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Does Removing Eye Bags Have Any Benefits?
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Does Removing Eye Bags Have Any Benefits?

Are the baggy eyelids bothering you? It can be quite overwhelming and become a cause of concern for you. Regardless of age, you may develop eye bags for a number of reasons. These include genetics, stress, lifestyle habits, and underlying health complications.

While any pre-existing disorder requires appropriate medical treatment, eye bags resulting from other causes do not pose a risk to your health and can be eliminated by eye bag removal surgery.

Nonetheless, the question arises, why should you go for eye bag surgery? Does removing eyebags actually have any benefits? In this article, we make sure to answer these concerns.

What Are the Benefits of Eye Bag Removal Surgery?

Be it aesthetic or medical concerns, eye bag removal surgery deals with all concerns that come with saggy eye bags, giving you the following benefits:

1. Fresher Look

Eye bags come with a swollen and puffy eye, most often accompanied by dark circles. The swollen blood vessels that do not drain water adequately cause dark circles. Even if you had a good night’s sleep, the dark circles will still be present. You will always look tired, dull, and weary.

On top of that, other factors such as high sodium intake and allergies might make the dark circles even more prominent. Lack of sleep will also aggravate these dark circles, making you look exhausted.

On the other hand, eye bag removal surgery will help you look fresher, energetic, and full of life. This will not only improve your overall appearance but also boost your confidence.

2. Younger Appearance

no eye bags

The process of aging brings with it saggy and loose skin. This can even make you look older than your actual age. Droopy eyelids further worsen your aesthetic appearance. The last thing you need is people walking around asking about your tired and sleepy eyes. This not only hurts your confidence but also can be quite embarrassing sometimes.

Whereas eye bag removal can tighten the skin around your lower eyelids, making them firmer thus, giving you a younger look. People will then ask about your secret to bright and youthful eyes!

3. Smoothen Wrinkles

Eye bags cause loosening of the skin around your eyes and creates wrinkles. This leads to a condition called crow’s feet, which is the appearance of wrinkles at the corners of your eyes. While firm and smooth skin can make you look younger, wrinkling of the skin is the major factor that makes you look older and falsely aged.

Eye bag removal surgery in Singapore can help such people smoothen wrinkles and tighten the skin around their eyes. This preserves your youthful look and delays the appearance of the aging process gracefully.

4. Reduce Unsightly Bulges

Your eyelids contain a certain quantity of fat deposition in the eyelids, but excess fat begins to cause problems. Too much fat in the eyelids makes them develop an unsightly bulge. While fat accumulation under the eyes can increase as we age, it can also have a genetic predisposition.

What further aggravates the condition is the irregular bulge in both eyes, giving your eyes uneven dark circles and imbalanced appearance.

Eye bag removal surgery can even out your eyes, fixing the amount of fat and tightening the muscles around your eyes. This results in smooth skin tone and texture, giving you a firmer appearance.

5. Less Need for Concealing Eye Bags with Makeup

Even though camouflaging the bulging eye bags with makeup can be a quick fix, it is temporary and needs to be repeated on a daily basis! It can be an option for an urgent situation once in a blue moon but cannot provide an effective solution for eye bag problems on a long-term basis.

Excessive use of cosmetic products can also dry and damage your skin near your eyes. It might pinch into your cornea, causing irritation to your eyes and posing a risk to your vision.

Getting your eye bags fixed by eye bag removal surgery in Singapore, you will need to spend less time in front of the mirror, fixing your eyes for concealing the eye bags. What’s more? You will need fewer makeup products on your eyes, preventing damage to your periocular sensitive skin, and protecting your vision.

6. Get Rid of Irritation

Conditions like Ectopic and Entropic Eyelids can cause irritation or recurring infection in your eyes. Lower eyelid or eye bag surgery can help you get rid of such medical conditions and save your eyes and vision from ocular issues.

Types of eye bag surgery in Singapore

There is an assortment of treatment options available for removing eye bags with surgery. Whichever procedure you choose, it will help you improve the overall appearance of your eyes, correcting conditions such as droopiness, wrinkles, as well as the under-eye bulge.

1. Scarless Eye Bag Removal

The Scarless Eye Bag Removal procedure is the non-surgical eye bag solution that permanently removes the under-eye fat tissue. The elimination of excess fat and water occurs through a fiber-optic laser.

This is done via an almost invisible entry point in the lower eyelid and takes about 30 minutes to complete. A 600 micrometer (0.6 millimeters) needle-sized laser is utilized to make a small prick on the outer corner of the eye. The procedure involves a shorter recovery time compared to other eye bag removal surgeries.

The benefits of the Scarless Eye Bag Removal procedure include:

  • No use of knives and stitches
  • No post-treatment scars
  • Permanent removal of excess fat
  • Greater precision by a fine laser probe
  • Less traumatic technique, causing minimal bruising and swelling
  • Comparatively faster recovery period
  • Quick and safe procedure
  • Gives optimal results if combined with facial fat grafting

In general, this procedure is simple, does not have an age limit, and is suitable for almost anyone. However, you are an ideal candidate if you are young with mild to moderate eye bags, have a lesser amount of excess skin, and minor skin laxity.

2. Transconjunctival Eye Bag Removal

transconjuctival eye bag removal surgery method

During the Transconjunctival Eye Bag Removal, a microincision in the inner conjunctiva is made by the surgeon, removal of excess fat tissue from the lower eyelids is done, then a suture is placed on the inner eyelid. The procedure takes from 1 to 2 hours and is done under sedation. Stitch removal is done 7 days postoperatively and involves a recovery period of 10-14 days.

Transconjunctival Eye Bag Removal is a suitable choice for individuals:

  • On initial stages of eye bag formation
  • Having mild to moderate bulge
  • With no excessive skin in the under-eye area
  • With good skin elasticity

Transconjunctival Eye Bag Removal procedure:

  • Does not leave visible scars
  • Maintains the patient’s eye shape
  • Involves faster recovery
  • Is less traumatic around the eyes
  • Causes minimal swelling

3. Eye Bag Removal with Fat Repositioning

incisional eye bag removal surgery cutting method

Eye bag surgery with fat repositioning is a surgical procedure that removes eye bags and corrects flabby skin in the under-eye area. It also improves wrinkles, giving you a youthful and fresher look.

The procedure not only involves excess fat removal but also repositions it to correct the groove under the eye bag. Any excess skin is also removed, and the lower eyelid is tightened to create a smooth contour. The surgery takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and is done under sedation. Stitch removal is done 7 days after the surgery and takes about 10-14 days for recovery.

The benefits of Eye Bag Removal with fat repositioning are as follows:

  • Corrects skin aging issues (loose skin, under-eye bulge, etc.)
  • Eliminates wrinkles and fine lines
  • Removes dark circles
  • Tightens the under-eye skin
  • Improve hollow or sunken areas
  • Offers longer lasting and persistent results

The technique is suitable for people with:

  • Substantial excess fat in lower eyelids
  • Multiple eye bags due to an uneven accumulation of fat under the eyes
  • Deep grooves under the eyes
  • Noticeable blood vessels under the eyes
  • Sunken areas with less fat resulting in dark circles
  • Reappearing eye bags after undergoing a surgical procedure in the past

4. Ectropion and Entropion Eyelid Repair

Eyelid repair for Ectropion and Entropion is the procedure done under local anesthesia injected in your eyelid and as local-anesthetic eye drops. Ectropion is the outward turning of the eyelids that do not touch your eye.

Entropion is the inward turning of the eyelid, causing your eyelashes to rub against the cornea forming a dome-shaped outer layer. The procedure time is about 30 minutes to 1 hour, according to the case.

A small section of your eyelid might need to be removed at points with maximum tissue slacking. Your surgeon might use a skin graft if the problem occurs due to tight skin or scar tissue.

Ectropion and Entropion eyelid repair procedure will benefit you by remarkably recovering your eyelid position, improving your symptoms.

You are the right candidate for this procedure if you have:

  • Loose eyelid in the corner or medial of the eye
  • Loss or short of skin in the eyelid
  • Imbalanced orbicularis muscle positioning

What Is the Cost of Eye Bag Surgery in Singapore?

operating theater

The cost of eye bag removal surgery in Singapore generally ranges from $3500 to $7000. The price can vary according to the individual patient’s case, desires and needs, location, surgeon’s expertise, and other factors.

However, it is exclusive of the costs for anesthesia and operating room facilities. As they are mostly done for cosmetic enhancements, the price of the eye bag surgeries is not covered by insurance companies.


Although you can have noteworthy results with the eye bag surgical procedures, it is important to remind yourself to have realistic expectations and not go overboard when anticipating the outcomes.

Book a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your case and have the right cost estimation based on your recommended treatment plan.

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