Non-Surgical (Scarless) Eye Bag Removal Treatment in Singapore

Treat eye bags and dark eye circles without surgery for clearer & brighter-looking eyes.

Scarless Eye Bag Removal Treatment

The Scarless Eye Bag Removal treats eye bag condition by removing fat tissues permanently from the under eye area. It uses a 600 micrometer (0.6 millimeter) needle-size laser to remove fat and water through an entry point that is almost invisible. This treatment takes around 30 minutes and requires a shorter recovery time as compared to surgical eye bag removal procedures. 

Advantages Of Scarless Eye Bag Removal Treatment:
  • Non-surgical eye bag solution. No knives, no stitches, no scars
  • Removed excess fat permanently
  • Fine laser probe allows for greater precision on small and delicate areas such as the lower eyelids
  • Technique causes minimal bruising and swelling, as well as less trauma to the skin
  • Faster recovery as compared to surgical eye bag removal techniques
  • Fast and safe procedure
  • Can be combined with facial fat grafting for optimal results
Scarless Eye Bag Treatment Method

Non-Surgical (Scarless) Eye Bag Removal

There are two options to remove your eye bags; mild eye bag concerns can be treated with non-surgical treatment solutions such as dermal filler injection or scarless eye bag removal treatment in Singapore. Individuals with more severe eye bag conditions may require eye bag removal surgery for better rejuvenation results.

A scarless eye bag removal only works for mild to moderate bags; Non-surgical eye bag removal treatment or traditional non-surgical eye bag removal in Singapore involves the use of a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, injected using a thin needle deep underneath the actual eye bag just above the orbital bone.

In the past, there were fewer on-surgical treatment options and many had to go under the knife for eye bag removal. Surgery is a less preferred option for most people as it requires downtime. However, after decades of research doctors have found new, improved and non-surgical methods for eye bag removal which are able to address eye bags and dark circle concerns effectively.

Addressing Eye Bags & Dark Circles With Non-surgical Eye Bag Removal

Eye bags usually appear with age. As we age, the fat pad under the lower eyelid becomes more prominent and protrudes outward making the skin and supporting tissues under the eye become lax. This gives the overall appearance of bags under the eyes. The grooves or sunken areas under the eye creates unwanted shadows, making one look even more tired.

Non-surgical eye bag removal employs a minimally invasive technique and is suitable for the removal of mild to moderate eye bags.

Dermal fillers are used to make the under-eye area plumper and brighter by evening our any grooves, uneven contours and wrinkles. It also reduces the under-eye shadows and makes the person look well rested.

On the other hand, Scarless Eye Bag Removal gets rid off excess fats and water in the under-eye area, obliterating the sagginess under the eyes.

Surgical vs. Non-surgical

Here’s a quick comparison on the differences as well as pros and cons for various eye bag treatment solutions.
Incisions Incisions are made along the natural creases of the eye. Therefore, there will be scarring but it is minimal. No incisions made. Hence, zero scarring.
Removal of Skin & Fat Excess fat and skin removed and skin around the eyes tightened. Deficiencies filled with hyaluronic acid or excess fat removed by lasers.
When Do You See Results Results apparent after swelling subsides. Results are immediate after treatment.
Downtime Longer downtime. Minimal or no downtime.
How Long Does Results Last? Longer lasting solution as cause for eye bags are removed. Temporary solution and repeated treatments may be required to maintain results.
Cost Higher initial cost. Lower initial cost.
Suitability For moderate to severe eye bags. For mild to moderate eye bags.
Need For Pre-op Preparation Pre-preparation needed. Quick and easy procedure. No preparation needed.

Who Is Suitable?

This eye bag removal treatment is recommended for individuals with:
  • Good skin elasticity
  • Experience mild bulging on the lower eyelids
  • If you wish to improve dark eye circles
  • If you prefer non-surgical treatment solutions

Types Of Non-surgical Eye Bag Removal Treatments

At Dream, we offer two non-surgical eye bag removal treatments. While both treatments help to improve the appearance of the eye bags, they produce slightly different results. The doctor will understand your expected results before recommending a treatment that is suitable for you.

Dermal Filler For Eye Bag Removal

A quick and popular method to conceal the appearance of eye bags and improve dark circles is to plump and smooth our any hollowness and groves using Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers. 

Placing fillers under eyes helps hydrate and stretch out the skin gently to reduce wrinkles. The plumping effect also greatly reduces dark shadows or dark circles by filling up the hollow areas around the eyes. 

The results from filler would last between 9 months to a year.

Advantages Of Dermal Fillers For Eye Bag Removal:
  • Immediate results can be seen after treatment
  • Results can last from 9 to 12 months
  • Procedure takes about 10-15 minutes to complete
  • Minimal or no downtime involved so one can return to their daily activities after treatment
  • No incisions involved hence no stitches or risk of scarring
  • Low risk and safer compared to surgical procedures
  • More affordable treatment cost

Preparing For Your Consultation At Dream

A proper consultation with the doctor is crucial for us to understand your expectations and concerns before recommending an appropriate eye bag removal treatment solution for you. Do allocate a little more time for your first consult as we go through the following steps with you.
  1. Understand your concerns and expectations
  2. Personal assessment of your eyebag condition
  3. Recommending appropriate procedures and discuss potential outcomes from the treatment
  4. Address any other concerns you may have regarding the treatment plan
  5. Explain the pre- and post-treatment requirements you should be aware of

Contact Our Clinic In Singapore To Learn More About Scarless Eye Bag Removal Treatments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Non-surgical Eye Bag Removal Treatment in Singapore

No, the non-surgical eye bag removal process is a non-invasive alternative to surgical eye bag removal. There are no incisions and stitches It usually takes the doctor 30 minutes to perform this and the patient is free to go after just one appointment.

IV sedation, local anesthesia or both can be given to you before the process begins. Normally, after the anesthetic injection has anesthetized the area, the plastic surgeon starts by creating an entry for the laser using a needle prick. Unlike the surgical procedure, no skin tissue is removed. In this process, an optic fiber laser is inserted through the hole created by the needle prick.

The laser liquefies the fatty tissues which is then removed via a small cannula. You do not need to worry about any remaining fat because if any damaged fat tissue is not removed by the cannula, it resorbs and gets eliminated naturally within the next couple of months.

The procedure does not involve incision, hence recovery is relatively quick and takes around 3 to 5 days. During recovery, it is common to expect minor swelling and bruising. Regular application of cold compress can help to reduce swelling quicker.

The process is simple involving needle prick and is generally done under local anesthesia and/or IV sedation only, so side effects significantly less as compared to surgical options. The common side effects which include swelling, bruising, redness and pain can be easily managed post treatment.

Normally just 1 session is sufficient to correct mild eye bag condition. Patients with moderate eye bagging may require an additional session for better results.

Once the fatty eye bag is liquified and removed via a laser, the collagen activity of the region is enhanced. The stimulated collagen growth paves way for healing and elimination of any remaining fat. In most cases the results are long-lasting. However, the results rely on the following factors:

  • Age of the patient
  • Condition of the skin (texture)
  • Structure of bone
  • Presence of underlying disease (metabolic disease, etc.)

It must be noted that the procedure will only help impart a younger and fresher look, but it cannot stop the eye (muscles and skin) from growing old.

No. The procedure leaves only a tiny needle prick, and there are no stitches involved. Therefore, there is no scar formation whatsoever. The healing of the puncture created by the needle prick is akin to an injection.

As there are no stitches involved, the healing and recovery is quick. There may be some swelling and bruising, but patents generally do not experience much pain after the procedure. In most cases people can see results within a few days and can get back to work within 3 to 4 days.

To speed up the process of recovery you can follow these steps:

  • Apply ice packs to the treated area
  • Keep your head elevated while resting
  • Restrain from carrying out hectic activities (sports and weightlifting, etc.) for at least two to three weeks

You can shower the next day after the procedure. You can use shampoo and bath as per normal. However, avoid long baths, steam rooms and saunas as that may affect the healing process. After showers, do pat the under eye area dry with a clean cloth. It is recommended that you avoid rubbing the under eye area for at least a week.

You can apply makeup two to three days from the procedure. You might want to conceal any bruising or redness with a concealer. However, do avoid vigorous rubbing motion.

Though the procedure does not involve any surgical intervention, taking care is beneficial for the patient. Extreme sports such as football, soccer, hockey, etc. carry a greater risk of injury (especially facial injury). For patients who have undergone eye bag removal (surgical or non-surgical), a facial injury is the last thing they would want to happen.

In addition to the injury risk, vigorous exercise and sports put strain on the treated area. This added strain can lead to abnormal and delayed healing. Therefore, hectic sports and exercises (weightlifting and yoga) are usually prohibited for at least a week. You are recommended to check with the surgeon before resuming these activities. However, you can resume light exercises such as stretching and strolling which helps to improve blood circulation and speed up recovery.

No. Even though it is a small procedure, you are still advised to abstain from driving right after the procedure. In general, the plastic surgeon suggests you come with a relative/friend who can drive you back home. Or you can hire a taxi back. You can resume driving from the next day.