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Get Your Slimmer Face with Btx Jaw Reduction Treatment

Get Your Slimmer Face with Btx Jaw Reduction Treatment

The popularity of a V-shaped face is often influenced by cultural and societal standards of beauty. The term “V-shaped face” refers to a facial shape that is characterized by a slim and tapered jawline that widens at the cheekbones, creating a V-like appearance. This facial shape is often associated with youthfulness, attractiveness, and a more feminine or delicate aesthetic. Those who have a habit of grinding their teeth regularly or chewing too much often end up with enlarged masseter muscles, creating a bulgy appearance around their jaws. It may also lead to jaw pain and headaches. 

Today, there are treatments choices available to achieve a slimmer looking face. Btx jaw reduction treatment is one such option from non-surgical treatments available to restore a feminine-looking slimmer facial appearance. While Btx is primarily known for its effectiveness to get rid of facial wrinkles, it can also help relax the masseter muscles. Anyone with a prominent jawline, headaches, or ear pain caused by constant teeth grinding may benefit from Btx jaw reduction injection. 

Let’s explore more in detail and find out what it is and how it helps individual improving their appearance. 

What is Btx?

Btx (commonly known as Botox) is a drug protein made using Botulinum toxin, and it is used for paralyzing or weakening the muscles. Small doses of Btx can help reduce wrinkles on the skin and may also treat a few medical conditions. 

Btx does not usually occur any serious side effects when administered correctly by a qualified doctor. It is considered a safe, non-surgical cosmetic treatment that is increasingly used nowadays to slim the muscle and create a more narrow lower face and sleeker jaw appearance. 

What is Btx Jaw Reduction?

While Btx jaw reduction procedure can be used for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Functionally, it improves the pain that some people experience in their jaw and also alleviates uncomfortable night grinding. It involves the injection of botulinum toxin type A into the patient’s masseter muscles to relax and shrink them. The muscles are temporarily paralyzed by the injection, weakening them enough to stop habitual grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw. 

Cosmetically, this will also work to slim the muscle and create a more narrow lower face and sleeker jaw appearance. 

Remember, however, that Btx jaw reduction injection only shrinks the masseter muscles temporarily, and the cosmetic results achieved with this treatment are not permanent. Generally, the effects of a Btx jaw reduction treatment last for around 3-4 months. 

Conditions Requiring Btx Jaw Reduction Procedure

Typically, Btx Jaw Reduction procedure can help patients with one or more of the following conditions. 

  • Excessive teeth grinding 
  • Jaw tension, clenching, and pain
  • Headaches caused by constant teeth grinding
  • Square jaw with protruding jaw muscle that needs contouring
  • Imbalanced facial appearance due to disproportionate enlargement of the masseter muscle

What Happens During Btx Jaw Reduction Treatment?

Btx jaw reduction treatment involves the injection of the drug protein into the masseter muscles to create a slimmer-looking lower face. However, some preparation is done before the injection to ensure the treatment is properly administered. 

During the Btx jaw reduction treatment, the doctor will usually follow the steps given below. 

1. The doctor will first assess the face of the patient and the bulky masseter muscles to decide if the patient is the right candidate for jaw btx treatment.

2. Next, the doctor will mark the injection sites and cleanse the skin to avoid infection or irritation. 

3. A numbing cream is then applied to ensure the patient reduce discomfort when the injection is administered. 

4. The doctor then prepares the syringe with Btx (botulinum toxin). 

5. Finally, Btx is injected into the patient’s masseter muscles, and 

To minimise the discomfort from the needle administration, the doctor may use a finer needle for Btx injections. In addition, Btx is usually injected on either side of the jaw to achieve symmetrical results. Btx jaw reduction procedure usually takes around 15-20 minutes.

Is It Safe To Get Btx Jaw Reduction Injections?

Btx jaw reduction injections is generally safe, and no serious complications are reported. However, it is likely that the procedure may cause temporary side effects like: 

  • Swelling or pain at the injection site
  • Headache
  • Bruising
  • Crooked Smile
  • Drooling

Usually, these side effects are temporary and won’t last for more than a few days to a few weeks. It is important for patients to receive their Btx jaw reduction treatment at licensed clinics in Singapore from a qualified medical doctor. 

Is Btx Jaw Reduction Procedure Painful?

Btx jaw reduction procedure, when injected, often describe as like an ant bite. The doctor will usually apply numbing cream at the injection site before injecting Btx, and uses fine needle for the injection to reduce discomfort.

What Can You Expect From Btx Jaw Reduction Injections?

When patients undergo the treatment after learning about its ability to achieve a slimmer, more attractive facial appearance, they are often curious about quickly getting the desired results. However, Btx jaw reduction treatment doesn’t produce instant results right after receiving the injection. 

Btx injections work by reducing the masseter activity, consequently reducing the size of the muscles. After getting Btx jaw reduction injection, patients get a slimmer-looking jaw and experience a reduction in teeth grinding and pain caused by overactive jaw muscles. 

Generally, these results become visible within 1-3 days after the injection. However, some patients may take a couple of weeks after the treatment to notice the improvements. 

Patients who get Btx jaw reduction procedure for cosmetic reasons may need multiple treatments, a few months apart, before their masseter muscle weakens and shrinks to give them the desired appearance. To get optimal results and avoid any side effects, patients must follow the aftercare instructions from their doctor. 

Suitable Candidates For Btx Jaw Reduction Injections

Generally, every adult who is healthy and intends to improve their jaws medically or aesthetically makes a suitable candidate for Btx jaw reduction injections. 

However, it is advised that some patients should avoid this treatment if they lie in the following categories: 

  • Pregnant Women
  • Breastfeeding Mothers
  • Patients who already have a neuromuscular disorder
  • Individuals with body dysmorphic disorder

It is a precautionary measure considering the increased risk and potential side effects. 

Are The Results Permanent?

No, the results of Btx jaw reduction treatment are not permanent. Usually, the Btx effects last for around 3 to 4 months. Once the effects of jaw btx injections diminish and the relaxed masseter muscle starts gaining tension again, jaw clenching will likely come back. 

It is not easy to correct the jaw-clenching habit. It can also increase when the person is under stress. In case of recurrence of jaw clenching, the bulge will be more likely to get bulky again. 

According to Healthline, Btx usually remains in the skin for 3-4 months. However, the longevity of the Btx injections may vary between patients because everyone’s skin condition and type are different. 

Are There Any Side Effects From The Procedure?

Btx jaw reduction procedure is safe, and only temporary side effects like bruising, headache, and pain at the injection site are experienced by patients. In rare cases, btx injections into the masseter muscle can lead to smile asymmetry. It happens because Btx affects the neighboring smile muscles. 

In some cases, btx injections in the jaw may also cause the two sides of the jaw muscles to become asymmetric. It could potentially happen because of a pre-existing asymmetry in the jaw muscles that becomes prominent after the injection. It is possible to correct this asymmetry by injecting a small dose of Btx into the bigger side of the masseter muscle during a follow-up appointment. 

Therefore, it is advised that one must carefully select an experienced doctor to carry out the procedure. It will help reduce the risk of developing any complications.

How Much Does Btx Jaw Reduction Treatment Cost in Singapore?

Usually, the cost of Btx jaw reduction treatment in Singapore starts at $400. It is not a fixed price, and the actual cost depends on the clinic chosen and the experience of the doctor who administers the treatment. In addition, the condition of every patient is different, and the number of Btx injections required to achieve the desired results may vary from one individual to another. 

To get an accurate fee on the Btx jaw reduction treatment cost in Singapore, one should visit the clinic they chosen for treatment and consult their medical doctor. After the assessment by the doctor, they will be able to provide an accurate fee depending on the patient’s condition and treatment goals. 


A slim, V-shaped face looks attractive, and everyone wants to have that facial aesthetic. While some people are naturally blessed with that face shape, others can get an aesthetic treatment to make their face look slimmer and perfectly contoured. Btx jaw reduction is a commonly used procedure in Singapore for better contouring of the jaw and achieving a slimmer facial appearance. The treatment is also administered for medical reasons and can help individuals with jaw tension, clenching, and pain. 

Btx jaw reduction treatment helps to relax the bulky masseter muscles in the jaw and achieve a jaw slimming effect. It is a non-surgical procedure and is generally safe. While most of the time, patients experience temporary side effects that subside within a few days to a couple of weeks. The results are not permanent and last for around 3-4 months.