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Everything You Should Know About Fat Grafting In Singapore
all you need to know about fat grafting

Everything You Should Know About Fat Grafting In Singapore

Humans are always in quest of becoming the best version of themselves. These embellishments can help improve the looks but can’t change the way you look. You can create a better contour of your chubby cheeks using makeup skills, but that is not a permanent resort.  But today’s advanced surgical world has made face and body enhancements possible. You can use the services of a Plastic Surgeon to alter the fat volumes of your body. This fat altering is known as Fat Grafting.

What is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting, also known as Fat transfer or fat injection, transfers fat from one part of the body to another. Previously, most plastic surgeons did fat grafting in Singapore for medical purposes, but it is common for aesthetic enhancements today. It is an effective option to improve facial contours, add volume to key areas of the face to soften facial features, and fill hollow areas for smoothing wrinkles.

Steps of Fat Grafting

  1. Fat extraction from the donor site using the Liposuction technique.
  2. Fat purification by decanting, centrifuging, and processing.
  3. Reinjecting the purified fat into the recipient site where needed.

Fat Grafting in Singapore

Fat grafting is practiced in different parts of the world. Fat Transfer treatment in Singapore helps reshape your face, nose, and rest of the body for the better. You get clean environments, professional staff, and natural results of fat grafting procedures done in Singapore.

What to Consider Before Going for Fat Grafting: Selecting the Ideal Candidate

Fat grafting procedures are available to enhance facial contours and shape body parts. The Plastic Surgeon analyzes the area and makes a decision depending upon:

  • The general health of the patient. If the candidate wants the procedure for aesthetic purposes, they must be healthy and disease-free.
  • Absence of bleeding disorders. It is necessary for a successful transfer of the graft.
  • Good Circulatory system. We only recommend a face graft if a robust network of blood vessels engorges the recipient site.
  • The attitude of the patient. Patients with unrealistic expectations are not candidates for fat grafting.


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Areas of the Body that Can Transform with Fat Grafting

The Fat Grafting procedures are generally divided into Facial Fat Grafting in Singapore and Body Grafting:


A Facial Fat Graft may be the treatment of choice for several aesthetic conditions that include:

  • Improving acne scars
  • Reconstructive procedures for injury or disease
  • Improvement of nasolabial lines and creases of the forehead
  • Restore volume loss for aging faces
  • Volume restoration around the eyes (Volume loss) and cheeks
  • Wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Advantages of Facial Grafts

areas for fat grafting

  1. Improves contour of the skin and removes wrinkles from the skin
  2. Less expensive than facelift surgery
  3. Recovery time is less
  4. Is done with local anesthesia
  5. Is minimally invasive
  6. Has long-lasting effects


Fat Graft surgery effectively improves the skin of different parts of the body, other than the face. The primary sites of Body Fat Grafting and the reasons (for grafting) are as given below:

Breast Augmentation Fat Graft

Breast enhancement surgeries with fat transfer breast augmentation in Singapore are more common nowadays as people appreciate the use of natural fat fillers over synthetic implants. The indications for breast augmentation with fat grafting are:

  • Increase in breast size
  • Contour irregularities
  • Restoring volume
  • Aging
  • Restoring breast size after pregnancy or breastfeeding changes

Advantages of Breast Fat Grafting in Singapore:

  1. No need for breast implants.
  2. The scar is smaller as compared to implant surgery.
  3. Better correction of abnormalities and deformities.
  4. Efficient and the only way for restoration in Mastectomy patients.

Butt-lift Grafting

The conditions that indicate Butt-lift Fat Graft are:

  • For making a fuller and rounder butt

Advantages of Butt-lift Fat Grafting in Singapore:

  1. More natural look as compared to implants
  2. Feels better
  3. No complications associated

Hand Rejuvenating Fat Grafting

Hand rejuvenation can be done via fat grafting when:

  • Skin quality has to be improved
  • Blood vessels are to be covered
  • Wrinkled areas have to be plumped

Advantages of Hand Fat Grafting in Singapore

  1. The graft lasts longer as compared to dermal fillers.
  2. Improve bony appearance of hands

How Does Fat Grafting Procedure Work

The Fat Graft procedure involves different steps, as explained below:

1. Extracting fat from the donor site

In an autologous fat graft, fat cells are extracted from the same person’s body. The donor site may be belly or thigh, depending upon the amount of fat available.

How do the Surgeons extract fat: Is liposuction required?

Yes, the Plastic Surgeon uses Liposuction to extract fat cells from the donor site.

Is general anesthesia given to the patient?

That would depend on the volume of fat required for the procedure. In cases where a small amount of fat is required, local anesthesia is given to avoid pain. Your surgeon will apply local anesthetic to the donor site and extract small quantities of fat with Liposuction needles and cannulas. Fat is purified

The fat cells are then placed in an ultracentrifuge machine. The extracted cells are decanted and centrifuged, and then a small quantity is taken in an injection.

In other cases where a huge amount of fat is required, your plastic surgeon may recommend general anesthesia for better comfort throughout the procedure.

2. Small amounts are injected at the donor site

The liquified and purified fat is injected into the facial skin via syringes.

What are the areas of face grafted/types of grafts?

The most common facial areas grafted include areas under the eyes, cheeks, and nasolabial fold areas. Common body areas would include the breast, buttocks and hands.

Is Facial Fat Graft permanent?

The injection of fat cells into the skin leads to angiogenesis (production of new vessels). These vessels develop to keep the new entrants alive. In general, around 70% of grafted cells survive, and a second session may be preferred by some for better results.

Fat Graft Surgery Alternatives

breast implants: fat grafting to breast alternativeAlternatives to Fat Graft Surgery include:

1. Implants

Facial implants, Breast implants, and Butt implants are used to provide volume and contour. Implants are mostly preferred in younger clients. Most of the implants are made out of Silicone and serve a similar purpose as Fat Grafting.

2. Fillers

Anti-aging injections that include dermal fillers and Botox injections can also be used to achieve facial esthetics. These chemicals can fill in the crevices and push up your saggy facial skin, thus removing the folds and wrinkles.

fillers for facial revolumizingBenefits of Fat Grafting for Face and Body Augmentations

There are several benefits of Fat Grafting Surgery. This natural autogenous grafting process is superior to fillers and implants.

1. Results in Fat reduction

An indirect advantage of fat grafting is that it results in a loss of fat from the donor site. The belly and thigh are the most common donor sites. The extraction of fats from these areas results in fat reduction, which is excellent for enhancing body contours.

You don’t have to lose weight by carrying out strenuous exercises!

2. Improved quality of the skin in areas that receive fat injection

The scientists believe that the injected fat cells have Stem cells in them. These stem cells cause the regeneration of cells in the skin, forming newer and healthier skin.

3. Improved facial contours

The natural filling of the hollow areas helps achieve a better contour. It is especially true for Facial Fat graft which is considered a natural method to remove the folds and wrinkles.

It plumps a hollow area just like a natural filler. Fat Augmentation and Fat Grafting improve facial contour and symmetry (Denadai et al., 2019).

4. Reduced chances of allergic reactions

It is also an important benefit of Fat Grafting. There is a greater risk of tissue rejection with implants and an allergic reaction with artificial fillers. As this procedure involves an autogenous graft (graft from oneself), the chances of an allergic reaction are near zero.

5. Natural look

A more natural look is imparted with this procedure, thanks to the natural fat injections used. The injected grafts jell well with the surrounding tissues, and as a result, a more natural look develops.

6. Long-lasting results

The results of Fat Graft usually last long. The stem cells accompanying the fat tissue allow for rejuvenation of the skin. Fat tissues that survive the grafting process usually stay permanently in the area, providing long-lasting results.

Are the results permanent?

It is a tricky question to answer. Fat Graft procedures are way better than artificial fillers and Botox injections, period. But it’s not like that grafted fat lasts for a lifetime.

Where artificial injectable fillers are absorbed over time and need replacements, grafted fats are generally more long-lasting.

The body absorbs most of the injected fats within the first few weeks (4-6) after injection. However, many of these cells survive and continue to exist as normal fat cells in their new abode. Small amounts of fat may continue to get absorbed for the next six months.

Avoid major weight loss situations as you may lose the fat cells grafted in the treatment area. Ideally, maintaining a constant weight and a healthy lifestyle will help to prolong the results from your procedure.

Factors that affect the result of Fat Grafting

Certain factors affect the results and quality of the Fat Grafting:

1. Surgical Characteristics of the Fat Cells

White fat (adipose) tissues are considered the best for the purpose. The stromal vascular structure of the fat tissues proves to be better in grafting. These types of fat tissues tend to produce better results. However, it is hard to predict the type of fat tissue obtained from the donor site until they are extracted.

2. Local Anesthetics

The use of a local anesthetic can influence the results of the Fat Grafts. Certain components in local anesthetic medication can affect the growth and adaptation of grafted fat tissues. Hence, other anesthesia or sedation options may be more beneficial for the procedure.

3. Donor Site

The donor site also influences the results of the surgery. The fat cells around the butt and thigh region tend to be larger in size and are ideal for fat grafting.

4. Processing the Graft

Washing and centrifugation are the selected methods to process and purify the fat cells. Proper processing of fat tissues during the procedure helps to achieve cleaner and purer fat tissues for grafting, in turn, increasing the survival rate of the transplanted fat.

Risk factors and side effects of Fat Grafting

There are no specific side effects or risk factors of the Fat Grafting procedure. Autologous fat transplants are the safest of all procedures.

However, complications may arise after the operation. The possible complications may include:

  • Infections of the sites (donor and recipient)
  • Embolism after injection of fat into vessels, i.e., fat embolism formation in blood vessels
  • Liponecrotic cysts formation is an outcome of a large number of grafts
  • Graft migration to another site
  • Irregularities of the skin that develop after surgery

Considering a fat grafting procedure?

Fat graft surgery is an essential breakthrough in the world of plastic surgery. The Fat Graft procedure is an easy and acceptable one.

It is used for aesthetic purposes to provide volume to saggy cheeks, lips, nose, and other facial regions. This method is also used for Butt and breast augmentation. It is safer as it involves only natural products and that too autologous. There are no complications related to the process, but a lack of proper surgical skills can cause some issues.

So, if you are dubious over whether to get a Fat Graft or not, then it’s a green signal from us. Explore your options and how fat graft can benefit you with a personalized consultation at Dream Plastic Surgery.


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