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Journey with Motiva® Breast Implants.
Journey with Motiva® Breast Implants

Journey with Motiva® Breast Implants.

It is safe to say almost everyone has heard of breast implants as they are one of the most popular types of plastic surgery prostheses. Women get breast implants to get bigger and fuller breasts. This can be for reconstruction after the removal of a breast due to cancer or for cosmetic purposes.

Choosing to get breast implants is a very big decision. Selecting the implant that best fits your body when going for breast augmentation in Singapore, can be a challenge. This article will talk about Motiva® breast implants in Singapore and breast surgeons who can help you in making your decision, as well as evaluate if should you opt for breast implants.

The Popularity of Breast Augmentation with Motiva® Implants in Singapore. 

When choosing the brand option of your breast implant in Singapore, ultimately you want one that gives you optimum aesthetic satisfaction as well as medical safety. A popular brand of breast implants in Singapore is Motiva®.

Motiva® is a breast implant made of medical-grade silicone. Many breast surgeons in Singapore prefer Motiva® for breast augmentation due to its’ numerous benefits and we’ll take you through a few of the many advantages of Motiva® implants.

Different Types for Different Needs

Different Types for Different Needs

There are different types of Motiva® implants in the market. These different types give different aesthetic appearances accommodating the different preferences of the population. For example, Motiva® Round Implants make the breasts look fuller and younger. On the other hand, Motiva® Ergonomix™ implants mimic the anatomical shape and movement of natural breasts.

Motiva® also has a variety of sizes, perfection, and base shape to choose from. Hence, it can be used for all many women with varied breast anatomy.



Another reason for its’ popularity is its’ excellent safety profile. Motiva® has undergone extensive chemical, physical and biological testing, filed with the FDA, and has been in the market for many years now with no major incidents. Manufacturers use advanced technology in producing Motiva® breast implants which attribute to the reduced rate of adverse effects. Research shows less than 1% of cases of Motiva® implants develop complications, like capsular contracture and late seroma.

Motiva® also has fewer implant surgery-related complications. This is in part due to its SmoothSilk™/SilkSurface™ achieved with nanotechnology imprinting. The smooth surface minimizes the attachment and growth of bacteria leading to fewer post-operative complications.

Smaller Scar

Smaller Scar

Additionally, Motiva® implants can stretch without rupture thanks to their TrueMonobloc® shell. This allows easy insertion through a smaller incision (2.5cm to 3cm) due to its superior stretchability and durability. As a result, it reduces the size of the scars associated with breast implant surgery.

Damage Detection

Moreover, Motiva® Breast Implants have a BluSeal® indicator which allows the surgeon to check and detect potential implant defects such as gel bleed or ruptures before implantation.

RFID Microchip

Motiva® implants also have a radio-frequency identifying micro-transponder, Q Inside Safety Technology™. This is the first RFID micro transponder cleared for use by the FDA. The doctor can obtain the implant information by scanning the breasts using a special reader which may be useful for follow-up care or checks.

One Implant, Two Shapes

One Implant, Two Shapes

As the name implies, this type of Motiva® implant provides an ideal ergonomic fit for the human body. A special elastic silicone gel, ProgressiveGel Ultima™ helps the implant achieve this natural shape. The implant mimics the look, feel, and movement of a regular human breast while providing the most comfort. It is teardrop-shaped when standing and rounded when lying down. They move with you as you run or rotate like normal breasts. They also feel natural and softer compared to other implants.

Depending on your chest proportions Motiva® Ergonomix™ has two bases- round and oval. It also has four different types of projections to accommodate your needs.

Choosing the Right Motiva® Breast Implant 

It may be appealing to choose an implant based on your desired cup size, but there are more things to consider.

General Health

Firstly, consider if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation in Singapore. While most women are excellent candidates for breast augmentation, it may not suit some women to particular health reasons. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor to see if you can receive breast implants in Singapore.

Size Increment

Breast implant sizes are measured in cubic centimeters, “cc” for short. For every 150-200 cc there will be an increase of roughly one or one and a half cup sizes. Choosing a breast implant too big or too small can affect your aesthetic appearance. It can also affect the long-term results of your surgery.

Body Proportions

Patients should make their choice of breast implant based on their chest proportions and anatomy. Your surgeon will take into account the width of your natural breast and also the shape and the size of your chest wall. He will also consider your body frame. Your body should be able to bear the weight of your implant comfortably. Women with a smaller body frame may have to go for a smaller implant.


Your doctor will then consider lifestyle factors- larger breast implants may not be suitable for women in more physically demanding jobs. It will be harder for them to carry the implant and the implant may be prone to damage.

Hence, it is advisable to choose an implant as close to your desired cup size as possible but within your anatomical parameters and suitable for your day-to-day activities.

Choosing the Right Breast Surgeon in Singapore 

Singapore has many surgeons skilled in breast augmentation and it might be difficult to decide on one. When choosing your breast surgeon in Singapore it is always wise to ask them about their credentials and technical skills. It is also wise to choose a specialized breast surgeon in Singapore with experience. This will help avoid mishaps and poor results. You can also request before and after pictures of their previous clients to further understand if the surgeon’s aesthetical feel is a proper fit for you. While assessment of the surgeon’s skills is important, it is also equally crucial for you to communicate your concerns and expectations. That will help the surgeon understand and plan your procedure details for an optimal surgical outcome.

How Long Will Motiva® Implants Last 

In most cases, breast implants can last for ten years or longer. Some may not even need replacement surgeries in their lifetime. Having said that, a small number of women do experience implant rupture which may be due to wear and tear improper care, or trauma. Rupture of an implant or pain or tenderness will need replacement surgeries. Should that happen, do speak to your plastic surgeon immediately.

Usually, after breast implant surgery in Singapore, your doctor will advise you to do regular yearly check-ups and ultrasound scans to make sure everything is fine. You can also go for a 10-year follow-up visit with your doctor to decide if you need replacement surgery or not.

Cost of Breast Augmentation With Motiva® Implants 

The cost of your Motiva® breast augmentation surgery in Singapore depends on several factors. These include the type of implant, the experience of your surgeon, operating facility fees, anesthetist charges, medication, and any other pre-and post-operative care costs. Typically, breast augmentation with Motiva implants costs vary from $17000 to $20000.


Breast augmentation is a common type of plastic surgery in Singapore nowadays. A widely popular brand of implants is the Motiva® implants which are very versatile. Additionally, they are safe, and accepted and can cater to the varied expectations of the population as well. Always consult a specialized breast surgeon in Singapore before opting for a breast augmentation procedure.

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