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How Much Does A Nose Thread Lift Cost In Singapore?
how much doea a nose threadlift cost in singapore

How Much Does A Nose Thread Lift Cost In Singapore?

The nose is the most prominent part of the face and plays a defining role in the overall facial appearance. A slim, straight, high nose bridge without any humps or bumps and slightly projected tip are generally considered as the characteristics of an ideal nose. If you are unhappy with the shape of your nose, yet afraid of invasive surgical procedures, then HIKO Nose Thread lift may be the solution for you.

Hiko nose thread lift in Singapore is a non-surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic treatment for the nose. Unlike rhinoplasty, it does not require incisions, general anesthesia, and grafts of skin and cartilage. The risks of scarring are negligible, so, you can walk out of the doctor’s office will a natural nose without much downtime.

‘Hiko’ is a combination of two Korean words i.e. Hi and Ko which means ‘High’ and ‘nose’, respectively. This technique was first introduced in Seoul, Korea. Since then, this Korean thread lift has gained much popularity among people living in Asian countries like Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. No surprise in this because Asians have shorter, wider, and less-projecting noses which require augmentative cosmetic treatment. [1]

Well, its popularity is worth the hype as a study found that more than 90% of patients who had undergone this treatment were happy and satisfied, and they observed significant improvements in their nose appearance while no serious complications were reported. [2]

How Much Does A Nose Thread Lift Cost?

The nose thread lift treatment price in Singapore generally ranges from $600 to $1000. The cost may vary depending on:

  • The type of your nasal profile
  • The number of threads used
  • The brand and quality of the thread
  • The skills and experience of the doctor

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How Does Nose Thread Lift Treatment In Singapore Work?

hiko nose threadlift process

The working mechanism of Hiko nose thread lift Singapore is rendered to the properties of thread used in this procedure. The thread acts as:

  • Mechanical scaffold – The threads mechanically lift the nasal bridge and tip. The nose looks taller, slimmer, and sharper as the height and projection of the bridge and tip of the nose are augmented. Additionally, the fine threads act as a scaffold which helps to maintain the shape and contour of the nose in the desired state.
  • Collagen stimulator – The threads are made up of materials similar to surgical sutures. On dissolution, they stimulate the production of collagen in the tissues of the nose. Consequently, a continuous improvement is seen after the procedure, and a well-sustained and long-lasting lift for the nose can be achieved.

When threads are inserted in the midline, along the septum and bridge of the nose, it increases the height of the nasal bridge and straightens the nasal profile. Similarly, when threads are inserted into the tip of the nose at a specific depth, it creates a projection that makes your nose tip look sharper.

What Kind Of Threads Are Used

pdo threads for hiko nose threadlift

Hiko nose thread lift in Singapore is done by using fine threads made up of Polydioxanone (PDO). It is completely non-allergic and non-antigenic. Moreover, it is biodegradable and gets absorbed in the body, naturally, after some time.

The number of threads depends upon the current shape of the nose and the desired results. Therefore, it varies from person to person. Generally, 4 to 10 threads are needed to lift the nasal bridge while 2 to 8 threads are required to elevate the tip area.

Procedure Steps

The steps followed during the nose thread lift in Singapore are explained below;

nose assessment

Consultation And Initial Assessment

  • In the initial meeting, your doctor will tell you about the results you can expect after the nose thread lift treatment.
  • The doctor will make a meticulous assessment of your nose and determines what corrections are to be made and how many threads will be required to attain the optimal results.

Pre-Operative Preparations

  • On the day of the procedure, you will be asked to lie down with your face tilted up.
  • After making the precise measurements, the doctor will draw markings on your nose.
  • Before the procedure begins, your nose will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, particularly, on the sites where the threads will be inserted. It is done to minimize the risks of infection.
  • Numbing cream is applied topically for 15 minutes to numb your nose. After that, a local anesthetic is injected along the nose bridge and nose tip. This will make the process painless, and you will not feel any discomfort or pain during the procedure.

local anaesthesia injection on nose

Hiko Threads Insertion

  • Once your nose is numbed, the doctor uses a small needle to create the entry point for the threads.
  • Lastly, with the aid of a blunt cannula, fine threads are inserted horizontally along the nasal bridge and septum, and vertically into the tip of the nose. The cannula is removed afterward. Defects in both the nasal bridge and tip will be rectified in the same treatment session.


  • Medications will be prescribed which include;
  • Antibiotics – to mitigate the risks of infection
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs – to counter swelling
  • Anti-bruising medicine – to fasten the clearance of bruises
  • Do not apply makeup over the entry points of threads. This restriction is not for the rest of the face.
  • Avoid alcohol and fish oil supplements as they may worsen the bruising.

Knowing how to care for your nose post-treatment and what to avoid after nose thread lift will help to reduce any hassle associated with recovery.

Time Required

It is one of the fastest aesthetic enhancement treatments available for the improvement of nose appearance. The treatment process will last for an approximate half-hour (20 to 30 minutes) after which you can return to your daily activities.

What Kind Of Improvements Can I Get From Nose Thread Lift?

improvements after hiko nose threadlift

You may expect the following improvements after this Korean thread lift treatment:

  • More defined nose contour
  • Higher and straighter nasal bridge
  • Projection in the rounded and bulbous nasal tip, which makes the tip look sharper
  • Correction of the retracted columella (central soft structure present between two nostrils)

Downtime And Recovery

The downtime after the Hiko nose thread lift in Singapore is negligible. You can return to your work or perform normal activities immediately after the treatment.

The cogs and barbs present on the thread make it very stable and secure. So, threads remain in their position and do not get displaced or migrated even when pressure is applied over your nose.

However, you may observe some swelling. It’s completely normal as swelling usually occurs in aesthetic procedures like this, due to the injection of local anesthesia. It will subside within few hours. Bruising, if present, will take few days to recover.

How Long Do Results Last?

The results of the nose thread lift are not permanent. They last for up to a year after which they get absorbed in the body. The treatment can be repeated once every 8 months or yearly to maintain the results.

Are There Any Side Effects?

If performed correctly, Hiko thread nose lift has no side effects except slight tenderness, swelling, and spot bruising which go away after a short time.

Side effects, however, are potentiated with the wrong technique, procedure management, or aftercare. These side effects may include skin infection, deviated nose bridge, failure to achieve optimal nasal height, undercutting of thread with the neighboring skin, unexpected attrition of the thread, etc. Your nose may look unnatural and out of proportion with your face.

How To Go About Choosing A Doctor For Nose Thread Lift In Singapore?

It is very important to choose the right doctor for the nose thread lift in Singapore. Although the treatment looks simple and straightforward, it still demands a high level of proficiency and experience.

Before proceeding to the treatment, you should always check the following things about your doctor:

  • How much experience does the doctor have? How many cases have been performed?
  • Which type of thread will be used during this procedure?
  • How many threads will be needed to improve your nose profile?
  • What improvements should you expect after this treatment? Request for the doctor to show you before-and-after pictures of their previous clients.
  • Were there any complications in the previous cases? If yes, how was it dealt with?
  • Are there any post-treatment protocols and services available?


Hiko nose thread lift in Singapore is a popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment being used to improve the shape and contour of the nose. Its price ranges from $600 to $1000. The whole procedure takes less than an hour to complete.  Moreover, it has a very short downtime and recovery period, while the risks of side effects are minimal. For successful treatment and optimal results, you should select a proficient and experienced doctor.

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1.Park J, Suhk J, Nguyen AH. Nasal analysis and anatomy: anthropometric proportional assessment in Asians—aesthetic balance from forehead to chin, Part II. InSeminars in plastic surgery 2015 Nov (Vol. 29, No. 4, p. 226). Thieme Medical Publishers.
2.Kang SH, Moon SH, Kim HS. Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty With Polydioxanone Threads and Fillers. Dermatologic Surgery. 2020 May 1;46(5):664-70.