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Dimples – Did You Know That It Is A Genetic Flaw?
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Dimples – Did You Know That It Is A Genetic Flaw?

People seldom welcome the idea of a flaw on their face. However, what they often don’t know is that not all genetic defects are undesirable. In fact, some of them are actually considered attractive – of course, we’re talking about dimples.


A dimple is a tiny, natural-born indentation in the flesh, usually present on the face. There are 2 main types of dimples:

1. Cheek Dimples

One of the most commonly known dimples are the ones on the cheeks, which can be present individually or in pairs. Cheek dimples allow individuals to obtain a more angular face, sculpting the face and helping it appear slimmer and sharper.

 2. Chin Dimples

The second most commonly known dimples are chin dimples, also known as a ‘cleft chin’. It is a Y-shaped fissure that looks like a depression on the chin and they tend to look better on men.


There are a number of theories to explain how cheek dimples are formed. One of these theories suggests that dimples appear due to the presence of shorter muscles on the cheeks, which contract when an individual smiles. This pulls the skin inwards, causing the appearance of the indentation.

Another school of thought ties in with another facial muscle, the Zygomaticus major. This muscle stretches between the cheekbone to the corners of your lips. Studies have shown that during the embryonic stages of development, this muscle, which begins as a single entity, can face improper development and fragment into two sections. The variants of both these muscles in terms of structure and size could then cause the emergence of dimples.


Chin dimples are also formed during the embryonic stages of development and are caused by an unfinished merging of the left and right halves of the jaw bone or muscle, resulting in a slight depression.


Cheek dimples are overwhelmingly considered as alluring, adorable and appealing. There are perhaps two mains reasons to explain this.

Firstly, cheek dimples are usually most noticeable when an individual smiles, closely tying the facial feature with the positive associations of smiling – smiling makes a person winsome and charismatic, making them appear more attractive and confident.

Secondly, many find people with dimples charming because dimples are associated with youth. Many babies and young children tend to sport these little dents, but lose them as they grow older as their facial muscles change.


As dimples are a genetically inherited trait, it is unlikely that children will possess the required genes if neither of their parents have it. However, while not physically visible, some individuals carry dormant genes, which can be passed on to the following generations.


Certainly. If you are not born with dimples, these tiny indentations can be created through a simple procedure known as a dimpleplasty. This is a fast and relatively painless procedure. The surgery takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and you can head home right after that.

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