAL, the cannula is able to emit ultrasound waves. The fat cells get damaged, and the containing fat is released to the outside. The fat, which is now accessible and is in its liquid form, can be sucked out easily. This is the preferred method for areas with less fat and more fibrous tissue, such as the male breast and back.

laser assisted liposuction

In LAL, the same result described is achieved using a laser beam. This is more suitable for small areas such as the face, chin, or jowl.

Depending on the area involved and the availability of machines, the liposuction price in Singapore can vary. This is another reason a simple comparison cannot be made between prices.

Other Associated Costs

There are some costs associated with surgery that we always tend to forget. You may feel like your surgeon is charging too much for a simple surgery, but what we have to realize is that he has to settle the anesthesiologist’s charges, operation theatre charges, and laboratory charges as well. We have included all of these unavoidable causes in this category.

The choice of anesthesia will be decided by the site of the surgery. The choice is usually general anesthesia for safety reasons and also for better comfort during the procedure. Depending on the type of anesthesia as well as how long the surgery is going to last, the cost for the anesthetist and anesthetic drugs will vary. Operation theatre charges will also be decided on the duration of the procedure. If a lot of fat is removed, you will have to be hospitalized following the surgery for one to two nights. What is generally accepted is that removal of more than 2 liters of fat indicates a need for postoperative hospital care. Hospitalization fees depend on the choice of the ward.

liposuction operating theatre

Other Factors To Consider

This article mainly focused on the financial aspect of getting liposuction done. We have discussed how different factors add up to charges for liposuction procedure. Before we conclude, below are some additional points you may want to consider before deciding which plastic surgeon to go to for liposuction in Singapore.

The most reliable way to pick a good doctor is by asking your trusted GP for advice and by checking if he is board certified. Then you must see if he has experience in the exact surgery you want to get done as they might have their own areas of preference. In other words, just because he is confident and competent in body procedures does not mean he has experience dealing with the face. Ask for before and after photos and compare, especially of people close to your age, body shape, and facial features. Then also find out about the operating facility to see if it is well equipped for liposuction and to manage complications. Finally, think about how you feel about the doctor and other staff; whether you feel comfortable in their care.


Liposuction prices in Singapore will depend on several factors. It is up to us to consider all facts and come to a decision if we are getting a fair deal. Since rarely is there an urgency, it is best to take at least two weeks to think it over and decide whether you really want it or not and whether you are going to a qualified practitioner charging you a fair amount. The doctor who appears the cheapest on paper may not always be the cheapest. But hereafter you won’t get tricked as you know everything in and out.

About Dream Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery

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