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Hiko Nose Thread Lift Vs Rhinoplasty
hiko nose threadlift in singapore

Hiko Nose Thread Lift Vs Rhinoplasty

The first impression is the last impression. Your face is always the first thing that others notice during a business talk, an interview, or any event. The nose has an enormous effect on your facial beauty. A tiny change in features of the face can improve the harmony and attractiveness of your face.

The proportion and contour of the nose can be enhanced surgically as well as non-surgically. The surgical procedure is known as Rhinoplasty, while the non-surgical procedure that has become more popular in recent years is called Hiko Nose Thread Lift. Many Asian people have wide nasal appearances and low nose bridges. Thus, aesthetic enhancement of the nose is admired amongst Asians.

The concept of a perfect face is gaining popularity day by day. Hence, in 2016 the global expenditure on cosmetic procedures was 26 billion dollars, which might increase to 46 billion dollars by 2026.1

Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of both non-surgical nose job versus rhinoplasty and determine which one is best for you.

Hiko Nose Thread Lift

ideal nose angle

Nose thread lifting is a newer technique compared to fillers and is favored by many for its minimally invasive nature and short recovery time.

Hiko (Hi: high, and Ko: for Nose in Korean) is a method for lifting the nose and increasing the height of the bridge with fewer side effects and discomfort. It is a Korean thread lift technique. This augmentation procedure is popular in Asian societies like Korea, Singapore where people tend to have broad nose due to genetics.

To help you decide if Nose Thread Lift is for you, we have compiled some information about this procedure.

Aesthetic Improvements By Hiko Nose Thread Lift

  1. Lifting the nose tip.
  2. Making the nose appear slimmer.
  3. Making the nose bridge more prominent.

It is rarely involved in addressing functional abnormalities.


  • Less Invasive
  • Lower treatment cost as compared to other nose jobs.
  • Fewer side effects.
  • Minimal time for post-procedure effects to subside.
  • Minimal pain
  • Immediate results


  • Results are not permanent
  • Nose lifting threads may extrude should it migrate from the original position
  • It makes future nose jobs more difficult.

Procedure Of Hiko Nose Thread Lift

hiko nose thread lift procedure steps

It is a simple procedure with safe and effective outcomes.

Step 1: Initially, the nose is measured, and the surgeon draws the markings on the nose to make the thread placement easy.

Step2: Analgesic cream is applied to numb the nose for 15 to 20 min. After that, local anesthesia is injected into the tip and bridge of the nose to numb the area.

Step3: A needle is inserted to make a path for the thread.

Step4: Biocompatible threads like PDO or PCL are inserted in the nose tip with the help of a blunt cannula.

After the procedure, you may be given topical antibiotics cream to prevent infection. The nose heals around the thread by producing new collagen, which is the natural healing material of your body. Collagen provides a framework and volume that keeps the nose tip or the bridge in position after repetitive nose thread lifts.

The number of threads used depends on the individual need. An assessment by the medical professional will be required to determine the number of threads required to raise the nose bridge or tip. Typically, around 4 to 8 threads are inserted into each area, and the entire session takes about 45 minutes to complete. Immediate results can be seen, and one can return to their normal activities after treatment. Thus, this technique is called “lunchtime nose lift”.


  1. Post-operative side effects include swelling or reddishness of the nose; these effects subside in a relatively short period of 2-3 days or less.
  2. After the procedure, abstain from alcohol.
  3. Avoid makeup at the entry point of the thread.

In some rare cases, the infection can take place, which can cause complications.

How Long Does The Result Last?

The results of a PDO nose thread lift lasts for about 9 to 12 months. The nose thread will dissolve in 6-8 months. For long-lasting effect, you should repeat the procedure after 9-12 months.


The price of nose thread lift varies from person to person because it changes with the number of threads used and the experience of the doctor. The nose thread lift Singapore price is in the range of $680 to $1000.


improvements from rhinoplasty surgery - nose job

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to change the shape, size, and proportion of the nose. It can also correct birth abnormalities or deformities from an injury. Everyone has a customized treatment plan that caters to the unique form and functional requirements.

The surgery can be done for aesthetic purposes like correcting uneven nostrils or reducing nasal bump on the bridge of your nose. There are also some functional benefits from the surgery. It might resolve snoring or troubled breathing at night. However, rhinoplasty is mostly considered for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the face.

Pros Of Rhinoplasty

  • Aesthetic enhancement: Improves the contour, projection and shape of your nose. Nose reduction is possible with the surgical option.
  • Corrects the functional problems: It might resolve the difficulty in breathing and congestion. Surgical rhinoplasty can alter the nose structure to resolve such issues.
  • Helps in both health and aesthetic issues: It deals with deformities, breathing difficulties, and cosmetic issues.
  • Long-lasting results: The change of nose shape and size lasts for a lifetime. Results from a rhinoplasty is permanent.

Cons Of Rhinoplasty

  • Risk of scarring: As with any surgery, there is a risk of scarring if the skin does not heal well after the surgery.
  • Recovery time is long: it generally takes 10 to 14 days to recover.
  • Costly: Procedure fees are much higher than non-surgical options, and health insurance might not cover this surgery.
  • Post-operative Care: You need to give special attention to the bleeding or infection after the surgery. Basic wound dressing is required to ensure the incision site heals well.

post operative care - rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Treatment Process And Recovery

You need to discuss your expectations, and it is essential to share your medical history with your surgeon before the surgery. There are some pre-surgical precautions to note. Avoid smoking and medicines like aspirin or ibuprofen for two weeks before and after the surgery.

The procedure of surgery is different for each individual. It depends on the specific goals and features of your nose.

open and close rhinoplasty incisions

Step 1: Surgery is done under general anesthesia.

Step 2: The surgeon makes a small cut inside your nostrils. In extensive surgery, the incision is made around both nostrils, which is known as the open technique.

Step 3: The surgeon might take cartilage from the ear, ribs, or deeper inside your nose to fix the deformities. After correcting the shape, the surgeon puts the tissues and skin in place and closes it with the sutures.12

After the procedure, you need to rest in such a position that your head is higher than your chest. It helps to reduce swelling. There may be some bleeding or mucus drainage after surgery. A gauze at the base of your nose might help to absorb the drainage. You have to avoid strenuous activities and extreme facial expressions for several weeks after surgery.

You might need painkillers to manage any pain and discomfort experienced after the surgery. There are many modern procedures to ensure the preservation of ligaments and other structures of the nose. Thus, new techniques of the surgery are under focus to make it less invasive.

How Long Does The Results Of Rhinoplasty Last?

Rhinoplasty usually makes noticeable changes to your nose to bring about a satisfactory result. However, in a small percentage of cases, you might need a second surgery to refine the results further. If that is required, you have to wait for six months to a year before the second surgery.

The final results of the surgery appear after 3 to 6 months after remnant swelling has fully subsided, and the result is permanent.  However, some changes occur with age, but that does not change much the look of your nose.

rhinoplasty surgery recovery


It may vary from $8,000 to $20,000 in Singapore. However, many medical insurances don’t cover rhinoplasty, so you have to pay the whole amount on your own. Some people need extensive surgery that costs more, while others undergo a minor procedure with less expenditure.

Which Option Should I Go For?

There are advantages and disadvantages for both surgical and non-surgical nose jobs. The best criteria to determine whether you are a good candidate for either nose thread lift or rhinoplasty is to consult the doctor. However, there are some suggestions about the choice of the procedure:

Go for Hiko nose thread lift if you:

  • Want to achieve a straighter and higher nose
  • Avoid surgeries and want a less invasive procedure
  • Have reasonable expectations on the possible improvements it can bring
  • Want a quick procedure

Go for rhinoplasty if you:

  • Want more drastic improvements
  • Want to achieve a smaller and narrower nose
  • Want permanent effects
  • Want to correct your injured nose or birth abnormality
  • Wish to improve breathing or sinus issues


A beautiful nose is a prime factor for a charming face. Many procedures help you enhance the symmetry of your nose. Some techniques are surgical, while others are non-invasive.

Hiko nose thread lift is a non-surgical procedure that makes your nose slim and lifts the bridge of your nose. This procedure is less expensive and completes within 20 to 45 minutes. The recovery time is short, and usually, fewer side effects occur.

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct the deformed nose, or it can be used to enhance the look aesthetically. It is a permanent treatment and may have some side effects. The surgery can fix the injuries and abnormalities along with the health issues such as breathing problems.

Choose a suitable procedure with the help of medical professionals at Dream Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery to find out how you can enhance the natural beauty of your nose.

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