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How Do You Know It’s Time For A Fat Removal?
how you know it's time for fat removal

How Do You Know It’s Time For A Fat Removal?

Liposuction has been the second most common cosmetic procedure performed in the United States in 2019, the first being breast augmentation. On average, more than 300,000 procedures are performed every year, with more cases being added to this number each year.

As the name suggests, liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that involves pulling out body fat from underneath the skin from particular areas of the body. These areas include the abdomen, thighs, hips, upper arms, neck, chest, or back. Liposuction is also referred to as body contouring or lipoplasty.

The main aim of liposuction done in Singapore is to redefine the shape and contours of your body. It is not meant as a replacement for a weight loss regime as it does not typically reduce more than 5-8 pounds. Thus, if you are an obese individual, your best bet to reduce weight is to follow a proper diet plan and exercise regularly.

When opting for liposuction, it is imperative to evaluate yourself to ensure you are the right candidate for the procedure. One of the most basic questions one might have when considering liposuction is how do you know it’s time for fat removal surgery? Here’s how!

Are You the Right Candidate for Liposuction?

There are a few things that can play a key role in deciding if you are the right candidate for liposuction. You should not be a smoker and have overall good health without any pre-existing medical condition. In case you smoke, your doctor would recommend you to stop smoking for a few months before the treatment. These factors, accompanied by the following checklist, will determine how ready you are to undergo liposuction Singapore.

1. You Nearly Have The Ideal Weight 

As mentioned above, liposuction does not reduce your weight but helps recontour your body. Keeping this in mind, if your purpose of undergoing the procedure is not weight loss but to enhance your body’s outline, you are the right candidate for the treatment. Body weight varying about 30% from the ideal would do just fine.

2. You Want To Remove Pockets Of Fat From Defined Areas

If you have pockets of fat in chunks at different parts of your body that do not respond to exercise and weight-loss regimes, then too, you are the right candidate for liposuction. You can expect great results when liposuction is used to target several localized spots of fat simultaneously.

3. Your Skin Is Elastic

is your skin elasticLiposuction in Singapore does not tighten loose or lax skin; neither does it re-drape the saggy skin after fat is removed. If you have firm and elastic skin, liposuction will yield ideal results as your skin will be able to tighten itself after fat removal. In case you also want skin tightening results, your doctor may suggest a complementary procedure with liposuction, such as a tummy tuck procedure.

4. You Have Realistic And Practical Expectations

You need to have realistic expectations from the surgical outcomes. It is crucial not to go overboard when anticipating the outcomes of liposuction and expecting something out of the ordinary. This is one of the tips to prepare yourself for the surgery not only physically but also emotionally.

 5. You Have Enough Time To Rest For The Recovery

When deciding to opt for liposuction, it is imperative to analyze if you would have ample time to rest after the procedure. You should be prepared to take 5 to 7 days off work after the procedure. In case this is not possible, you should consider delaying the treatment since you are not likely ready for the post-surgery recovery phase.

What To Expect When Undergoing Liposuction

When going for the procedure, you should be well informed about all the essential details about the process. Plan out everything to ensure no hiccups are experienced along the way. The following points will help you understand the process better.

Pre-Procedure. You should get someone to drop and pick you up from the surgery center. This is especially important since you would undergo a surgery procedure, leaving you unfit for driving safely.

Preparation For The Surgery. Your clinician may take pre-op photos for reference and mark the target areas under treatment. All the material, medications, and pieces of equipment needed will be arranged beforehand, such as IV fluid lines, sedatives, etc. Your vitals (blood pressure, random blood sugar, and oxygen levels) will be checked initially before starting the procedure.

Administration Of Anesthesia.  Some people need general anesthesia for liposuction to help keep them asleep and comfortable while the procedure is performed. Others may be good with local anesthetic for a specific area of the body. With those who are given local anesthesia, an intravenous sedative might also be needed to make them more relaxed and calm.

Your plastic surgeon will determine what suits you the best. Your vitals will be monitored continuously throughout the surgery. If you continue to feel pain after local anesthesia is applied, inform your surgeon, and your dose and amount will be adjusted accordingly.

Incisions Are Made. After sedation, the actual liposuction procedure begins. Your surgeon will place small incisions (1/8- to 1/2-inch each) on your skin over the treated area. The incisions are placed in such a manner that helps mask the postoperative scars.

liposuction in singaporeFat Suction. Fat deposits beneath your skin tissue are removed, and your body outline is contoured. A small tube (cannula) is inserted into your skin through small incisions. The cannula is moved back and forth in order for the fat to loosen. The fat is then suctioned out with the help of a syringe or aspirator.

Incision Closure. Sutures are used to close the incisions. If required, your surgeon may insert small tubes at the incision sites for draining excess fluid. Liposuction takes 45 minutes to 2 or more hours, depending on the number and size of the treatment area.

In case you are under the influence of general anesthesia, you’ll be monitored for your vitals and fluid levels even after the procedure until you wake up in the recovery room.

Recovery And Downtime

liposuction compression garmentYou might be given a compression garment in the recovery room in order to control the swelling over the treatment areas. It also helps your skin to adapt closely to your recontoured body.

There is a high probability that you will be discharged after a few hours unless your surgeon decides that your case requires an overnight stay for close observation. As mentioned above, you will need someone to drive you home safely.

Most patients heal rapidly in about 3 to 4 days and can resume work and light activity. However, strenuous physical activity or exercises should be avoided until 3 to 4 weeks after the surgery.

You should take extra care of the treated area and avoid excessive compression, abrasion, or unnecessary motion during the initial recovery phase. Consult your doctor immediately if you experience severe pain or discomfort.

Risks And Complications

In general, liposuction Singapore is considered a safe procedure. However, like any other surgical procedure, there is a risk of complications associated with it. These include:

  • Prolonged pain and discomfort
  • Excessive bleeding or hematoma
  • Necrosis (cell death)
  • Clotting of fat inside blood vessels
  • Risks of Anesthesia
  • Asymmetrical on both sides of the body
  • Alteration in skin sensation
  • Cardiac and pulmonary complications
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Damage to nerves, blood vessels, and muscles
  • Scarring, contour irregularities, skin discoloration, drooping of the skin

What’s The Cost Of Liposuction in Singapore?

The total cost of liposuction in Singapore varies depending upon several factors. These include:

  • The number and size of treatment areas
  • The expertise of your plastic surgeon
  • Location and reputation of your cosmetic center
  • The amount of fat to be removed

On average, the cost per treatment area ranges from $2500-$5500. Along with the surgeon’s fee, the cost of anesthesia, lab fees, medications, and compression garments, and other services are also added to the final amount.

Choose An Accredited Surgeon And Cosmetic Center For Fat Removal

Once you have deciphered that you are ready for liposuction Singapore for fat removal, the next step is to find a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your surgery as well as a well-equipped cosmetic clinic.

At Dream Plastic Surgery, our trained and friendly staff will happily guide you, clear all your doubts and confusions related to the procedure, cost incurred, as well as postoperative care. Our board-certified plastic surgeons have performed liposuction procedures on hundreds of patients over the years, with the highest rates of customer satisfaction.

Book your consultation to discuss your case, needs, and desires. You can discuss your queries about the pre-operative , intraoperative, and postoperative periods of liposuction surgery. The healthcare professionals will help analyze if you are ready for the surgery at the moment. Your doctor may recommend an immediate appointment for the procedure or advise you to wait instead of undergoing the treatment right away.

About Dream Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery

Bespoke surgical for cosmetic or medical reasons is what Dream covers to bring out the beauty in every individual. Going beyond the aesthetics and working on physical anomalies are what we value the most in leading our patients to cherish self-improvement and confident lifestyles.

Derived from Associate Professor Vincent Yeow’s long-standing experience performing plastic surgery in Singapore, our treatment plans deliver physical remodelling in our patients’ favour. One of the notable remodellings is droopy eyelid correction. The ptosis surgery used for treatment eventually fixes drooping eyelids, improves vision and enhances appearance.

Most importantly, as a trustworthy plastic surgery and aesthetic clinic, we treasure positive and natural outcomes for each individual. We will ensure to deliver the beauty refinement of your dream without compromising your safety and privacy.


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