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Are There Any Possible Side Effects of Thermage Treatment?
possible side effects from thermage treatment

Are There Any Possible Side Effects of Thermage Treatment?

Non-invasive skin tightening treatments like Thermage are getting popular these days. They are known to be quick and comfortable and often deliver an enhanced appearance with no scars and zero downtime. However, before choosing Thermage Treatment Singapore, patients are often reluctant and believe it may have serious side effects. But are there any? Let’s find out.

Thermage, and other similar treatments, use radiofrequency technology for non-surgical skin enhancement. With more high-profile celebrities undergoing the treatment and raving about its benefits, it has become more widely recognized in recent years. Talking about the safety, the procedure is, generally, safe and one just needs to ensure that they get it done from an experienced cosmetic surgeon who is board certified.

What Is Thermage And How Does It Work For Skin Rejuvenation?

thermage skin tightening on the face

Thermage is a non-invasive, FDA-approved procedure that relies on radiofrequency for heating deep skin layers to kickstart the natural renewal process of the body.

Thermage treatment Singapore uses a patented device to deliver radiofrequency to the deep skin layers, hence, making the process non-invasive. As a result, many consider Thermage a less dramatic and safer alternative to conventional surgical facelift procedures.

Even though Thermage isn’t the only device in use today that works with RF technology to deliver skin tightening effects, it’s one of the highly trusted names around.

RF facial rejuvenation uses heat for inducing elastin and collagen production in the deeper layers of skin. It also encourages cell turnover and the results are instantly visible. The effectiveness of Thermage for skin rejuvenation lies in focusing the radiofrequency energy into the targeted areas where the natural renewal process of the body has to be started.

When the skin’s deeper layers are heated, the collagen fibers contract, and the sagging appearance of the skin is improved instantly. As a result, the patient’s skin starts to look firmer, smoother, and more youthful and radiant.

Every pulse radiating from the Thermage device delivers radiofrequency energy to the targeted area with a higher heat penetrating ability so that it reaches deeper into the patient’s skin and superior results are achieved. It restores the building blocks of skin efficiently and helps produce new collagen to achieve a younger look overall.

Is Thermage Treatment In Singapore Safe?

thermage fda approved treatment in singapore

Yes, Thermage treatment is safe if performed by a qualified doctor and, generally, there aren’t any significant side effects. Thermage is an FDA-approved procedure for cosmetic indications and studies have revealed very little incidence of temporary and minor side effects.

When it comes to the radiofrequency used in non-surgical FDA-approved skin-tightening procedures, patient’s safety is ensured by administering highly-controlled doses. If you’re a good candidate to undergo the procedure and the treatment is done correctly by an experienced doctor, non-surgical radiofrequency treatments won’t hurt.

Thermage Treatment and other similar technologies cleared by the FDA, use equipment through which the practitioner can monitor the device and control the exposure of radiofrequency during the treatment. It helps ensure that the tissues targeted in the procedure can reach the preferred temperature for inducing the production of new collagen and regeneration of cells without overheating.

In clinical studies, a great safety profile has been demonstrated for RF skin tightening procedures. So, generally, Thermage is pretty safe and all one needs to ensure is that they get it done by an experienced professional.

Possible Side Effects Of Thermage Treatment

redness after thermage

Thermage treatments usually have very little side effects associated with them, and even if there are any they are minor in nature. These can include:

  • Swelling

Mild-to-moderate swelling occurs occasionally right after the Thermage treatment, particularly on the face. It is temporary and is often accompanied by redness. Generally, it dissipates away in 2-5 days.

  • Mild Redness

Transient skin reddening is often observed after the Thermage treatment. It takes only a couple of hours after the procedure to go away.

  • Blisters

With Thermage Treatment Singapore, there’s always a possibility of some blisters forming. And, if they break, it can lead to scabbing. However, it’s superficial and doesn’t cause any scarring. Usually, it takes a few days to disappear.

  • Bruising

Bruising rarely happens after a Thermage procedure and, even if it occurs, it goes away in just a few days after the treatment.

  • Indentation

A rare, but notable, side effect of Thermage is the formation of small indentations or skin irregularities. Usually, these indentations are temporary, but in rare cases, they can even become permanent.

  • Altered Sensation

Another possible temporary side effect of Thermage is transient tingling or altered sensation around the treatment area. It rarely occurs and should resolve over the next few days.

Those who are concerned about any potential long-term side effects and complications associated with Thermage should ask experienced doctors and get a professional opinion.

Who Is Not Suitable For Thermage?

This non-surgical treatment is seen by many as the first line of defense against aging and its applicable to almost anyone keen for skin rejuvenation. However, there are some limitations and it is not recommended to individuals who:

  • Are currently pregnant or breastfeeding mothers
  • Have broken capillaries
  • Have electrical devices like metal implants or pacemakers as they can result in possibly hazardous interference with the radiofrequency radiations
  • Are heat sensitivity
  • Experiencing skin conditions such as rosacea

Always Choose A Qualified And Experienced Doctor For Your Thermage Treatment

Even though Thermage treatment Singapore is quite convenient, low-risk, and effective, one should still choose a provider very carefully for these treatments. Similar to any concentrated energy dose, there’s a risk of burns if the procedure is done carelessly or incorrectly. However, the risk can be mitigated by choosing the best provider with extensive experience in Thermage treatment.

Cosmetic surgeons who are board-certified, generally, have the necessary experience and skill to safely perform the Thermage procedure and do it effectively as well. A highly-experienced physician can also administer the treatment effectively. It is worth asking that for how long they have been doing the treatment and how many times they’ve performed the treatment under consideration for the patients’ specific skin type and issue. They must have some before/after photos to show the patients what kind of results they have achieved while rendering the same treatment.

Some major factors to consider when choosing the right doctor for Thermage Treatment include:

  • Certifications
  • Experience
  • Financing Options
  • Before/After Photos
  • Success Rate

With these factors considered, one can definitely end their search at finding the best doctor around for Thermage treatment in Singapore.


Thermage Treatment Singapore is a modern-day, non-invasive skin tightening procedure. It is, generally, a safe procedure and delivers great skin rejuvenation results. There are some minor possible side effects as well but they are all temporary and usually go away in a few hours to a few days. One must, however, choose the best doctor to undergo the procedure to avoid any complications. Before deciding to undergo Thermage treatment, always consult a medical doctor for a professional assessment.

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