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How Much Does Fat Grafting Cost In Singapore?
How Much Does Fat Grafting Cost In Singapore

How Much Does Fat Grafting Cost In Singapore?

Some people are deficient in fat, some are obese, and some contain pockets of stubborn fat in their bodies. This excess fat is often unnecessary and may also contribute to various health conditions such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and high blood pressure. But cosmetic surgery in Singapore like fat grafting gives women an opportunity to utilise their own fat for face rejuvenation, reshaping of the breasts, and more. 

Facial fat grafting and breast fat grafting in Singapore are known procedures that use body fat for aesthetic purposes. Breast implants are also considered safe and effective, and one of the options to enhance your breast beauty and boost confidence. Read on to learn more about the safety and effectiveness of these procedures and how much they cost.

What Is Fat Grafting And How Does It Work?

How Does It Work Fat Grafting

Fat grafting means transferring and injecting fatty tissue from fat-rich areas of the body to the target areas for different functional and cosmetic benefits. This procedure involves liposuction, purifying the fat tissues, and reinjecting it back to the targeted areas of the face or body. Liposuction means excision of fat from areas such as the thighs or buttocks while fat grafting indicates injecting the excised fat in the areas lacking in volume, such as the face, breasts, or buttocks.

Compared to other anti-ageing and rejuvenating procedures, facial fat grafting in Singapore is praised and popular for delivering natural-looking and long-lasting results. Fewer side effects and shorter recovery periods also account for its growing popularity over the years. 

Areas Applicable For Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is not for every part of the body and is only applicable to certain body areas which are lacking in volume such as hands, face (forehead, lips, cheeks), breasts, buttocks, and scar tissues. A person should also have a healthy donor site with excess fat to excise and transfer.

Furthermore, different kinds of fat grafting results require specific volumes of fat. For instance, if you are looking for breast fat grafting, you would need a lot more fat tissues as compared to fat grafting to the forehead area. The plastic surgeon in Singapore will help advise what is suitable and realistically, what kind of results you can achieve with fat grafting.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Fat Grafting?

It all depends on the age, overall health, and expected results of the patient. Cosmetic surgeons often refer to ideal candidates as those between the ages of 30 and 65, who have enough fatty tissue to be transferred, are in good general health, and have no circulatory issues. A realistic expectation from the procedure is also necessary. 

Breast and facial fat grafting are suitable for patients who are looking to:

  • Correct depressions, dents, or grooves in the skin
  • Reconstruct breasts
  • Modestly enhance breast shape or size
  • Hide signs of breast implants
  • Enhance facial features by smoothing wrinkles, laugh/smile lines, or crow’s feet
  • Achieve natural-looking and long-lasting anti-ageing results with minimum downtime

How Much Does Fat Grafting Cost?

Patients considering breast or facial fat grafting often have this question in mind, “How affordable is this procedure?” In Singapore, fat grafting usually costs $3000 to $8000, depending on the size of the treatment area, the duration required, the doctor’s experience, facility fees, and medication. Consultation and aftercare costs may also vary from place to place. Since it involves liposuction, the cost of liposuction should be taken into account too.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Fat Grafting

There are several different factors that will determine the final cost of the surgery. These include: 

  • Where Your Fat Grafting Surgery Is Performed

The place at which the procedure will be performed plays a major role in determining the cost. In general, fat grafting in Singapore is more costly than injectable fillers as it is done in the operation theatre, while fillers can be injected in the office. 

Hand surgery fat grafting

  • Type Of Anaesthesia 

The type of anaesthesia is also a major factor in determining cost. A facial fat transfer is usually done under local anaesthesia and may, sometimes, require a sedative to relax the patient. Fat transfer breast augmentation in Singapore is more costly as it is a major procedure and requires complete sedation. Therefore, it is done under general anaesthesia.

Fat graft volume

  • The Volume Of Fat

The volume of fat or the size of the area to be treated significantly affects the cost of the procedure. The cost also increases if the numbers of areas being injected are multiple. For instance, lip or cheek rejuvenation will cost less compared to full facial rejuvenation.

Fat graft procedure

  • The Number Of Procedures

The results of fat grafting can be unpredictable — statistics have shown that only about around 60% to 70% of transferred fatty tissue survives for a long time. This may result in the need for additional procedures to maintain the desired outcome and increases the cost several times. However, fat grafting is still longer lasting than facial fillers and breast implants – making it cost-effective overall.

  • Longevity Of Fat Grafting Results

Reabsorption of the fat in the body is a natural process and it usually speeds up with age. Similar reabsorption occurs after fat transfer, especially within the first 5 to 6 weeks. Depending on several factors, some people experience minimal fat loss while others experience significant loss. Such people may need additional fat injections to compensate for the volume loss and it increases the treatment cost.

Is Fat Grafting Worth It?

Fat graft surgery singapore

Several factors play a crucial role in the success of fat grafting procedures, including the quality of fat, the type of harvest technique, fat cell purification, the injection technique, and the expertise of the plastic surgeon. When compared to other facial rejuvenating and breast enhancement techniques, fat grafting is shown to be safe, efficient, and cost-effective. Plus, the natural-looking outcome that usually lasts for several years has made this procedure popular across the globe.

Although quite safe, fat grafting does have some side effects – just like in any procedure. These may include swelling, bruising, numbness, mild pain, and scarring. In most cases, these side effects subside in a week or two.

Understand Fat Grafting Cost In Singapore Better By Consulting A Plastic Surgeon

A fat transfer is a popular aesthetic procedure that involves sculpting the body’s stubborn fat and injecting it into the target body part. The cost of the procedure varies greatly from country to country or even among different plastic surgeons.

Depending on the factors (such as initial consultation, anaesthesia, liposuction, lipofilling, medications, treatment facility, and follow-ups), a standard fat grafting procedure in Singapore may cost you $3000 to $8000.

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