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Face Fat Grafting – A Natural Procedure To Address Facial Volume Loss
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Face Fat Grafting – A Natural Procedure To Address Facial Volume Loss

Aging is a natural phenomenon that every individual has to go through. Even though there are many changes in the body as we age, the most apparent changes are the face changes. One of the most asked aging-related questions includes ‘how to regain my facial volume naturally?’ or ‘can facial volume loss be reversed?’. This is because a loss of facial volume can lead to the face looking sunken or tired. The individual may look much older than themself, which sometimes affects their confidence and quality of life.

However, several interventions have been introduced to address facial fat loss over the past few years. One of these is the facial fat grafting technique which has gained popularity because of its minimally invasive nature and low downtime. This article discusses the factors leading to fat loss, the most commonly affected areas, and how facial face graft can help treat this. So, if that is something you are looking for, keep reading ahead!

What Factors Lead to Fat Loss from the Face?

Studies show that the major contributing cells to facial fat loss belong to the white adipose tissues. These are most easily modified during aging – whether it is natural, aging, or caused by the sun and environmental damage. The modification of the subcutaneous white adipose tissues presents itself in the form of loss of skin thickness, alterations in the intercellular matrix, changes in the size of the fat cells, changes in the adhesion ability of the white adipose tissues to the skin, and a reduction in the number of actively proliferating skin cells. These are the main factors that eventually lead to fat loss from the face and promote the appearance of hollowness, sagginess, and wrinkles.

What Are the Areas of The Face That Lose Volume?

The areas of the face that are most commonly affected by fat loss with aging are also the ones that may benefit the most from a facial fat graft. These usually include:

Parts of the face that lose volume over time

  • Cheeks
  • Temples
  • Periauricular Area
  • Orbital Area
  • Perioral Area

The loss of facial fat can be further assessed using a 5-degree scale usually used in clinical setups. While the first degree of the scale indicates the presence of flattening or indentation in at least one facial region, the fifth degree indicates an excessive loss of facial fat with deep indentations and protruding facial bones.

What are the Signs of Facial Volume Loss?

The most common signs that indicate facial volume loss include:

  • Appearance of wrinkles
  • Fine line around nose and lips
  • Hollowed out eye sockets
  • Flattening of the cheeks
  • Sagging of skin around the jawline
  • Lesser definition of lips
  • Dry skin with a lack of elasticity

What is Facial Fat Grafting?

Cosmetic Surgery Fat Transfer

Facial fat grafting refers to a procedure in which fat is translocated to the facial area from another part of your body. The fat is grafted using extracted adipose injections that are processed and purified after being extracted from the patient’s thighs or abdomen area. This procedure is considered safe since the procedure uses the individual’s fat cells to restore facial volume.

The Benefits of Fat Grafting Procedure

The main benefits associated with Facial Fat grafting include:

  • Considered Safe for sensitive individuals
  • Improve the appearance of scars and wrinkles in addition to adding volume
  • More natural-looking than dermal fillers without the use of any foreign body
  • Long-lasting results
  • Contouring of area from which the fat is extracted

The detailed steps of the face fat grafting procedures, which may include everything from pre-procedure assessment to aftercare, can be read in this article.

The Bottom Line

One of the most apparent differences between an aged and young individual is the presence or absence of facial volume. Hollowing of the face, which is often seen with aging, might make individuals look much older than they are and shake their confidence in socializing in society. Since face volume is associated with a more youthful and uplifted face, it has become a goal for numerous aesthetic procedures. Face Fat grafting is a procedure that uses natural fat to target aging issues like volume loss and skin sagging. It is often preferred over other skin lifting procedures like synthetic fillers, as it is a much safer and long-lasting treatment for facial volume loss.

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