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Liposuction for Men – Is It Alright For Men To Go Through Liposuction?
liposuction for men

Liposuction for Men – Is It Alright For Men To Go Through Liposuction?

As a guy, it is important in today’s world to look good. People will judge you based on your looks and being out of shape can be embarrassing. To keep the glare of society’s judging eyes away from themselves, men too, are going for surgical procedures to keep up their good looks. With weakened metabolism and fat accumulation at unwanted places, a body contouring procedure known as liposuction for men starts gaining popularity as a solution to eliminating stubborn fat for good. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about liposuction for men.

What Is Liposuction for Men?

liposuction procedure

Liposuction is a procedure, usually performed by a plastic surgeon, that removes stubborn fat from “difficult areas” in our body. What is meant by a difficult area? They are the areas that you never can seem to get into shape however much you try with exercise and dietary control. Liposuction removes the fat cells, and it is usually a long-lasting solution for a problem that is hard to solve by other means. For some time now, it has been a frequently practiced procedure in females as they are the ones more concerned with their looks.

Can Men Undergo Liposuction?

men pinchable fats

Certainly yes! There is absolutely no anatomical difference between the adipose tissue in men and women. What will differ is the differential site of fat deposition governed by genetics. Hence the body areas chosen for liposuction for men and women will differ. For men, the fat tends to accumulate in the abdomen and chest and they struggle to get rid of it.

The reason why liposuction is or used to be unpopular among males has nothing to do with their anatomy or physiology. Rather, social factors have played a major role in determining the variable prevalence.

There is a social stigma that men should not be concerned with their looks and that their value lies in their strength and how well they can provide for the family. It was considered feminine to fuss over your looks and to go to beauticians and sorts to alter the way you look. Hence liposuction in Singapore was not so famous among men in the past. But that is not the case anymore. In this age of male-female equality, men are also concerned about their looks and there are separate cosmetic products released into the market specifically to be used by males. And hence, the reluctance for men to approach plastic surgeries for procedures like liposuction has diminished. Nowadays, males are also expected to maintain their looks and make themselves well-groomed and presentable.


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Common Applications of Liposuction for Men

areas for liposuction

Just like women, men also make use of liposuction to remove fat from difficult areas in the body. They are most of the time the lower abdomen, upper arms, thighs, neck, chest, and chin.

Liposuction for men is done in the abdomen, arms and thighs will help accentuate your body shape. If you are someone who has started working out recently, you might have realized that getting rid of the last bit of fat is extremely hard. While your muscles may be pumped up and feel very hard, your curves may be still hidden underneath a layer of fat. This is especially helpful in getting rid of love handles, which are the fat on either side of your lower abdomen. In such instances, liposuction can be utilized to add the finishing touches to your physique. However, it should be kept in mind that liposuction is not a weight reduction surgery and that it is in no way an alternative to exercise. It is meant to enhance body contours and trim off excess fats from targeted areas.

Gynecomastia, or “man boobs” in general terms is a common condition that affects men. The enlargement can occur due to an imbalance in sex hormone levels in men. If you are a relatively young person it is best to get checked by a doctor to exclude any sinister conditions. But more commonly it occurs due to excess fat accumulation in the chests. In such instances, liposuction can be used to give your chest a more masculine appearance again. It is sometimes followed up with skin tightening to bring about a better appearance.

gynecomastia - men boob

The older you get the likelihood of fat accumulation in the neck, chest, chin, and abdomen increases. Liposuction is a good option to get rid of this unwanted and unsightly fat and give men a younger look. A “trim up” may be a good idea if you are not on the better side of adulthood and some areas are beginning to sag a bit.

What Should You Know Before Going for Liposuction?

liposuction surgery

Liposuction for is a surgical procedure performed by a plastic surgeon. If you are planning to undergo liposuction in Singapore, there are several things you should know before going through with it irrespective of whether you are male or female. It is very important that you select a doctor who is skilled and experienced. The final result will greatly depend on the surgeon. You can ask your general practitioner to recommend you to a good plastic surgeon. Also, you can visit different clinics or go to their websites and look for before and after pictures of their previous clients. A clinic visit will also allow you to see whether it has all the necessary facilities for the procedure, recovery, and managing complications.

The procedure may be done under general or local anesthesia depending on the size of the area. In the case of general anesthesia, you might be asked to fast overnight. You may also be asked to omit certain kinds of drugs like NSAIDs and blood thinners in the days leading to the surgery. If you have diseases such as diabetes, you will have to get them under control beforehand. The time taken for the procedure varies greatly with the size of the area, amount of fat that needs to be removed, type of liposuction, and the experience of the surgeon.

Sometimes it may be performed as a day procedure, but in cases where a large amount of fat is removed, you will have to stay overnight at the hospital where you will be monitored. There is bound to be a pain in the area for several days, reaching a peak between post-op days two and four. You will receive painkillers, and antibiotics to prevent infection at the liposuction site and also be asked to wear compression garments to reduce the swelling. Better post-op care will reduce complications and bring about a better outcome.


Men are also conscious about their appearance now, which is why cosmetic procedures have now become common among them as well. Related to weight reduction, Saxenda injections may be considered in very obese people before attempting liposuction.

If you are having trouble getting in shape and generally in good health, liposuction is definitely one of the options for you to further enhance your body contours. It is safe if done by a board-certified plastic surgeon in Singapore and the treatment can be customized to achieve your body goals.



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