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Facial Micro Fat Grafting In Singapore: What Is It?
facial micro fat grafting in singapore

Facial Micro Fat Grafting In Singapore: What Is It?

Our face is the part of our body where the very first signs of aging appear. Lines, wrinkles, and loss of skin elasticity are the ravages of aging that make you look old even in your 40s. However, it is now possible to reverse the aging effects and bring back the lost glory of your face.

Where many aesthetic concerns of the face are commonly encountered as one ages, volume deflation is a major one. Our face loses its fullness over time and starts appear boney and saggy. Facial micro fat grafting is one such technique of cosmetic surgery which returns the facial fullness which has been lost due to the age-associated resorption of bone, fat and soft tissues.

Don’t know much about facial micro fat grafting treatment? Don’t worry. In this article, you can find everything you want to know about face fat grafting in Singapore.

What Is Facial Micro Fat Grafting?

what is micro fat grafting

Facial micro fat grafting is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which fat is extracted from one part of the body, is purified, and then transferred to the face. It is done to resolve the cosmetic issues as well as to provide fullness to the face.

Which Cosmetic Issues Can Be Addressed By Using Face Fat Grafting?

concerns treated with fat grafting

The technique can be used to treat the following cosmetic issues of the face;

  • Sunken and hollow eyes
  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Smile or laugh lines
  • Frown lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Facial wrinkles
  • Facial depressions
  • Hollowing over the cheeks or temples
  • Flat and boney forehead
  • Acne or previous surgery’s scar marks

How Is Facial Micro Fat Grafting Different From Older Fat Injection Techniques?

normal versus micro fat grafting

Fat injection is not a new treatment rather it has been used in the field of cosmetic surgery for a long time. However, the older injection techniques did not have very successful outcomes as 70% to 80% of the fat injected used to disappear after some time. It was because the fat was injected in the form of large clumps by the surgeons. As the fat cells need a blood supply to survive, only the peripheral fat which was in close contact with the surrounding vasculature used to keep on living while the fat lying in the center of the clump used to die off and later get absorbed by the body.

The invention of slimmer injection cannula and the development of the micro fat grafting technique has improved the results significantly. Now, the smaller fat cells can be selectively separated. These fat cells are then injected in the form of tiny aliquots over multiple passes at several different depths. In this way, most of the fat cells get the blood supply and survive, while there are lesser risks of fibrosis, cyst, and nodule formation which were commonly associated with previous techniques.

How Is The Facial Micro Fat Grafting Treatment Done?

The face micro fat grafting is done in the following steps;


During your first consultation with your plastic surgeon, you will be asked about your needs and concerns regarding your facial appearance. The surgeon will have a comprehensive look at your face and assess the cosmetic issues that need to be addressed. They will explain what to expect during and after the treatment, and also recommend which part of your body will be ideal to extract the fat grafts.


Usually face fat grafting is performed under local anesthesia. But in cases where there is a need to extract and transfer a large amount of fat for facial augmentation, general anesthesia is recommended as it reduces the pain and discomfort during the surgery.


After the anesthesia, the donor and recipient are disinfected to minimize the risks of infections.

Harvesting Fat Grafts With Liposuction

fat extraction for fat grafting

After the initial preparations, two or three incisions are made over the thigh, abdomen, or the body part pre-selected as the donor area of fat grafts. The fat is then extracted with the help of the liposuction technique using special pieces of equipment.

Fat Purification

fat purifying

The harvested fat is then poured into the container of a centrifugation machine. The centrifugation process separates pure fat from the blood, serum, and other impurities. The end product is a concentrated and purified form of healthy fat and stem cells.

Fat Transfer

fat injection into face

The last step is the transfer of extracted fat to the face. For this purpose, small punctures are made in the skin using a needle. With the help of a blunt tip cannula, the fat is then injected at various depths and sites near the facial muscles. The rich blood supply of facial muscles ensures the continued survival of fat cells.

The fat cells that are larger in size are used to provide fullness and lift to the face, while the smaller ones are injected to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

How Much Time Does It Take For The Procedure To Complete?

The face fat grafting procedure usually takes 1 to 3 hours to complete depending upon the areas from which the fat is being extracted and then grafted.

For How Long Do The Results Last?

As discussed earlier, blood supply is the major determinant of the survival of fat cells. Because face has a rich network of blood supply, the graft survival rates are significantly high, and it is proposed that 40% to 60% of the grafted fat survive in its new abode.

fat filtering

However, a certain percentage of fat does not fit into the new environment. It undergoes apoptosis, and ultimately, gets absorbed by the body. That is the reason plastic surgeons implant an extra amount of fat in the recipient region so that when some fat cells die off and disappear, the desired outcomes may be achieved.

Anyways, the rule is that whatever fat that survives for about one month is going to last over a long period of time. The grafted fat responds to the weight fluctuations of the whole body. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid extreme weight reductions to increase the longevity of the results.

How Is The Recovery Like?

The donor area, from where fat grafts were harvested through liposuction, will show some bruising and mild discomfort after the procedure. It may take 2 weeks for recovery.

On the other hand, the face will appear swollen after the treatment. It is both because of swelling and the extra amount of fat injected into the recipient area. You can expect some bruising as well. Once the swelling subsides and the extra amount of fat gets absorbed into the surrounding tissues, the results will stabilize.

Are There Any Risks Of Side Effects Or Complications?

Due to autologous fat grafts, the side effects are minimal. Although very rare, but like any other surgery, some kinds of risks and complications are always there. These include;

  • Infection of the wound site (1% – 5%) [1]
  • Skin irregularities
  • Displacement or migration of fat grafts
  • Liponecrotic cyst formation
  • Fat embolization [2]

What Is The Cost Of Face Fat Grafting In Singapore?

The face fat grafting Singapore cost ranges between $4,000 and $8,000. Various factors determine the final cost of face fat grafting in Singapore. These include;

  • The recipient and donor area
  • The amount of fat extracted and transferred
  • Skills and experience of the doctor
  • Type of anesthesia used (general or localized)
  • The locality of the treatment center
  • Charges of operation theatre
  • Consumables used during surgery
  • Post-treatment medications
  • Follow-ups

Why Is Facial Micro Fat Grafting Better Than Filler Injections?

Facial micro fat grafting is a lot more beneficial than dermal filler injections in many ways. Some of its advantages are given below;

Longer Lasting Results

The most important advantage of fat grafting is that it has a longer survival rate. It has been assumed that the injected fat can easily survive for up to 10 years or even more.

No Adverse Reactions

As the fat grafts are taken from the patient’s own body (autologous grafts), there are no risks of adverse immune reaction or graft rejection.

Improves The Skin Quality

The harvested fat grafts contain mesenchymal stem cells. These cells produce growth factors that improve the overlying skin quality and texture. So, facial micro fat grafting provides skin rejuvenation in the most natural way that is not usually seen in the case of dermal fillers.

fat grafting rejuvenation effect

More Economical

In patients who need large volume augmentation, fat grafting is a more economical option as compared to undergoing multiple filler treatments.


Facial micro fat grafting is a “two-in-one” surgery. Alongside the facial treatment, conventional liposuction is performed to extract the excess fat from the abdomen, love handles, or other body parts. So, when you wake up from the surgery, you will have a fuller, rejuvenated face and a slimmer body contour.

Bottom Line

Face micro fat grafting is a cosmetic surgery procedure in which some of the excess body fat is transferred to the face. It not only addresses the volume deflation and other age-related cosmetic concerns of the face but also helps in getting a slimmer body contour. It has a very short recovery period and provides long-lasting results. If you are selecting between fat grafting and dermal filler injections, face fat grafting is surely a better option.

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