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Are Non-Surgical V Shape Face Slimming Treatments Suitable For You?
are non-surgical v shape face slimming suitable for you

Are Non-Surgical V Shape Face Slimming Treatments Suitable For You?

Maintaining slim and beautiful looks has always been a top priority for women. However, similar to other body parts, the face, chin, and neck areas can also develop bulky muscles and excess fat affecting one’s appearance negatively. Many self-conscious women are worried about their jawline, and they want to undergo non-invasive face slimming treatment in Singapore to fix the issue. That’s because surgeries are often painful, have a long downtime associated with them, and can be risky at times – especially when done on such sensitive areas. Fortunately, there are multiple options available to get a V shape face without going under the knife. Let’s explore these options and see which of them may be the best choice.

Benefits Of Non-Surgical Treatments

Non-surgical face slimming treatment Singapore can bring a range of benefits. These may include:

  • More natural-looking results achieved almost instantly
  • Fewer risks involved
  • No need for general anesthesia
  • Minimal downtime in comparison to surgical facelifts
  • More cost-effective treatment option
  • Relatively less time required to carry out the procedure
  • Minor-to-no side effects
  • Almost no pain
  • Minimal aftercare required

Who Should Consider Non-Surgical Facial Slimming Treatments

With all these benefits of non-surgical treatments, one should go for non-surgical facial slimming if they are:

  • Not comfortable with the idea of undergoing surgery
  • Can’t afford a long downtime
  • Have reasonable expectations from this type of procedure. If one wants more drastic improvements to their facial appearance, they should look into surgeries.
  • Looking to correct mild facial asymmetry
  • Not interested in making permanent changes to their appearance
  • Already suffering from health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure and can’t undergo surgeries
  • Looking for a more affordable face slimming treatment Singapore

Can Non-Surgical Treatments Really Slim The Face Down?

Yes, there are multiple non-surgical treatment options for face slimming, and they have all proven effective in addressing different issues. The thing is that one treatment may not fit all as different face slimming Singapore treatments address different issues and areas. For instance:

  • Botox can be used for reducing muscle bulk that may have been developed over time due to chewing or other routine facial activities.
  • Energy-based treatments are useful for making the skin more compact as they melt fat reaching deep into the skin layers and trigger collagen regeneration.
  • Fillers can be used for augmenting facial structures to achieve the desired shape or create a lifting effect.
  • Thread lift is a solution for improving facial contours through the repositioning of different soft tissues.

Types Of Facial Slimming Treatment

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of non-surgical treatment options available to achieve a V shape face Singapore. Each of these treatment options uses a different technology or treatment methodology for achieving the desired effect. Let’s explore some of the more popular types of facial slimming treatment available today.

Jaw Botox

jaw botox slimming and jaw reduction

A non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment option, Jaw Botox can help slim down the face by reducing the square or boxy jaws. Square jaws often appear over time as one uses their jaw muscles for chewing and clenching. This routine activity overdevelops the jaw muscles and results in bulky or squarish looking jaws.

Botox injections used for face slimming in Singapore specifically target these masseter muscles. The Botox that is injected tends to block the muscles’ nerve impulses in the targeted area, enabling the muscles to relax and decrease its activeness. The muscles slacken gradually and the size of the jawline is reduced, giving it a more sharpened shape. It contrasts with the cheekbones to make the face look more defined and shaper overall.

Jaw Botox is a virtually painless procedure and it can be completed within minutes. The patients might, however, feel a little tingling sensation. Botox is usually injected after applying a numbing cream to reduce such discomfort. As botox is targeted specifically at the jaw muscles, it does not affect the other facial muscles, facial expressions and their functions.

Chin Fillers

chin filler for contour and v shape face

It may not seem like a great idea to inject fillers into the chin or add more volume to the face when trying to achieve a slimmer facial contour. However, fillers injected into the chin can help make the face look more balanced by having an elongating effect on a round or short chin. They make the chin project better and achieve a slimmer and more proportionate V shape face. The fillers injected can be molded to fit each person’s facial profile which makes this versatile treatment one of the most sought after  facial slimming procedures in Singapore.

Radio Frequency Treatments

thermage rf v lift

Face slimming Singapore treatments also include options that use radiofrequency energy for heating the skin to trigger collagen production. Radio frequency helps achieve a smoother, firmer appearance by focusing on collagen remodeling in the dermis layer of the skin. Radio frequency treatments, like Thermage, can also help to reduce fat tissues beneath the skin, effectively sculpting the face. Radio frequency treatments, generally, cause little discomfort and there is almost no downtime involved. Results show up gradually and as the production of new collagen continues over time, one can expect facial contour and skin texture to continue improving in the months to follow.

Focused Ultrasound Treatments

hifu vlift

High-intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive face slimming treatment. It allows patients to safely acquire a V shape face without having to go under the knife. HIFU energy waves penetrate deep into the skin, across three different skin depths without causing any harm to the outer skin layer, and stimulate the natural collagen renewal process of the body while also stimulating new collagen production. This leads to gradual skin tightening and, ultimately, a V shape face is achieved naturally. Generally, the results are achieved in a single treatment, but some patients may require multiple treatments depending on their skin laxity. The results continue to improve over a period of 2 to 3 months.

Thread Lifts

pdo thread lifting for v shape face

Thread lifting is a procedure that uses absorbable surgical PDO threads for lifting and tightening the skin and soft tissues for creating a more well-defined V shape face. The threads used in this procedure are made up of polydioxanone and they easily dissolve into the skin over time. Once inserted into the patient’s skin tissue, these threads may be massaged to reposition soft tissue in order to create a certain facial contour. The threads also helps to tighten the skin while it stimulates the production of new collagen. This skin lifting and tightening enhances the overall face shape and results in a more natural V shape face Singapore. The results from each thread lift treatment generally last for around 2 to 3 years and threads can be added from time to time for maintaining optimal results.

All these treatments are effective in altering one’s facial contours and the final choice is generally made depending on the specific target areas, the end results to be achieved, and the patients’ personal preferences.


A non-surgical face slimming treatment Singapore comes with a lot of benefits from affordability to fewer risks and no downtime. Anyone who doesn’t want to go under the knife to achieve a more defined V shape face Singapore can choose non-invasive face slimming Singapore. There are multiple treatment options available like Botox, Thread lifts, and focused ultrasound treatments. Any of these treatments can be done individually or combines with others to achieve a more slender V shape face. To find out which options are the most suitable for you, get a personalized assessment with our medical doctor or plastic surgeon here at Dream Plastic Surgery Singapore.

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