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10 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Breast Implants
things you need to know before getting breast implants

10 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Breast Implants

Statistical data show that more than 25% women are not happy with their lack of cleavage or natural cup size. Ladies with a lack of or a small cleavage and flat breasts often wish for larger, fuller, and plumper boobs. This is where breast augmentation or breast implants come in.

If you are interested in getting your breasts augmented, there are certain things that you should know before visiting your surgeon’s office. Although breast augmentation has gotten popular, safer and more effective, there is still significant stigma surrounding it. So here are top 10 insider things you need to know before getting breast implants.

1. Breast Implant Shapes

breast implant shapeBreast implants are available in different shapes such as round, teardrop, and ergonomic.

  • Round – The round-shaped breast implants have a smooth or micro textured outer shell that contains silicone gel. These implants help enhance cleavage and offer a more voluminess, rounded shape. They tend to provide more lift and are also a quick way to enhace the size of your cup.
  • Teardrop – Compared to round implants, teardrop-shaped implants offer a more natural look. Due to their ability to give a sloped shape to the bust, most surgeons in Singapore suggest teardrop to women who wish for a more natural look.
  • Ergonomic – This implant type is known as a best mimic to the natural busts – in all anatomical positions. It adjusts itself when a woman changes her position. When standing, the implants will be in vertical position and becomes a teardrop shape while it moves back to a round-shape when lying down. This way it best mimics the natural anatomical position during different body postures.

2. Implant Texture

breast implant textureMicro-textured implants are safer and have a somewhat rough outer shell that helps them develop a scar with the surrounding tissue. It increases the stickiness of the implant and makes it less likely to change its position.

3. Where Are The Scars Hidden?

breast incision optionsConsidering different incision locations is necessary when it comes to choosing a specific incision for your breast implant. The location of incision plays a siginifcant role in the final cosmetic result and recovery time. Here’re the three most common breast implant incisions;

  • Inframammary crease incision – This incision is the most common one. As its name suggests, this incision is below (infra) the bust (mammary). This incision has the most effective cosmetic outcome and optimal visualization. It is also suitable for cases where larger implants are used for breast augmentation.
  • Periareolar incision – “Peri” means surrounding and “areolar” means aerola, or the pigmented area adjacent to the nipple. Made around the edge of the areola, the biggest advantages of this incision is that it is placed at the border between areola (pigmented skin) and breast tissue (non-pigmented skin) and is therefore nicely camouflaged. Capsular contracture, however, is one of the biggest drawbacks.
  • Trans-axillary incision – This incision is made in the underarm area. It avoids a visible incision scar on the breast but does leave a noticeable scar below the axilla. This is not a big deal in colder climates but can be troublesome for people in the warmer climates as the scar can easily noticed in bathing suits, t-shirts, tank tops, and sleeveless blouses.

4. Visualizing The Results With Sample Implants During Consultation

Your surgeon may give you a rough idea of how your boobs would be after the procedure by placing sizers (a sample sack) under your shirt. More advanced imaging techniques, such as 3D imaging, can simulate the 3D outcome. The 3D visualization will help you as well your surgeon to accurately assess the breast dimensions along with other information like tissue thickness and elasticity.

5. Realistic About The Size Increment

Setting realistic goals is important for a successful breast augmentation surgery. Don’t panick and patiently wait for the final outcome that would be clear in 3 to 4 weeks. It is because your body needs time to adjust to the new implant, stretch the skin, and heal the scar. Your surgeon may suggest to go for only 2 cup increases in size at first to get the realistic, natural-looking busts.

6. Augmented Breasts Can Affect Your Posture

Choosing an implant size proportional to the natural bust size will likely have no posture issues. However, packing on a pair of big melons can affect your posture and put some extra weight to your skeleton.

To achieve that ideal silhouette, surgeons often recommend back strengthening exercises to correct any posture defect and strengthen the breast tissue. These exercises are also known to prevent backaches, neck pain, and slouchy shoulders from the extra load on your chest.

7. Things To Get Ready Before The Procedure

You need to set up different things before opting for the procedure. These may include;

  • Finding help for the kids
  • Have extra food and necessary medications handy
  • Leaving your house cleaned
  • Buying looser clothes for work beforehand
  • Taking 5-7 days off from work
  • Doing proper research regarding safety, effectiveness, side effects, and complications of the procedure
  • Consulting your surgeon before the procedure for initial physical checkup and possible blood and imaging tests

8. Give Your Body Time To Recovery And Adapt

breast scar and recoveryThe first two weeks might be difficult for some women due to swelling and numbness. You can utilise this recovery time period by reading all those books and catching up on movies you have missed. Surgeons recommend avoiding strenuous physical activity and intense workouts during the first two post-surgical weeks, especially the ones that require the use of the chest, shoulders, or arm muscles.

One month after surgery is a good time to resume light activities such as gym, swimming, and jogging. Resuming heavy activities may require an additional two months or when your surgeon gives the green light.

9. Abnormalities To Look Out For After The Procedure

No surgery is 100% side effect-free and may includes several risks. The common post-surgical risks linked to breast augmentation include swelling, infection, scarring, loss of sensation, implant leakage, wrinkling of skin, and capsular contraction.

Rupture or leakage of the implant is one of the biggest concerns. Although chances of such mishaps are extremely low, it can happen years after the surgery. The common signs of rupture may include swelling, hard lumps, change in size or shape of the implant, numbness or tingling sensations. Silicone granulomas (pigments on the breast) is another characteristic sign of a ruptured silicon implant. It is recommended for women with breast implants to do yearly scans to monitor for signs of leakage or changes in the breast.

10. Longevity Of Implants

Breast implants are semi-permanent and usually last 10 to 15 years. It may also last much longer than that if the breast implants are not giving any problems. A review with your plastic surgeon will be helpful in ascertaining if implant replacements are necessary.

Schedule A Consultation With A Qualified And Experienced Plastic Surgeon

In your quest for bigger and plumper breasts, you have got several choices and considrations regarding the material and the size of the tissue. The best practise would be to research about the topic and gather necessary information before visiting the plastic surgeon’s office. The plastic/cosmetic surgeon’s skill will be the most crucial aspect in your journey. Look for a qualified and experienced surgeon who is expert in breast augmentation and can give the natural-looking breasts you want.

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