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How Do I Know If Pico Laser Is The Right Tattoo Removal Treatment For Me?
how do i know if pico laser is the right treatment for me

How Do I Know If Pico Laser Is The Right Tattoo Removal Treatment For Me?

Do you want to remove your tattoo without going through the frustration of limited results? Then, Pico laser tattoo removal treatment is the answer. Due to the laser’s technology and its versatility for removing various tattoo colors, it is becoming one of the most popular treatment choices for tattoo removal in Singapore.

Earlier technologies were not able to remove certain ink colors efficiently. Pico laser treatment surpasses these drawbacks and helps to remove your tattoo effectively. Its high-power laser energy breaks down multi-colored tattoo ink without damaging the skin.

According to a survey in the U.S. in 2019, 12% of respondents wanted to remove one of their tattoos. Choosing the best laser treatment for your tattoo removal is the key to a successful outcome.

Here, we will discuss whether pico laser technology is best for your tattoo removal or not.

What Is Pico Laser? How Does Pico Laser Work To Remove Tattoo?

laser tattoo removal

Pico laser treatment is the way of removing your tattoo with the laser bursts for a picosecond. A picosecond means a trillionth of a second. As a result of laser speed, it prevents the skin from overheating, reducing the risk of scarring and hyperpigmentation on the skin. Adverse effects can be prevented with Pico Laser, unlike longer pulses treatments such as nanolaser treatment which might cause overheating of the skin pigment.

During Pico laser treatment, the ultra-short laser pulses convert tattoo ink into minuscule particles. The ink is then removed from your skin by your lymphatic system.

Why Is Pico Laser More Effective In Removing Tattoos?

Pico laser treatment is effective in removing a broad range of colors in tattoos. Blues and Greens are usually challenging to remove with most previous technologies. However, picosecond laser technology can remove target colors more efficiently.

Picosecond laser can remove more than 70% of tattoo pigment in primary treatment. While in secondary treatment, it removes 90-100% of the tattoo. Moreover, it is more effective in removing black and blue ink tattoos than nanolaser technology.

The encouraging results of picosecond laser for tattoo removal have increased the scope for this technology. It is also effective for the treatment of pigment disorders and acne scars. Hence, the pico laser might be used for a wide range of dermatological issues.

pico laser pigment removal

What To Expect From Pico Laser Tattoo Removal?

The pico laser bursts have the energy for shattering the tattoo ink larger particles into smaller ones, just like converting rock into sand. Then your lymphatic system automatically removes these smaller particles.

Treatment Overview

You have to shave and clean the area where your tattoo lies. Topical numbing cream will be applied over the tattoo and removed right before the treatment begin. The removal procedure takes about 15-30 minutes. Depending upon the type of your tattoo, you might need multiple sessions for removing your tattoo. Each session should be scheduled with a gap of 4-6 weeks.

laser tattoo removal

The color of your tattoo determines which wavelength of pico laser you need to remove the tattoo. Using a higher wavelength can remove more tattoo colors from your skin. Moreover, the laser energy also varies depending upon your tattoo persistence. If your tattoo is resistant to the low-energy pico laser, you might need treatment with high power.

The picosecond laser for tattoo removal works at different wavelengths depending on the color of your tattoo:

  • 755 nm for black, blue, and green tattoo
  • 532 nm for yellow, red, and orange tattoo
  • 1064 nm for blue and black tattoo

Moreover, the picosecond laser treatment rejuvenates the skin and helps in removing scars and wrinkles. Hence, it is a part of the treatment plan for skin tightening and antiaging effects.

laser tattoo removal process

Combination of pico laser with nanolaser:

We can use Pico laser along with nanosecond laser treatment. Firstly nanolaser is used to decrease the size of particles in tattoo pigment. After that, a picosecond laser is used to break it further into smaller particles. Using both lasers for selected types of the tattoo can save the time.

There are different types of pico laser treatment. Your skin type determines which type of treatment you need. Lutronic’s Pico Plus and Wontech’s PicoCare are mostly used in Pico laser Singapore treatment.

In the past two decades, traditional treatments such as surgical excision, dermabrasions, and chemical destruction were prevalent. Nowadays, the laser is recommended as the first line of treatment for tattoo removal, especially pico laser treatment.

Recovery And Downtime After Pico Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

pico laser for pigmentation

After each session, you need to keep the area of tattoo removal clean and apply sunblock while going outdoors. To minimize any discomfort, you can use:

  • Numbing cream
  • High-grade sunblock
  • Icing
  • Wound dressing
  • Low-level light therapy
  • Cooling the area
  • Nerve block
  • Avoid hot baths

If you take good care of your skin after the treatment, you might achieve satisfactory results without any complications. The downtime of redness is 3-7 days, depending on your post-treatment care. The healing process may take 14 days after Pico laser tattoo removal.

Your doctor will place a bandage over the treated skin area. Try not to disturb this dressing because it can irritate your skin. During the shower, try to keep the treated area out of the mainstream of water.

Side Effects

Mild side effects such as redness, crusting, tingling, and itching might occur. These side effects are common and show that your body is adapting to the treatment. They indicate that your body is in the healing process.

Serious side effects are rare. However, after the treatment, your skin might appear white frost-colored. In addition, some people might experience scarring and pigmentation issues which can be managed with other laser technologies. If you have large, colorful tattoos or dark skin complexion, these side effects are more likely to occur. You should contact your medical doctor if you have any serious concerns.

In rare cases, it might cause moderate inflammation on the skin, resulting in hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, or blister formation. You might face some dryness and bruise for 1-3 days after the treatment, and it should subside after 1 to 2.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Tattoos can be lightened significantly in 4-5 sessions. The first few sessions improvements tend to be more dramatic. In the studies, scientists found complete removal of the tattoo in a maximum of 10 sessions.

Each session should be 4-6 weeks apart. Your doctor will determine the number of sessions depending on:

  • Your skin type
  • Depth of your tattoo
  • Ink composition
  • The density of your tattoo

Your tattoo removal process might take a few months to complete. For better results, you should be patient and equip yourself with the knowledge to take good care of your skin after the treatment. The advantage of the pico laser tattoo removal treatment is that the results are permanent.


The cost of Pico Singapore treatment may range from $250-$600 for each session. The factors that affect the treatment cost are:

  • Sensitivity of skin
  • Number of sessions required
  • The complexity of the tattoo
  • Experience of the doctor

Is It Right For Me?

Pico laser tattoo removal has become the go-to treatment. Its advancement, efficiency, and safety attract many people who want to remove their tattoos.

Pico laser can be considered if you have:

  • Colorful tattoo
  • A complex tattoo with more depth and density
  • Fair skin complexion

Some Factors To Consider

Before going for a consultation with your medical doctor, you should be prepared to discuss the following factors before the treatment:

  1. The number of colors you have on your tattoo that requires removal

The tattoo color is the primary factor in choosing the treatment option. In treatments other than pico laser, you might not get the advantage of completely removing the black, blue, green, and red colors.

  1. Cost

Pico laser is more expensive than traditional lasers for tattoo removal. However, it is capable of effectively removing your tattoos with different colors. In addition, the safety of the procedure outweighs the expenses.

  1. Limited Improvements from Traditional Lasers

If you have undergone traditional laser treatments in the past, you might be facing incomplete removal of the tattoo. If you wish to further lighten the tattoo, you can consider pico laser treatment the best option.


Pico laser tattoo removal treatment is one of the most advanced, effective, and safe methods for removing your tattoos. It can remove a wide range of colors and further enhance the previous traditional laser results. You have to take good care of your skin after the treatment for fast recovery and minimal side effects. It is recommended that you consult an experienced medical doctor to work out a personalized treatment plan for tattoo removal.

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