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Aesthetic Treatments You Should Consider in Your 20s
aesthetic treatments you should consider in your 20s

Aesthetic Treatments You Should Consider in Your 20s

Your 20s can either be the best or the worst of times in terms of skin health. While ageing is a natural and dynamic process for all of us, there is never a better time to start your anti-ageing regime in your 20s. Some people in their early 20s experience rosacea, hyperpigmentation, or acne breakouts, while some experience wrinkles and fine lines on their faces due to the natural decline in elastin and collagen.

An upsurge in demand for aesthetic treatments in Singapore has made it possible for people to look gorgeous at any age. There is a plethora of aesthetic treatments that can provide you with subtle skin refinements in your 20s. Whether you’re dealing with wrinkles and hormonal acne or you’re curious about aesthetic treatments in Singapore, a professional opinion can go a long way towards a refreshed and perfectly clear complexion.

This article is devoted to people in their 20s who want to undergo graceful ageing with a periodic refreshment of many aesthetic treatments.

What Skin Changes Can You Expect in Your 20s?

skin concerns in the 20s

Your skin’s vitality and elasticity are highly reliant on the natural production of elastin and collagen. As you enter your 20s, you start noticing pigmentation and acne and wrinkles on your forehead, around your mouth, and crow’s feet. Even if your skin is highly vulnerable to wrinkles, discolouration, and acne, you can give your skin a fresh new start by opting for the best aesthetic treatments.

Since your skin responds better to aesthetic treatments at this age, you can restore the vitality of your skin by taking anti-ageing measures, including a good skincare regime. So, to further enhance your best skin assets, you can consider optimizing your skin condition with aesthetic treatments.

Different Skin Concerns and The Type of Aesthetic Treatment for Them

Here’s a lowdown on the type of best aesthetic treatment you should opt for according to your skin concerns:


Pigmentation refers to the discolouration of the skin due to damaged or unhealthy melanin cells as a result of environmental exposure. Pigmentation causes light brown patches to appear on the skin due to the slow production of melanin. Prolonged exposure to the sun and even inadequate moisture to the skin can cause pigmentation.

pigmentation laser treatment

(i) Laser Treatment For Pigmentation

Laser treatments are a preferred aesthetic treatment in Singapore for correcting pigmentation or any skin discolouration. Laser, in the form of ultra-short bursts, targets the pigmented lesions on the skin by breaking down melanin that causes pigmentation in the skin. Breakdown of melanin pigment causes the skin to effectively absorb it, resulting in reduced visibility of pigmentation on the skin and evened out skin.

Sessions: 3-6 sessions (every 4 to 6 weeks)

Results: Good clearance of solar lentigines, melasma, and freckles.

Downtime: No downtime, only slight discomfort.

Pores & Oily Skin

Oily or combination skin in your 20s becomes more prone to open and clogged pores. Pores become clogged when your skin is exposed to dirt, pollution, and harmful rays of the sun. Large pores become more noticeable on saggy skin and give the expression of small pit-like spots on the cheeks. The following aesthetic treatments can help eradicate both oily skin and open pores:

carbon laser treatment

(i) Carbon Laser

Carbon laser treatment is one of the revolutionary aesthetic treatments in Singapore that has proven to be highly effective for people with open pores, oily skin, blackheads, and acne breakouts. If you want to refresh and exfoliate your skin, opt for carbon laser treatment to have firmer, smoother, and softer skin.

During a carbon laser treatment:

  • A thin layer of natural carbon cream is applied to the skin and allowed to dry.
  • The carbon mask absorbs all impurities, dead skin cells, and excess oil from the skin.
  • After the carbon mask is dried, a laser is passed over the skin that heats up the carbon.
  • The carbon mask will absorb the laser energy and create the glowing effect you’re looking for.

Sessions: 4-5 sessions every one to four weeks

Results: Pore minimization, skin rejuvenation, cleansing, and exfoliation, acne and oil destruction.

Downtime: No downtime, only slight redness and a tingling sensation.

(ii) Sylfirm X

Sylfirm X is an innovative RF Needle system used to treat many skin conditions like open pores, oily skin, and acne breakouts. Sylfirm X works by targeting abnormal blood vessels that are the root causes of many conditions like skin laxity, acne scars, and open pores. Sylfirm X treats different skin conditions by creating an electromagnetic field of energy on the targeted area while protecting the surrounding tissues.

Acne Breakouts And Scarring

acne breakout

Your twenties are all about hormonal changes in the body that may lead to acne breakouts and acne scars. Without proper treatment and prevention, acne breakout can cause inflammation of the skin, resulting in more severe acne. The following are some suitable aesthetic treatments for acne and acne scarring:

(i) Oral Medications

For treating acne that is rooted deep in the pores, like acne cysts and nodules, antibiotics are the first choice, such as Roaccutane. These medications reduce inflammation, fight acne-causing bacteria, and improve overall skin conditions.

(ii) Topical Creams

Applying a thin coat of Retin A topical creams, gels, or lotions can help with acne breakouts and acne scars. Some topical creams require a prescription, while some are available over the counter. Salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in some acne products can reduce excess oil from the skin, which contributes to acne production.

laser skin resurfacing for acne scar

(iii) Laser Treatment

Dermatologists recommend different types of laser treatments for mild-to-moderate acne and acne scars. Laser treatments create the opportunity for new skin cells to grow, which boosts collagen production and removes acne-scarred skin.

Dull And Dehydrated Skin

Dull and dehydrated skin in your 20s is due to the lack of moisture in your skin. When your skin is dehydrated, it becomes unable to perform essential functions, such as regulating blood flow to skin cells. Also, dull and dehydrated skin becomes unable to push dead skin cells to the surface, due to which it loses its plump and soft appearance. Skin boosters are an ideal treatment option for dull and dehydrated skin.

skin booster treatment

(i) Skin Boosters

Skin boosters are hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers that are used to hydrate the skin and restore its radiant appearance. Skin boosters are injected into the skin, where they activate fibroblast cells. Hyaluronic acid in skin boosters then encourages fibroblast cells to promote elastin production and hydrate your skin from within.

Fine Lines

With the advancing age, your skin becomes more vulnerable to damage caused by many factors. The inevitable part of the ageing process that makes you look older is the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Collagen degradation, poor genetics, the sun, and pollution are some causes of the appearance of fine lines on your face. Botox injections in your 20s can stop the development of fine lines.

botox injection

(i) Botox

Neurotoxin Botox injections can prevent the emergence of fine lines by injecting botulinum toxin in the affected area. The toxin paralyzes the muscle and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Botox injections in the early 20s can inhibit muscle movement that causes fine lines to develop.

Subtle Lifting

When you enter your 20s, wrinkles and changing face contours cause your face and neck to become saggy. Unfavorable bone structure, extreme weight loss, and genetics also cause the face and neck to lose their firmness and elasticity. Many aesthetic treatments in Singapore offer face lifting and skin tightening, and one of them is HIFU.

hifu treatment

(i) High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

HIFU is a new treatment in the aesthetic industry that provides face lifting and tightens loosened skin. HIFU works by using ultrasound energy that creates heat to target skin cells. Damage to the targeted skin cells causes collagen production and cell regrowth. HIFU not only tightens the skin around the face and neck but also lifts droopy eyelids and smooths fine lines, says the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Facial Slimming

Extra fat on your face in your 20s causes your facial muscles to lose shape. Double chin, buccal fat, and overall facial fat result due to excess body weight. If you want to even out your facial muscles and reduce that extra fat on your face, there are many facial slimming options available:

jaw botox

(i) Botox Jaws

Botox injections can do a lot more than just reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Botox can contour and slim the face by targeting the masseter muscles. By temporarily paralyzing the masseter muscles, Botox injections slim the jawline, reduce the size of masseter muscles, and give your face a more visible V-line.

chin filler injection

(ii) Chin Fillers

Dermal fillers of the chin are FDA-approved series of injections directly injected into your chin to shape the jaw and chin area and add definition to these areas. Most dermal fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid to augment your chin and add shape to the lower jawline.


Your skin deserves the best care when you’re in your 20s. Protection, exfoliation, and rejuvenation of your skin matter the most so that you can maintain the complexion, texture, and tone of your skin in the future. Facial aesthetic treatments in Singapore are the best options to give your skin a new fresh start. Now, it is easy to restore the radiance and glow of your skin by opting for the best aesthetic treatment for your skin.

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