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5 Types Of Asian Eyelids: Which Do You Have?

5 Types Of Asian Eyelids: Which Do You Have?

Monolids, tapered eyelids as well as parallel eyelids are the most commonly observed eyelid types among Asians, challenging the notion that there are only three distinct variations.

Did you know that there are actually 5 different types of eyelids among Asians? If you’re curious about identifying your own eyelid type, here’s a simple guide to determine the type of eyelid you have.


For starters, the monolid, commonly referred to as the ‘single eyelid’, is characterized by the absence of a well-defined crease that separates the eyelid into distinct sections. Some celebrities who rock monolids include Hong Kong pop singer Sandy Lam as well as So-Hee from Wonder Girls.

Generally, many East Asians tend to have monolids. If you have been blessed with monolids but would prefer to have double eyelids, you may consider using eyelid tapes or glue to simulate various types of eyelids (shown below) before deciding on one that harmonises best with your facial features.

Alternatively, if you are seeking a permanent solution, you may also consider the possibility of undergoing double eyelid surgery in Singapore.

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Tapered eyelids

The tapered eyelid crease runs parallel to your upper lash line and tapers off by merging at the inner corners of your eyes. This is perfect for those who like an innocent, doe-eyed look.

Some tapered eyelid beauties include Singaporean actress Fann Wong and South Korean star Sandara Park of 2NE1. 

While non-surgical options like eyelid tape can help with certain eyelid enhancements, achieving tapered eyelids is more challenging through these methods. If you’re aiming for the captivating allure of a gentle slope, consider eyelid surgery. Consulting with a skilled plastic surgeon will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the surgical process and help you make an informed decision.

Parallel eyelids

The latest eyelid trend in Korea is the parallel eyelid, which refers to a crease that runs parallel to the upper lash line without connecting at the corners of the eyes. Broadly speaking, many consider this as the ‘ideal’ type of eyelid as it gives the illusion of bigger and brighter-looking eyes. Its popularity stems from the desire to achieve a captivating and youthful aesthetic appearance.

Celebrities with natural parallel eyelids include Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing as well as British actress Emma Watson. By and large, parallel folds are more common among Caucasians than Asians. However, it doesn’t mean that achieving alluring parallel eyelids is out of reach. Double eyelid stitching can help create the desired parallel crease, providing a more defined and captivating look to the eyes.

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Hooded eyelids

On to the eyelids that are less common among Asians: the hooded eyelids! Hooded eyes highlight an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease on the outer corners of the eye, often causing them to appear smaller and sometimes giving a sleepy appearance. While hooded eyelids can be a hereditary feature for some individuals, others may develop them as a result of ageing, as the skin naturally begins to sag.

Some celebrities with hooded eyes include Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, and Anne Hathaway. Now who says there aren’t any hooded-eye beauties? 

Alas, ladies with thick hooded eyes understand the struggle of smudged eye makeup all too well. One approach is to opt for a smudge-proof eyeliner, which can help prevent the unsightly smearing of makeup throughout the day. Another technique is tight-lining the lash line, where the eyeliner is applied at the base of the lashes, rather than on the eyelid itself. For a more permanent solution, considering an eyelid lift procedure in Singapore is worth exploring. Also known as blepharoplasty, this surgical option can address the excess skin and sagging associated with hooded eyelids. An eyelid lift not only enhances the appearance of the eyes, but also provides a smoother canvas for applying eye makeup without the worry of smudging.

Lateral flare eyelids

The term “lateral flare” may not be familiar to everyone, but this eyelid type showcases a crease with its tail portion raised slightly upwards instead of running parallel to the edge of the eyelid. Lateral flare creases are less common among Asians and those who have them tend to exude a more flirtatious appearance.

If you’re looking to achieve a distinctive lateral flare crease for your Asian eyes and stand out from the crowd, double eyelid surgery can help create your desired crease shape. 

Every Eyelid Shape Is a Masterpiece

With all that has been mentioned, it is crucial to note that there isn’t a perfect type of eyelid but there would be one that suits the shape of your eyes. While many use eyelid tapes and glues for temporary enhancements, you may want to consider a double eyelid surgery in Singapore for a permanent fix.

Non incisional double eyelid procedure only takes 30 minutes to complete. It can alter hooded eyelids, enhance existing double eyelid creases or create one if one doesn’t exist. To find out more, give us a call at +65 6871 8888 or contact us to make an appointment at our clinic to speak with our medical consultants.