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Is Threadlift the New Facelift Treatment?
is threadlift the new facelift

Is Threadlift the New Facelift Treatment?

Aging is inevitable. As we get older, the process of aging occurs. Our bodies change over time, our skin sags, and our face gets rougher and more wrinkled with smile lines all over it.

Although we can’t control getting old, we can control how we look as we age. In the past, there have been many invasive facelift surgeries for achieving a smoother and younger face and not looking our age.

However, in recent times, there have been an increase in noninvasive, non-surgical face lifting treatments that give similar results like surgery with fewer side effects and downtime.

One of these effective treatments for face lifting is ‘Face Lift Threading.’

Threadlift is a minimally invasive facelift treatment that does not require individuals to go under the knife. It is also a good substitute for individuals who prefer a quick lift treatment without a lengthy recovery period.

This article will discuss facelifts using threads in Singapore and whether the one-hour lifting treatment is something you should go for.

What is a Thread Lift?

threadlift at dream aesthetics clinic - a modern facelift solutionA threadlift, also called a threading facelift, is a simple procedure that involves lifting your skin using dissolvable sutures traditionally used for closing wounds and incisions during surgery.

The difference is that in this case, the sutures may have barbs on them and are usually hidden under your skin’s surface. Threadlift is a non-surgical facelift with benefits such as minimal downtime, reduced cost, less invasive, little to no scarring, and requires fewer post-treatment complications.

The thread facelift has been around since the 1990s and is an effective facelift treatment if you are looking for an alternative to surgery for lifting your face. The procedure is usually done in an hour which is why it has been given the name – one-hour facelift.

Who is a candidate for this One-Hour Face Lift?

An ideal candidate for a threadlift treatment is an individual in the late 30s to early 50s with signs of aging setting in. The person should be in good health and have started noticing aging signs like sagging skin, wrinkles, changes to the facial contour, etc.

People who wish to get a facelift and are uncomfortable with the idea of such invasive surgery are also good candidates for the thread facelift treatment.

It is recommended that you consult with your provider to know whether the treatment is suited for you and other alternatives you might consider.

What Threads are used in this non-surgical Facelift?

different types of threadliftThere are several types of threads used in the thread facelift treatment. Your provider will determine the thread to be used after having a consultation session with you.

In the past, many threads have been used for threadlift.

However, there has been an adoption of more developed dissolvable threads which have been recently introduced to improve thread facelifting treatment results.

There are two major types of threads used today;

  • MEGA V-Lift for moderate lifting and
  • Dissolvable PDO Threadlift

Thread Lift For Moderate Lift – MEGA V-Lift

This involves long dissolvable threads that come with mini-barbs designed for a better grip. It is also structured to allow skin tissues to adhere better, hence skin can be repositioned upwards with every pull or adjustments to the thread.

This thread produces better lifting results and is an effective lifting option for individuals who want more dramatic thread facelift results with little downtime.

In this case, the body eventually breaks down both the thread and barbs and a new collagen and elastin fibers will fill in. This makes the skin feel tighter, smoother, and more lifted.

Depending on your expectations, your provider will recommend the number of threads required to help you achieve the results you desire.

Threadlifts can last for approximately three years or more depending on your skin’s aging and lifestyle.

Dissolvable PDO Threadlift

This is another type of thread facelift that uses FDA approved PDO threads. This is commonly used to regenerate collagen and elastin fibers that have weakened due to aging.

The PDO threads can be used on different areas of the face to fill in any hollowness or add volume to specific areas, removing wrinkles, fine lines and lifting the skin for a slimmer V-line effect. As the threads are made from dissolvable sutures, they are easily broken down naturally by the body’s enzymes. When the dissolvable PDO threads degenerate, new collagen and elastic fibers grow in place of those threads to prolong the treatment results.

The result for PDO threadlifts can last for approximately one year or more depending on your lifestyle.

Areas where the Face Threadlift Treatment Work?

Areas suitable for threadlift treatmentFacelift threadlifts are popular amongst people who have started experiencing sagging skin or a deterioration in skin firmness over time. They may opt for threadlift treatments to tighten and make the following areas look smoother and younger.

Side Effects and Complications of Thread Face Lift

A thread facelift is considered a low-risk facelift treatment. However, there are a few side effects you should look out for.

Some of the thread facelifting treatment side effects include;

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Bleeding
  • Pain or soreness at the target site

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there might be few complications like:

  • Allergic reactions to ingredients in the threading material
  • Visible dimpling or pulling where the threads have been inserted
  • Pain under your skin resulting from the thread being too ‘tight’ or awkwardly placed
  • Blood clots beneath the skin as a result of a damaged blood vessels
  • Infection at the treatment site
  • Migration or unintended ‘movement’ of the threads resulting in a skin that bulges and looks lumpy

Although these threadlift treatment complications rarely occur, when they do occur, they can easily be corrected with the help of an experienced plastic surgeon.

What to expect and what to do after a Thread Lift in Singapore

The recovery time for a PDO threadlift is minimal. There might be a little bruising and swelling, but they usually do not stop you from going back to work if you wish. Mega V-Lift on the other hand will require recovery of between 7 to 10 days.

Threadlifts can be considered as a lunch break cosmetic treatment and the results are apparent right after the procedure. Further improvements in the results can be observed over the following days and weeks as the swelling and bruising side effects start to subside.

To get the most effective thread facelift results, your provider might advise you to avoid sleeping on your side in the initial weeks following the procedure. You may also be advised to avoid high intensity workouts and not to rub your face vigorously in the days to weeks following the treatment. It is also recommended to keep the compression face bands on for as long as possible during initial recovery to reduce swelling.

Thread Lift Cost in Singapore

The cost for a threadlift in Singapore is relatively affordable. Compared to surgical face lifting procedures and other one-hour invasive treatments, threading facelifts produces more visible results and is deemed to be more worth it given the improvements it brings.

The average cost for a facelift in Singapore is about $17,000, while the threadlift in Singapore average price is between $4,000 and $7,000.

Note that this price is dependent on several factors, including your provider’s experience, location, number of threads needed, amongst others.

On average, the price for thread facelift in Singapore starts at about $3,500.

How to Select the Right Thread Face Lift Surgeon in Singapore

Getting the right thread facelift surgeon for you can be somewhat difficult. Board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeons usually have the most extensive knowledge about the thread lift procedure. When you get one, it is recommended that you consult with the provider to get advice on the treatment approach that is ideal for you and the expected results.

No two thread facelift cases are the same; you will want to ask all your questions to ensure you will get a personalized treatment.

Steps to follow when choosing a thread lift surgeon in Singapore:

  • Check the plastic surgeon’s credentials, education, training, type of board certification, and thread lift procedure experience.
  • View the surgeon’s thread facelift before and after photos to help you know what to expect.
  • If possible, bring a photo of the result you would like to see. Your surgeon will help you determine if it is a reasonable outcome you can expect from thread lift.
  • Inquire about the equipment, thread, and everything to be used and also where the procedure will take place and the nature of the treatment.
  • Ask about the technique that is recommended for you.
  • Finally, you may want to go over the pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions with your provider.

Is Threadlift the New Face Lift Treatment? Concluding Words

There are various reasons why a threadlift is considered the new facelift. The treatment lifts and repositions saggy skin, gives a youthful and smoother skin appearance, is minimally invasive with little to no downtime, and offers many benefits.

The threadlift results are particularly appealing to people who do not want to go under the knife for a facelift but wish to get similar results.

Although a threadlift doesn’t give the kind of dramatic results a facelift gives, it’s a treatment option that is worth it.

If you are noticing signs of aging on your face, a face threadlift is a lower-risk facelift treatment you should opt for to maintain a natural, smoother, and younger face.

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