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Is It Safe to Use Double Eyelid Tape? Here Are Some Facts To Consider
Is It Safe to Use Double Eyelid Tape

Is It Safe to Use Double Eyelid Tape? Here Are Some Facts To Consider

Many Asians opt for a double eyelid tape or glue to add an extra crease into their eyelids. This is because their monolid can make the eyes appear small, and adding the eyelid crease can help their eyes look more open and defined. Having double eyelids in Singapore has also become a beauty standard, which most young individuals are willing to follow – even if they have to use temporary solutions like eyelid glue or eyelid tapes. This article explores the safety and effectiveness of eyelid tape for monolids and what could be the long-term implications of its use.

Getting Double Eyelid Using Double Eyelid Tape

Getting Double Eyelid Using Double Eyelid Tape

The use of double eyelid tape has become very common in the Asian market, as it offers a cheap and quick way to get double eyelids. These tapes are now available at the majority of cosmetic stores and even drug stores. However, experts believe that while there are many pros to using a double eyelid tape, one cannot ignore its cons.

The Advantages

  • They can immediately give the crease that the individual wants
  • Due to the temporary nature of the product, the eyelid tapes can be removed whenever the individual no longer needs them
  • There is no need to undergo a surgical procedure
  • They may be used as a test product to see how one will look after eyelid surgery.
  • They are much more affordable, while the price of eyelid surgery Singapore price is comparatively higher.

The Disadvantages

  • They need to be reapplied every time
  • They may lead to the eyelids looking unnatural
  • They may be visible
  • They may move out of place
  • Everyday use may lead to redness and inflammation of the eyelids.

Experts highly suggest refraining from using visibly unclean or exposed eyelid tapes. Moreover, the individual should ensure their own safety by washing their hands properly before using the tape. It is also suggested to change the eyelid tape every day and not reuse the tape. Finally, if the redness increases or is associated with any swelling, the individual should immediately remove the tape and consult a doctor.

The Implications of Using Eyelids Tapes for Double Eyelids Singapore

The Implications of Using Eyelids Tapes for Double Eyelids Singapore

Wearing eyelid tape or glue for long periods may lead to eyelid thickening. This is caused by irritation of the skin edges due to the increased frictional forces imposed on them by the eyelid tapes. The constant irritation can then produce micro-inflammation in the skin. Over time, the micro-inflammation in the eyelid skin leads to excess collagen production, making the skin thicker. The type of collagen that mainly induces this change is the type 3 collagen, which gets produced in more quantities than is required for the healthy functioning of the skin cells. This skin thickening is considered a defense of the body to make the skin more resistant to the constant trauma inflicted by inflammation and frictional irritation.

However, this can lead to several aesthetic concerns. Individuals, particularly Asians, prefer a thin eyelid skin to thick skin, especially if they are considering eyelid surgery. A thick eyelid skin may create a significant depth discrepancy and may not look as natural as individuals with thin skin after eyelid surgery.

Another long-term side effect of using eyelid tape is that it can significantly stretch the skin. When an individual applies tape to their eyelid to make a fake crease, the skin will stretch every time they close their eyes. This leads to a greater tension on the skin. The stretching of the skin, particularly in an aging individual, can lead to significant skin laxity and early wrinkles too.

This is why the application of eyelid tapes in order to create a double eyelid crease is generally not recommended, particularly in the aging population and those who wish to use it for the long term. Unfortunately, due to the deleterious effects created by the constant use of eyelid tape, these individuals often seek to go for double eyelid surgery.

Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

Non-Incisional Surgery

Non-Incisional Surgery

A popular approach for non-incisional double eyelid surgery is the dual burial method. As the name suggests, it does not involve an incision into the eyelid skin and allows the crease to be made using sutures. Therefore, it is associated with a lower risk of losing the eyelid crease, which is a risk linked to other surgical forms. This procedure also involves a single suture, hence less painful for the patient. The single suture is passed through the eyelid, weaving a crease, after which it is secured using a single knot. This leads to an even distribution of tension created throughout the crease. Single knot procedures are better than surgical approaches that use multiple sutures and knots, as they can lead to uneven pressure distribution and crease.

Hence, the single suture technique may be the preferred choice for individuals looking for a non-incisional eyelid surgery with natural results.

Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

Incisional double eyelid surgery is considered a classic surgical method that allows the creation of a clear, well-defined double eyelid crease. This method is associated with permanent results and may be conducted on all kinds of eyelids. As the name suggests, this procedure requires an incision at the top of the eyelid. Throughout the incision, the surgeon then carefully extracts the excess fat. Other than fats, any excess skin can also be removed. After this removal, the remaining skin is attached to the underlying muscle using stitches, allowing the formation of a crease. This surgical procedure has natural-looking, well-defined, and long-lasting results. It may also be ideal for aging individuals with eyelid wrinkles or flabby skin on their eyelids.

The Cost of Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

When considering opting for eyelid surgery, it is also essential to study the cost of the procedure in the market and what factors affect it. For example, the average double eyelid surgery in Singapore price varies between $3000 and $5000, as reported by data from 2020. However, this may be slightly more or slightly less based on the factors like:

  • Whether the surgery targets the upper eyelid alone or the lower eyelid, there is not much difference between the upper and lower eyelid surgery costs. However, one may find the upper eyelid surgery to be comparatively cheaper than having both upper and lower eyelid surgeries.
  • The cause of the eyelid surgery: While most insurance plans may not cover surgery conducted purely for an aesthetic concern, those conducted in association with an accident or a health condition may be partially covered by an insurance plan.
  • Experience of the surgeon: A surgeon who has been practicing for many years and has high credibility in successful cases may charge much more than a surgeon who is just starting out.
  • General vs. local anesthesia: While local anesthesia may cost less to the patient, general anesthesia is much more costly. This is not only because of the constant supply of anesthesia that the patient requires during the cost of the surgery but also the fee charged by the trained anesthesiologist.

The Bottom Line

While monolids are referred to as the lids without a visible crease, the double eyelids are referred to as the eyelids with a visible crease. This crease may not be naturally present in a large population of individuals especially to an Asians. This is why they often opt for quick-fix methods and surgical procedures to add the double eyelid crease. Due to the increased number of companies promoting the convenience of eyelid tapes and glues, which can help an individual achieve a double eyelid within a few seconds, these have gained popularity over the recent years.

However, studies and clinical examinations have shown the long-term use of eyelid tapes to cause irritation and inflammation to the skin. This inflammation over time can lead to eyelid thickening, further exaggerating the monolid’s appearance. Additionally, the increased tension that the skin is put through due to the constant stretch can cause the skin to become loose and droopy. Experts recommend that individuals with monolids or those who want to enhance their eyelid crease further consult a trained doctor with years of experience. They should discuss and understand all the pros and cons associated with using eyelid tapes, eyelids glue, or double eyelids surgery before opting for it.

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