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Can You Do Fat Grafting When You Are Skinny?
can you do fat grafting if you are skinny

Can You Do Fat Grafting When You Are Skinny?

How does this procedure work with very little fat? The purpose of fat grafting is self-explanatory: you require fat grafting if you want to volumize another area such as the face, buttock, and breasts.

The working principles of fat grafting are the removal of unwanted fat and its reinsertion into the areas that need volume. Obviously, you should have enough fatty tissue that is to be grafted! So what about a person who doesn’t have enough fat?

While it may seem illogical to many standards of society, there are actually some circumstances in which you require a minimal amount of fat to be transferred. As we get old, the various pads of fat within our face that contribute to a youthful and plumper appearance begin to decrease causing a sunken, droopy look.

Fortunately, nowadays modern cosmetic surgery offers a range of options to solve this problem and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and hollow spaces on the face. Solutions can include fillers, injectables, and even surgical procedures.

Are You Too Thin or Lean For Fat Grafting?

As a highly customisable and specialized procedure, fat transfer surgery requires specific demands from patients. Your bodily dimensions, weight, and fat percentage will help to set your suitability for this whole procedure.

However, aesthetic goals and expectations are also vital to this process. To help determine whether fat grafting is right for you, despite not being too skinny for a fat transfer, it is necessary to first take a look at the basics of the surgery procedure and what the expectations are from the treatment.

areas suitable for fat harvestingCandidates for fat grafting should be healthy and should have a stable and consistent weight. Since fat can be taken from various parts of the body, patients are rarely too skinny to disqualify for fat grafting altogether.

Even the patients who have minimal excess tissue, plastic surgeons usually manage in harvesting fat from the medial to lower inner thighs by using careful liposuction techniques.

However, your artistic expectations will play a critical role in determining your suitability for the treatment process. During your initial consultation, you have to define your aim and design to the surgeon.

Do I have enough fat for a facial fat transfer?

When it comes to fat grafting, the question of whether a person is too thin for fat transfer is very common. Because the amount of fat required to perform a facial fat grafting is not immensely significant and there are various available places from which to harvest, most people can be considered applicants for the procedure.

It is very important to keep in mind, though, that not all fat is formed equal. Depending on the part from which the fat is removed, the final look on the face may vary. This makes the necessity of selecting an experienced and highly qualified surgeon even more difficult.

Skinny patients also have fat cells but they are structurally different – and also behave differently – then the fat cells of healthy patients. Usually, the more stable fat cells of skinny patients are better for the chances of surviving the transfer and harvest process.

Another thing to consider is the location of the fat from the graft area. In most cases, doctors prefer to take fat cells that do not differ significantly with weight loss and gain.

For example, in people who tend to maintain fat on their thighs in spite of changes in their total weight, a liposuction fat graft from the thighs can be an ideal choice. This would hypothetically mean that the newly grafted fat cells in the face would keep up a relatively stable volume rather than potential further changes in the person’s weight.

Studies have shown that belly fat is more likely to melt and change its composition with respect to changes in body weight. Therefore, belly fat is considered non-stable and less suitable for fat grafting in Singapore.

How Does Fat Grafting Work?

fat grafting processFat grafting in Singapore is a good solution for people seeking a noticeable, but gentle enhancement for the breast or face. However, it is very important to remember that there are some limitations on the final results you can achieve, based on the amount of fat present in your body and the look you are aiming for.

If you have a small amount of body fat but want a dramatic breast transformation, breast augmentation with implants may be more suitable for you.

If, however, you are combining a fat transfer with an implant to make dramatic features with a natural touch, or if you want to add volume to different areas of the face that have undergone fat pad shrinkage, there should be no issues in finding a donor site (area) even in slimmer patients, as less tissue will be needed.

Plastic surgeons will guide the patient by thoroughly examining the condition and giving answers to the questions. Depending on the patient’s condition and detailed assessment; the surgeon will devise a treatment plan and outline the kind of procedure that will be most productive to the patient’s satisfaction.

The qualified and experienced plastic surgeons in Singapore will make sure they produce realistic outcomes that match the patient’s expectations.

Choosing The Right Treatment For Better-Looking Breasts

Choosing the right type of treatment depends on the surgeon’s skill as well as the technical expertise required to achieve a harmonious and elegant look. If you are skinny, you have to closely work with your surgeon to figure out the problem.

Most likely, your surgeon will be able to extract fat from your body parts that will be enough for fat augmentation. Plastic surgeons in Singapore have a firm grip over fat transfer procedures and communicating your expectations clearly will ensure a higher satisfaction rate.

In some cases, if you don’t qualify for fat grafting in Singapore because of the low fat count, your surgeon will recommend a specific diet and other lifestyle modification tips. The fat-rich diet will help you put on some weight and you will most likely be able to receive fat grafting after 5 to 6 months of weight adjustments.

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