Facial Slimming Injection

Slim and improve facial contour with Facial Btx Treatment

How Does Facial BTX Help With Facial Slimming And Contouring?

Overactive or excessive use of the jaw muscles results in bigger and bulkier looking jaws. The strong jaw (masseter) muscles can make the jaw appear broad and more angular. A feminine jawline and the pursuit to reduce broad jaws for a smaller face or slimmer v-line are often the motivation behind seeking jaw btx treatment.


The doctor can target specific jaw muscles using Btx to relax the muscles which helps them to reduce in size. An overall improvement in your facial contour and v-line can be observe between 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment. 

Who Is Suitable For BTX Facial Slimming?

Btx Facial Slimming is a safe alternative option for those who do not want to undergo any surgical procedure.

Btx facial slimming is suitable for people with the following conditions:

  • Strong jaw (masseter) muscles
  • Involuntary teeth grinding at night, also known as Bruxism.

    Those who suffer from Bruxism often experience headaches, soreness around the jaws and damaged teeth from prolong teeth grinding. Btx injection to the jaws relaxes the muscles effectively and can help to prevent the negative symptoms from teeth grinding.


How Often Should The Treatment Be Revised?

The effects of this treatment last for approximately four months after the initial treatment. However, repeated treatments are necessary to maintain the results. Results tend to stabilize after a few sessions and subsequent treatments can be scheduled every 6 months or longer for maintenance.

Uncertain if Btx for facial slimming and contouring is suitable for achieving the ideal look? Consult our doctor for a proper assessment to make the things clear. With a trained eye for beauty, our doctors will be able to recommend the enhancements that would be adequate for you in every possible aspect.