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How To Choose The Right Breast Implant Clinic In Singapore?
how to choose the right breast implant clinic in singapore

How To Choose The Right Breast Implant Clinic In Singapore?

Choosing the right breast implant clinic in Singapore can be pretty challenging as one wrong decision can turn that “perfect” implant dream of yours into a complete nightmare. That’s why when it comes to selecting the right breast implant clinic in Singapore, you should always be very careful and carry out thorough research. An ideal breast implant clinic is not only essential for cosmetic reasons but also for one’s health.

An incompetent breast implant clinic can become the reason for multiple infections, dangerous diseases, insecurities, and even ruining your self-confidence.

Don’t have to worry; we have got you covered! This blog brings you a guide about how to choose the right breast implant clinic in Singapore! Let’s dive right in:

Things To Consider When Choosing The Breast Implant Clinic

A good breast implant clinic always assists the needs of the patient. The patient’s health and wellness are always a top priority. Apart from this, if a breast implant clinic offers the following things, you are at the right place!

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Implants Offered By Reputable Brands

In the surgical procedure, breast implants are inserted underneath your chest tissues. Since they will stay in your body for a long time, it is essential to select a good-quality implant. In Singapore, several different kinds of high-quality breast implants exist.

But a good quality breast implant comprises of following things:

  • Diversity in sizes from about 100 to 900 cubic centimeters.
  • Wide range of profile options, from moderate projection to ultra-high projection.
  • Saline or silicone gel-filled implants.
  • Softer to firmer implant options as per customer’s needs.
  • Different shaped implants (round or anatomical).
  • FDA-approved certification

These are the basic set of choices you should have from a particular breast implant brand. In Singapore, the top most favored breasts implants are Mentor and Motiva. These breast implant brands are widely popular due to their quality and safe breast implants. Let’s have a brief look into each of them:

Mentor: Mentor gained popularity because of its good safe, and high-grade implants. Mentor breast implants feel very natural, and they adjust very comfortably with your body tissues. Not only this, but the Mentor also provides its customers with a diverse range of options from the type of implants to varying sizes.

Mentor breast implants are also FDA approved; this makes these implants very safe comparatively than others. The breast implants by Mentor are generally of two kinds, Memory Gel implants, which are rounded in shape. Secondly, Memory Shape implants are composed of gel and are tear-dropped in shape. Both these implants are pretty comfortable and appear very natural after surgery.

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Motiva: Motiva breast implants have been very popular among the masses due to their natural aesthetic and premium quality. The implants are designed in such a proficient way by 3D nanotechnology that they are no such foreign materials in them, such as sugar crystals and salt. Motiva implants come in a wide range of options too, and they are known for providing the popular ergonomic implants which changes from round to teardrop shape according to different body positions.

Doctor’s Experience

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Another important thing while choosing a breast implant surgery clinic is a well-qualified and experienced doctor. A surgeon with proper training and great patient history should be your priority. To decide on a good surgeon for your breast implant surgery, thorough research should be done beforehand. Your choice of surgeon should depend on the type of procedure you are looking for and the type of breast implant you have selected for the procedure. An experienced and skilled doctor will already have great patient reviews, which will help you make a decision quickly.

An ideal breast surgeon in Singapore needs to have a history of cosmetic surgeries so that they are well aware of every minute detail and potential complication associated with the medical procedure.

Clinic Facility

surgery facility

Another crucial factor is choosing an accredited clinic that can cater to your care and needs. Make sure to opt for breast implant clinics that offer proper medical equipment and facilities; this indirectly reduces the risk of complications. A clinic particularly famous for its breast implant procedures would be the best option. An ideal breast implant clinic will be experienced to handle any kind of implant case.

Post-Surgery Results Of Patients (Before & After)

A great way of choosing an experienced doctor is to look out for the post-surgery results from the clinic’s past patients. This will help you can get an idea about the clinic’s experience and professionalism. But be careful in your research, as some clinics might only put the successful cases for the public eye. Always dig deep and carry out thorough research.

Good Work Relationship Between Doctor And Staff

The doctors and staff dictate the facilities and environment of a medical clinic. The relationship between them can either make their patient’s experience great or completely miserable.

An ideal breast implant clinic should be known for its professionalism. The relationship between the doctor and staff is the key indicator of whether you should opt for that particular clinic. Breast implant clinics with the absence of discipline and communication can lead to a life-long bad experience.

That’s why it is crucial to know if the staff and doctor have a professional and cohesive work relationship.

Comfortable And Clean Environment Of Clinic

Breast implant surgery is a very delicate and fine surgical procedure. That’s why a comfortable and clean environment free of pathogens is an absolute necessity. A minor blunder in hygiene can lead to a serious infection post-surgery.

A breast implant clinic should have sterilized surgical tools. Emphasis on industry-standard hygiene and sterilization is very crucial. The environment that you are being treated in has a tremendous impact on your surgery. Post-surgery appointments and routine check-ups often follow a surgical procedure. So it is in your best interest that your clinic of choice should offer a comfortable, hassle-free, and friendly atmosphere. Make sure that your communication with the doctor and the relevant staff is top-notch.

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Open Communication Between You And Doctor

Lack of communication and trust between you and the doctor is definitely a red flag. You should be able to have an open conversation with your doctor about the choices and needs. And the doctor should always respect your preferences and make sure that the decision is based on your choices.

A candid discussion during the consultation can help you develop a trustworthy relationship with the doctor. This is a crucial step as it helps your doctor to be able to assist more conveniently. Moreover, your surgeon should know about your complete medical history and any medical allergies.

These are the key factors that can help the doctor make the right decision and tailor the surgical procedure to meet the client’s preferences.

MOH Certified Surgery Facilities

Your clinic of choice must be a Ministry of Health (MOH) certified facility. Clinics with MOH certification mean that the facilities are audited, examined, and verified by relevant authorities. This certificate helps patients choose trustworthy, professional, and experienced breast implant clinics in their area.

Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth is still considered one of the most authentic and organic ways to select a good breast implant clinic. You can get good recommendations from other fellow patients who have undergone breast implant surgeries in the past. They can share their experiences and advice depending on their personal experiences. This will help you make a much better and well-informed decision. But apart from this, do your own research and check the clinic background on your own too.

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Cost Of Surgery

Before confirming a breast implant clinic and doctor, make sure you are aware of the cost and expenses of the whole procedure, including the post-surgery appointments. In general, breast implant surgery can cost anywhere between $14000 to $20000 in Singapore.

It is an important factor that can either break or make the deal for you. Choose a clinic that suits your budget. But always put your health and wellness at the top. Don’t put your health at risk just for the sake of a cheaper alternative. Breast implant clinics with very low prices are a red flag too.

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The process of choosing the right clinic for breast implant surgery is obviously not a cup of tea. It requires thorough research, frequent visits to different clinics, and several discussions. That’s why we have shared a few important pointers that can make your job a lot more easier. Just remember to keep your health and wellness a top priority. Getting breast implant surgery is a very significant decision in your life, and you will have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life.

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