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How to Get Thicker Lips? Methods You Can Try To Make Your Lips Fuller.

How to Get Thicker Lips? Methods You Can Try To Make Your Lips Fuller.

Natural beauty is majestic, but have you ever thought of enhancing it? Facial features serve as a cue of attractiveness, and lips are the part of your face that your partner will notice first. If you are conscious about your beauty, you might know that juicy, plump, and voluptuous lips are trendy nowadays.

So what’s the origin of thick and big lips, where did they come from, and who introduced them? This “big lips era” started with Angelina Jolie, and later on, Jenners and Kardashians started ruling the internet with their unique ways of showing people why thick lips should be the trend. But overly big lips may only be suitable for some. However, a well-hydrated and fuller-looking lip makes an individual more youthful.

skin aging and collagen level

According to research (Wolters Kluwer Health), plump lips signify youth. This is because, with growing age, the supplies of hyaluronic acid and collagen in our skin start to deplete, which makes the skin lose its volume and definition. Unfortunately, this loss of volume also includes lips. You have seen that older people have thin lips compared to young ones, so this is the possible science behind it. You might be thinking, How to get thicker lips? In the following article, you can find out more about the treatment options to regain back youthful looking lips.


Researcher Dr. Geoff Beattie says the study shows lips represent one of the most sensual aspects of a woman’s body and play an essential part in mate attraction. One of the leading facial traits is considered to be the size of the lips. As we all know, the more symmetric your face is, the more appealing it looks. Likewise, thick lips can change the appearance of your facial features, making your prominent nose more minor and resulting in a more feminine look.

Makeup Hacks to Make Your Lips Thicker

how to get thicker lips

Fake it till you make it! Lip fillers are great, but if you are thinking about getting thick lips instantly, here you go. You have to follow these simple steps. After applying your foundation, take your concealer and dab it over all your lips. Now, take a lip liner one or two times darker than your skin tone and slightly overline your lips, don’t exaggerate; otherwise, it will create a cartoonish look. Take your lipstick but remember to get lighter and brighter shades, as the darker shade can create the illusion of thinner lips. Now contour under your bottom lip and create the illusion of a shadow there so your lips will look naturally big. The last step is to apply lip gloss. Take clear gloss and apply it to the center of both upper and lower lips. It will create perfect pouty lips.

Natural Remedies for Thicker Lips

Not all people are born with thick lips. You don’t always have to go for fillers and botox injections. Although surgery will give you your desired goals, but you can also achieve thick lips using natural remedies. These remedies will save you time as well as money. If you can’t afford fillers or expensive products used for lip thickening, or you are in a hassle and need urgent results, you can try out for natural remedies. This is a way cheaper, instant, and less risky way. So here are some remedies you can explore to get perfect thick lips:

Drink enough water

Hydration is the key whether you want clear skin, smooth hair, or thick lips. Dehydration causes lips to shrink and makes them look smaller. A deficiency of water can make patches on your lips, and white dead skin will appear on your lips. Much fluid intake boosts your blood flow and causes skin to plump so plumper skin all over, including the lips. Moisturized lips look plump and fresh compared to dry ones. Drink at least 1.5-liter water daily and moisturize your lips with lip balm (during the day and also before sleeping).

Use peptides and hyaluronic acid lip serum

Hyaluronic acid works like magic for thick and plump lips. It gives volume to your lips. It simply fills in your cracks and moistens your lips, making them look more lively and majestic. Hyaluronic acid is also favored because it’s already present inside our body, so our body doesn’t react harshly to it. There are some fillers also named “hyaluronic acid fillers.” Peptides are also in fashion because of their quality of minimizing the appearance of lip lines. Peptide lip treatment creates glossy lips and reduces dryness.

Take collagen supplements

Collagen is a protein that helps keep the skin smooth and lips plump. Our body produces less collagen as we age, which causes wrinkles, fine lines, and, YES, you are right, thin lips.

A study (Aging of the Upper Lip: Part I: A Retrospective Analysis of Metric Changes in Soft Tissue on Magnetic Resonance Imaging) compared lip sizes at different ages. On average, the lips volume decreased by 25% between younger and older people. Collagen supplements also maintain the lips’ health and keep them moisturized and reduce cracking.

Exfoliate with lip scrubs

Prepping lips before doing anything else is the primary step toward thick lips. Exfoliate your lips as this increases blood circulation, gives a pink glow, and keeps them from getting chapped. You have to make scrubbing your daily routine and afterward apply a generous layer of lip balm.

Use sunscreen

Just like the rest of our faces, lips are also affected by UV rays. But unfortunately, most of us leave lips behind while applying sunscreen, causing lip cancers. Dr. Caroline Robinson says:

 “It is also essential to protect your lips from the sun using a lip balm with SPF 30 or higher. These steps help combat dry, rough, cracked lips in winter.” 

Therefore, rub sunscreen on your lips and do your daily makeup routine.

Dermal Fillers: An Advanced Treatment for Thicker Lips

a woman undergo dermal filler

If you are not the type to go under a knife and involve yourself in surgeries, you could go for dermal fillers. Now the question arises what are dermal fillers and how to get thicker lips using them? Dermal fillers are injections used widely to add volume, make lips glossier and smoother, and remove cracks and wrinkles. Dermal fillers are ideal for people with thin lips, as they define lips just like your lip liner does and give your lips the perfect pout you’ve always dreamed about. The ideal fillers in the beauty industry are hyaluronic acid fillers as it’s already present in your body, and you have rare chances of severe allergies and reactions. The most popular fillers containing hyaluronic acid include:

  • Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Volbella XC.
  • Restylane, Restylane-L, Restylane Silk.

They are most popular because of their reversible nature. So here’s a plus point of Juvederm and Restylane, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can reverse the process. You have to get an injection containing an antidotal enzyme, hyaluronidase, which will dissolve your filler.

You may notice an increase in the volume of your lips and tighten of sagging skin right after having dermal fillers, but do take note that it takes two weeks for the filler material to blend thoroughly and settle. The results can last between 6 and 18 months, depending on the filler type.

How long do fillers last? It depends upon your metabolism and the speed of your body breaking the hyaluronic acid. But typically, fillers last for 6- 12 months. (Again, it depends on which filler you have injected).

Is It Painful To Get Lip Fillers?

You might have heard about “NO PAIN, NO GAIN.” Beauty comes with a price. The Lip filler effect is often described as biting ants and getting pinched at your lips. Some areas of our body are susceptible, and lips are one of them as they are full of nerves, so that it can be a bit uncomfortable. Nowadays, most doctors apply a topical anesthetic cream to minimize the pain caused by filler. Before getting lip filler, ensure your doctor has experience in this field. Otherwise, you are in a precarious situation which may lead to higher risk of complications.

What Are The Side Effects Of Lip Fillers?

In injectable procedures, there are always pros and cons. Some side effects also lie in the usage of dermal fillers. Some are common and temporary, and some are rare. The most common side effects are:

  • Swelling and redness
  • Bruising, Bleeding, pain
  • Itching (wanting to peel off the skin)
  • Lumps in your lips

But all these side effects disappear after 5-7 days or within two weeks; also, make sure not to touch your lips in the next 24 hours and avoid face massages and vital fluids like alcohol. The next one is the severe side effects category. If the filler is directly injected into your blood vessel, it will hinder blood flow and blocks it eventually. This side effect is called vessel occlusion, leading to skin necrosis (dying of skin cells) and blindness. But blindness is more related to nose fillers, as the nose is closer to your eye than the lips.

But remember that skin necrosis and blindness could be reduced if your doctor is certified and has experience in this treatment.

Am I A Suitable Candidate?

Different doctors have different selection criteria. Some doctors strictly take patients who are healthy, and their health doesn’t hinder their treatment. But most doctors have standard selection criteria like:


Smoking affects the body’s ability to clot blood, affecting your filler results and taking time to heal.

You don’t have blood diseases

If you have any severe blood-related diseases, it will be a greater risk in the filler procedure, so it is recommended not to undergo lip fillers in this situation.

You don’t have uncontrolled diabetes

Diabetes type 1 and type 2 are controllable, but if you have severe one, you are not recommended for lip fillers because diabetes can affect the body’s ability to heal. Also, it can result in dangerous Bleeding as diabetic patients have bleeding issues.

If you are willing to maintain good skin health

Skin is the reflection of your overall health too. If you opt for dermal fillers, you must be careful about your skin health. Refrain from assuming that you have taken fillers now; you can do anything; no, you have to take care of certain things; or you could experience undesired results.

Have realistic goals for improving your appearance

You must have realistic expectations to be a good candidate for lip fillers. Dermal fillers can enhance the volume of your lips, change shape, and make them glossier but don’t expect that your lips will be changed into new ones and achieve permanent results.


Besides all this, your skin is of foremost importance. Before deciding to get thick lips either by surgical or non-surgical methods, consult a certified and experienced doctor. Whether you choose any procedure to get thick lips, you should expect the possible outcomes and risks that might come with the procedure.

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