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3 Things You Have To Know Before Getting A Nose Job

3 Things You Have To Know Before Getting A Nose Job

Most cosmetic surgeries can make permanent changes to your appearance, especially a rhinoplasty, often referred to as a ‘nose job’.

Perhaps you have been dissatisfied with your nose shape for the longest time or maybe you experience breathing difficulties; either way, a nose job may be an option for you. While you may already have an idea about what nose plastic surgery is all about, here are 3 common misconceptions you should be aware of before you decide to have it done.

Misconception 1: All implants used in a nose job are made of silicone

Rhinoplasty can be done with implants alone, using bone graft, or either one of them in combination with your natural cartilage. Each of the techniques below produces a long-lasting and natural appearance with a low risk of infection.

  •  Augmentation with an L-shaped implant

The use of L-shaped silicone implants is one of the most common ways to augment the nose. Depending on your expectation and nose structure, your surgeon will choose an implant size that fits proportionally. This method enhances the nasal bridge height and achieves a more define tip projection simultaneously, providing an overall enhancement in the aesthetics, balance, and symmetry of your face.

  • Augmentation with I-shaped implant and cartilage

Unlike the L-shaped implant, an I-shaped implant is solely used for enhancing the height of your nose bridge. It involves an additional step during the nose surgery to create a defined and well-projected nose tip, typically done using your natural cartilage. One notable advantage of utilising an I-shaped implant in nose plastic surgery is the enhanced ability to manipulate the tip, replicating the movements and flexibility of a natural nose. This level of control is not attainable with an L-shaped implant. As a result, the option of using an I-shaped implant is highly favoured by many patients, as it provides a heightened sense of naturalness by incorporating their own cartilage and minimising the reliance on implants.

  • Augmentation with bone graft and cartilage

This technique is ideal for patients who prefer to avoid the use of foreign materials as implants or for those who have experienced complications or rejection with implants in the past. Instead of using synthetic materials, the bone graft is used to raise the nose bridge and cartilage is used to enhance the nose tip. 

Misconception 2: My nose will turn out looking unnatural after a nose job

It is completely understandable to have concerns about the final appearance after nose plastic surgery. Hence it is important to seek  professional advice from trained and experienced plastic surgeon, this can greatly mitigate these concerns. A skilled surgeon possesses the knowledge and expertise to achieve a balanced outcome, ensuring that your new nose is proportionate to the rest of your face, resulting in a natural-looking result. 

An experienced plastic surgeon should not only  takes into account on the desired nose shape, but also considers the facial structure and features as a whole. They carefully assess your unique facial proportions to determine the most appropriate nose size, shape, and contours that will harmonise with your existing facial characteristics. 

Misconception 3: I can get that ‘celebrity nose’ I want

Everyone’s facial structure is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to nose surgery. While a certain nose type or shape may appear pleasing on a celebrity, it does not guarantee the same result for you.

We believe that a successful nose surgery is achieved when it is tailored to enhance the overall proportion of your face, achieving an outcome that showcases your unique beauty and fosters a heightened sense of aesthetic appeal.

Confidence Begins with a Reshaped Nose

At Dream Plastic Surgery, our surgeons have spent years mastering the art of nose jobs, ensuring natural-looking results with their wealth of experience. 

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