Non-Invasive Calf Reduction Injection

Slim and feminine legs.

What Is Calf Reduction Injection

Calf reduction can be achieved with the use of muscle relaxant injection. A muscle relaxant medication is injected into the calf muscles to restrict the muscle activity. It works very much the same way as a jaw muscle reduction procedure, but on a much larger scale. This procedure does not restrict calf function, and all regular activities can still be carried out.


Dream has adapted a non-surgical approach by using muscle relaxant injection to block selective nerve signals – a calf reduction technique that reduces calf biceps and volume, to augment the calf into one with a definite and attractive contour within a short period of time.  

Advantages Of Non-invasive Calf Reduction
  • Leaves no scarring
  • No down-time
  • Reduces prominence of the calf muscle
  • Able to achieve slimmer calves within shorter duration
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Safe