Filler Injection for
Facial Contouring & Augmentation

Redefine your looks with Non-Surgical Augment Facial Features.

Why Use Hyaluronic Acid Facial Fillers For Contouring And Sculpting?

Hyaluronic acid facial fillers help in sculpting facial features by adding a little volume to the face where necessary. Most of the dermal fillers are composed of a HA gel that is compatible with your body. Hyaluronic acid facial fillers produce long lasting results without the need for surgery. However, the results are not permanent. 

Other than using fillers for facial sculpting, they also improve the hydration levels and  revitalizes the skin to make it look soft, hydrated, and smoother. Hyaluronic acid facial fillers are also used to lessen the appearance of the wrinkles and the lines.

Areas Recommended For Filler Injection


Forehead contour augmentation and anti-wrinkle results can be achieved with the use of Hyaluronic facial fillers. This treatment not only helps with smoothing out the wrinkles on the forehead, but it can also plump hollow temples or bony forehead for a more youthful look.

Using hyaluronic acid facial fillers, the doctor follows the natural contours of the forehead to restore the lost volume where necessary and provide you a prominent, beautiful, and smooth forehead. 


Hyaluronic acid facial fillers is also used to sculpt the nose by providing projection and height to it. It is the most convenient and fastest way to lift and shape the nose because the facial fillers can be gradually added to form the nose with precision. Unlike nose thread lift, nose fillers are not limited to enhancing certain nose shapes and offer better precision when it comes to non-surgical nose augmentation. 


The doctor can add volume and definition to the cheeks using hyaluronic acid facial fillers to improve the prominence and contours of the cheekbones. The additional volume at the right places makes the cheeks less bony and a more rounded look also improves the appearance of a flat face. Cheek fillers can result in a lifting effect, a rejuvenating benefit on top of enhancing the facial contours.


It is more common among Asians to have short, squarish or receding chin. The doctor can enhance the shape and projection of the chin using hyaluronic acid facial fillers. Chin fillers can also be combined with Botox Jaw Reduction to slim and improve the v-line definition.

Utilizing the proper kind of dermal fillers with adequate viscosity can give optimal augmentation and lifting results, enabling you to enjoy the improved definition of your facial features without surgery. 

Uncertain if facial fillers is suitable for achieving the ideal look? Consult our doctor for a proper assessment to make the things clear. With a trained eye for beauty, our doctors will be able to recommend the enhancements that would be adequate for you in every possible aspect.